Allen Jones  (British, 1937) 


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Allen Jones, Stage Fright


Allen Jones
Stage Fright

LEVY Galerie
Allen Jones, Legs


Allen Jones

Enchères : May 3, 2014
Dr. Andreas Sturies
Détails du lot | toute l’enchère
Allen Jones, Little visions


Allen Jones
Little visions

Lipworth Fine Art
Allen Jones, Magician Suite


Allen Jones
Magician Suite

Petersburg Press
Allen Jones, Rocky Horror III


Allen Jones
Rocky Horror III

Galerie Hafenrichter
Allen Jones, Think Pink


Allen Jones
Think Pink

Galerie Ernst Hilger
Allen Jones, Two to Tutu


Allen Jones
Two to Tutu

LEVY Galerie
Allen Jones, Two Dancers for Satie Cinema


Allen Jones
Two Dancers for Satie Cinema

Galerie Hafenrichter
Allen Jones, Happy Valley


Allen Jones
Happy Valley

LEVY Galerie
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Allen Jones, Chest


Allen Jones
Chest, 1968
fiberglass and polystyrene


Détails du lot
Allen Jones, A new perspective on floors: Plates A and E (2 works)


Allen Jones
A new perspective on floors: Plates A and E (2 works), 1966
color lithographs


Détails du lot
Allen Jones, Maquette for large dancers


Allen Jones
Maquette for large dancers, 1987


Détails du lot
  Born in Southampton, England
  Attends Hornsey College of Art, London- courses in painting and lithography
  Attends the Royal College of Art, London, England
  Takes teacher training course at Hornsey College of Art, London
  Teaches lithography at Croydon College of Art
  Awarded Prix des Jeunes Artistes at the paris Biennale
  Teaches drawing at Chelsea School of Art; Marries Janet Bowen
  Lives in New York City
  Undertakes an extensive tour of the USA with Peter Phillips
  Holds Tamarind Lithography Fellowship, Los Angeles
  Birth of twin daughters, Sarah and Thea
  Guest Professor, Department of Painting, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida
  Visiting Teacher, Hochschule fur Bildende Kunst, Hamburg, Germany
  Designs Manner wir kommen for WDR Television, Germany
  Designs set and costumes for part of O Calcutta in London
  Guest Teacher, University of Los Angeles, Irvine; Receives Design and Art Direction Silver Award fr his Pirelli calendar
  Visits Japan
  Tours Canada, sponsored by the British Council
  Guest Teacher, Painting Department, University of California at Los Angeles; Summer: Visiting Tutor in Painting and Drawing, Banff Centre of Fine Arts, Alberta, Canada
  Designs large scale mural overlooking Basle railway station, Switzerland, advertising 'Fogal' hosiery
  Visits China
  Elected Associate of the Royal Academy of Arts, London
  Guest Professor, Hochschule der Kunste, Berlin, Germany
  Commissioned to make a sculpture for the International Garden Festival, Liverpool, England
  Commissioned to create a sculpture for the Frederik R. Weisman Foundation, Los Angeles
  Installation of his sculpture The Worker at Perseverance Works, Hackney, London. Elected full member of the Royal Academy of Arts
  Commissioned by St Martin's Property Corporation to produce a large painted sculpture for Cottons Atrium, London Bridge City. Commissioned by Richard Alston of Ballet Rambert to design sets and costumes for Cinema, with music by Eric Satie
  Receives Art & Work Award from Wapping Arts Trust, London, for the sculpture at London Bridge City
  Makes a large interior steeel sculpture for Heathrow Hotel, Terminal 4, Heathrow Airport
  Gets divorced, Elected Trustee of the British Museum
  Produces a portrait of its retiring director, Sir David Wilson
  Makes a monumenal, painted steel sculpture for the interior of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London
  Produces a portrait of the ballerina Darcey Bussell; Makes a large steel sculpture for London Docklands; Marries Deirdre Morrow
  Receives the Heitland Foundation Award, Celle, Germany; Lives and works in London
  For portraits of artist Allen Jones at 20 21 Photo Gallery, click here.
2013 - 2014   Neue Arbeiten, Levy Galerie, Hamburg, Germany (solo)
2012 - 2013   Pop Art Accrochage, Fluegel-Roncak Gallery, Nuremberg, Germany
2012   Off the Wall - Die Retrospektive zum 75., Kunsthalle Tübingen, Tübingen, Germany (solo)
2002   Royal Academy, London (solo)
2002   Galleria d’Arte Maggiore, Bologna (solo)
2002   Palazzo die Sette, Orvieto (solo)
2002   Kunsthalle, Villa Kobe, Halle/Saale, Germany (solo)
2002   Den Haag Sculptuur 2002, Europa in Beeld. Mythe & Realiteit: Lange Voorhout, Den Haague
2002   Out of Line, drawings from the Art Council Collection, Art Council, London
2002   Transition, The London Art Scene in the Fifties: Barbican Art Galeries, London
2001   Les années Pop: Centre Pompidou, Paris
2001   Pop Art US/UK: Mentil Foundation, Houston (solo)
2001   Galerie Terminus, Munich (solo)
2000   Kunsthaus, Hanover (solo)
2000   Kunsthaus, Cologne (solo)
1999   Skulpturen-Garten der Stadt Wien, Vienna (solo)
1999   Galleria d’Arte Maggiore, Bologna (solo)
1999   Tula, Helsinki (solo)
1999   Galerie Levy, Madrid (solo)
1999   Galerie Levy, Hamburg (solo)
1999   Galerie Steinötter, Münster, Germany (solo)
1999   Pop Impressions Europe/USA: MoMa, New York
1998   Galerie Patrice Trigano, Paris
1998   Galerie Hilger, Vienna (solo)
1998   Marino alla Scala Art Center, Fondazione Trussardi, Milano (solo)
1997   Thomas Gibson, London (solo)
1997   Nicosla Municipal Art Gallery, Nicosia, Cypress (solo)
1997   Czech Museum of Modern Art, Prague (solo)
1997   Galerie Levy, Hamburg (solo)
1997   The Pop ‘60s: Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbao
1997   Treasure Island: Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisboa
1996/97   Les Sixties: Musée d’Histoire Contemporaine, Paris, Brigthon Museum and Art Gallery
1996   The Berardo Collection: Sintra, Portugal
1996   Galerie Pro Art, Freiburg (solo)
1996   Hauger Vestfold Kunstmuseum, Tonsberg (solo)
1996   Galeria Civica, Modena (solo)
1996   Kunsthalle, Darmstadt, Germany (solo)
1996   Galerie Hilger, Vienna (solo)
1995   Galerie Levy, Hamburg (solo)
1995   Barbican Art Gallery, London (solo)
1995   Theo Waddington Fine Art, London (solo)
1995   Victoria Art Gallery, Bath (solo)
1995   Dean Clough, Halifax (solo)
1995   Gio Marconi, Milano (solo)
1995   Boomans Museum, Celle, Germany (solo)
1995   Fémininmasculin: Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
1994   The Portrait Now: National Portrait Gallery, London
1993   Galerie Levy at ARCO, Madrid (solo)
1993   Waddington Galleries, London (solo)
1993   The Sixties Art Scene in London: Barbican Art Gallery
1992   Galerie Wentzel, Cologne (solo)
1992   Galeria Punto at ARCO, Madrid and Valencia (solo)
1991   Pop Art: Royal Academy, London, Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Madrid, Montreal
1988   Waddington Galleries, London; Waddington Graphics, London (solo)
1987   James Corcoran Gallery, Los Angeles (solo)
1987   Galerie Hete Hunermann, Dusseldorf, Germany (solo)
1985   Waddington Galleries, London (solo)
1985   Galerie Patrice Trigano, Paris, France (solo)
1985   Para adultos, Waddington Graphics, London (solo)
1984   Galerie Wentzel, Cologne, Germany (solo)
1984   Galerie Kammer, Hamburg, Germany (solo)
1983   Waddington Galleries, London, England; Galerie Kammer, Hamburg, Germany; Galeria Yerba, Murcia, Spain(solo)
1982   Stages, Waddington Graphics, London (solo)
1981   galleria Cavallino, Venice, Italy (solo)
1981   Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg (solo)
1980   Waddington Galleries, London (solo)
1979   Retrospective 1959-78: Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, travelling to Serpentine Gallery, London Museum and Art Gallery, Sunderland Staatliche Kunsthalle, Baden-Baden and Kunsthalle Bielefeld (solo)
1979   Galerie Wentzel, Hamburg, Germany (solo)
1978   Waddington Galleries, Montreal, Canada (solo)
1978   Waddington Galleries, Toronto, Canada (solo)
1977   James Corcoran Gallery, Los Angeles (solo)
1977   Nova Gallery, Vancouver, Washington (solo)
1977   Art Galleries, University of California, Los Angeles (solo)
1976   Waddington Galleries, London (solo)
1976   Waddington and Tooth Graphics, London (solo)
1976   Basle Art Fair (solo)
1975   Welsh Arts Council, oriel Gallery, Cardiff (solo)
1975   Galerie Ariadne, Vienna, Austria (solo)
1975   Scottish Arts Council, Fruitmarket, Edinburgh, Scotland (solo)
1975   Arnolfini, Bristol, England (solo)
1974   Seibu, Tokyo, Japan (solo)
1974   Neitetsu, Nagoya, Japan (solo)
1973   Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne, Australia (solo)
1973   Hogarth Galleries, Sydney (solo)
1973   Galerie von Loeper, Hamburg (solo)
1972   Malborough Fine Art, London (solo)
1972   Studio d' Arte Condotti 85, Rome (solo)
1971   Galleria il Fauno, Turin, Italy (solo)
1971   Galerie DerSpiegel, Cologne, Germany (solo)
1971   Malborough Graphics, London (solo)
1970   Richard Feigen Gallery, New York (solo)
1970   Galerie Rudolf Zwirner, Cologne (solo)
1970   Arthur Tooth and Sons, London (solo)
1970   Studio d' Arte Condotti 85, Rome (solo)
1970   Galleria Milano, Milan (solo)
1970   Galerie Springer, Berlin (solo)
1969   Galleria Milano, Milan, Italy (solo)
1969   Galerie Werigstatt, Bremen (graphics) (solo)
1968   Editions Alecto, London (solo)
1968   Galerie Mikro, Berlin (solo)
1967   Galerie DerSpiegel, Cologne (solo)
1967   Galerie Neuendorf, Hamburg, Germany (solo)
1967   Arthur Tooth and Sons, London (solo)
1967   Hamilton Gallery, London (graphics) (solo)
1966   Galerie Bischofberger, Zurich (solo)
1966   Southampton University (solo)
1965   Richard Feigen Gallery, New York Editions Alecto, London (graphics) (solo)
1965   RIchard Feign Gallery, Chicago (solo)
1965   Feigen / Palmer Gallery, Los Angeles (solo)
1965   Richard Feigen Gallery, New York (solo)
1964   Arthur Tooth and Sons, London (solo)
1963   Arthur Tooth and Sons, London (solo)
   J. MAIZELS, Raw Creation. Outsider Art and Beyond. Phaidon Press, 1996, p.77.
   J. KALLIR, Self-taught & outsider art, The Anthony Petullo Collection, 2001.

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