Andreas Gursky  (German, 1955) 

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Artnet News FROM WARHOL TO BERNINI (PLUS LOOTED ANTIQUITIES) AT THE MET. Metropolitan Museum director Thomas Campbell unveils an impressive fall and winter schedule, and responds to new claims of looted antiquities in the collection., 06/08/2012
Art HK 2012 POST-COLONIAL CONTEMPORARY ART by Barbara Pollack. With 260 galleries from 38 countries -- half of them Asian -- Art HK 2012 kicks it up a notch., 05/18/2012
Jiyoung Koo EIGHT QUESTIONS FOR JIYOUNG KOO by Brook S. Mason. From Sotheby's expert to luxury hotel art advisor for the Solair Wilshire, the Seoul Lotte World Tower and the Bahrain Four Seasons, 04/13/2012
François Hebel directeur des Rencontres d'Arles en vidéo., 03/26/2012
. . ., 03/19/2012
ARMORY SHOW 2012 by Rachel Corbett. Raised spirits at the VIP preview for the 2012 Armory Show., 03/08/2012
NEW THIS MONTH IN U.S. MUSEUMS. Van Gogh, Tacita Dean, Renoir, Juan Downey, Gauguin, John Chamberlain, Cindy Sherman, Rineke Djikstra, Jules Olitski, "The Generational," “The Art Of Golf,” Outsider Art, more., 02/01/2012
ANDREAS GURSKY’S OCEANIC FEELING by Donald Kuspit. Andreas Gursky's photographs of apocalyptic oceans and a harsh, unpopulated earth symbolize a technological society that has lost its “sense of bonding with the universe.”, 11/23/2011
CONTEMPT: STILL VS. RICHTER by Charlie Finch. Are there two more mediocre apostles of abstract painting than Clyfford Still and Gerhard Richter?, 11/22/2011
Art Market Watch RECORDS FALL AT CHRISTIE’S CONTEMPORARY ART AUCTION. Record-setting $43 million Lichtenstein, $10.7 million Bourgeois, $4.5 million Paul McCarthy, more., 11/09/2011
Frieze Art Fair LONELY AMERICANS by Rachel Corbett. Led by Richter and Rauch, sales at the Frieze Art Fair swam along steadily, despite the absence of American collectors., 10/20/2011
ARTNET NEWS. The mysterious death of Wlodzimierz Ksiazek. Plus, Art HK 11, Steve Martin's forged Campendonck, Peter Brant raises funds, National Academy reopens, 05/31/2011
Art Market Watch RETURN OF THE RICH Christie's New York does a triumphant $301 million at its contemporary art sale, 05/12/2011
LONDON DISPATCH by Laura K. Jones. Frieze Week, with Damien Hirst, Paul McCarthy, Des Hughes, Ryan McGinley, Ai Weiwei, "House of the Noble Man," more., 10/22/2010
LYNCH EMPEREUR. Par Werner Spies. Laudatio de Werner Spies pour la remise du Goslar Kaiserring à David Lynch., 10/15/2010
Villes de Cocagnes. Par Joséphine le Gouvello. Exposition « Dreamlands » jusqu’au 9 août au Centre Pompidou., 05/21/2010
GIFT HORSE by Laura K. Jones. "Crash," Bani Abidi, Ximena Garrido-Lecca, Kelly-Anne Davitt, Bruce McLean, Testbed 1, "Peeping Tom," Giles Round, Richard Hamilton, Gary Webb, "Cape Farewell,", 04/14/2010
ARTNET NEWS. Toss your art, new art fairs in New York, Nittve needs a job, more., 01/28/2010
Andy Warhol’s Polaroids, Jane Austen’s stuff, Bruce Nauman’s Venice works,, 01/05/2010
ARTNET NEWS. New Degas bronzes, new prize for artists, Great Nude Invitational, more., 12/09/2009
A SHOT OF WRY by Charlie Finch. Photographer Tim Davis and "The New Antiquity.", 09/13/2009
ART MARKET WATCH Latin American sales in New York., 06/19/2009
KIEV DISPATCH by Laura K. Jones. An on-the-spot report on the opening of Damien Hirst’s "Requiem" at the Pinchuk Art Centre, 05/04/2009
Truly Tasteless Art by Jerry Saltz. Nathalie Djurberg goes "full retard.", 01/12/2009
ARTNET NEWS. Lehman Brothers dumps its art, auction-house layoffs, art currency in the Berkshires, artists on Detroit’s decay, Brooklyn Museum "tweets," more., 12/10/2008
La collection Jammes. Un siècle de Photographie et un supplément d'âme. Christian Caujolle. En octobre 1999, le marché de la photographie a l'impression que le ciel lui tombe sur la tête., 11/12/2008
PARTY READING by Deborah Ripley. The New York Art Book Fair revives an antiquarian field., 10/27/2008
Lothar Schirmer, 10/15/2008
Lothar Schirmer, collectionneur, éditeur, littérature, art contemporain, critique d'art, Cy Twombly, Emmanuelle Beart, Visconti, Marylin Monroe, Anselm Kiefer, 10/15/2008
Lothar Schirmer, collectionneur, éditeur, littérature, art contemporain, critique d'art, Cy Twombly, Emmanuelle Beart, Visconti, Marylin Monroe, Anselm Kiefer, 10/15/2008
Lothar Schirmer, collectionneur, éditeur, littérature, art contemporain, critique d'art, Cy Twombly, Emmanuelle Beart, Visconti, Marylin Monroe, Anselm Kiefer, 10/15/2008
LOOKING OUT FOR NO. 2 by Jerry Saltz. The good, the bad and the terrible of the new Chelsea art season., 09/29/2008
ARTNET NEWS. Lehman Brothers, Neuberger Berman and the art world. Plus, Banksy news, Trigano Gallery in L.A., art-world appointments, more., 08/28/2008
LONDON DISPATCH by Laura K. Jones. The Colony Room, Keith Coventry, "Mythologies," Alan Miller, Evan Holloway, Cindy Sherman, Wallis Gallery, Alex Melamid, Ull Hohn, Boo Saville, much more., 07/28/2008
MOSCOW EXPRESS by Kate Sutton. Art Moscow 2008, the World Fine Art Fair, the new MCAA, Volker Diehl, Gary Tatinsian, Dmitry Prigov, more., 06/10/2008
MIAMI IN PIECES by Walter Robinson. Grilled meats, Pulse, Geisai, bathroom breaks, Jorge Pardo, Carlos Amorales, Emmanuel Perrotin, more., 12/05/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Chocolate Jesus, MoMA programs, RxArt Ball, more., 10/18/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Analyzing the top-selling photos of the year so far., 10/16/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Analyzing the top-selling photos of the year so far., 10/16/2007
ART MARKET GUIDE 2007 by Richard Polsky. A look at the art market, October 2007., 10/10/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Dahesh closing? Plus, Cornice in Venice, Filipovic to Berlin Biennial, more., 05/24/2007
IT’S BORING AT THE TOP by Jerry Saltz. Is Andreas Gursky, the highest-priced photographer alive, running out of ideas, 05/21/2007
ART MARKET WATCH. Plummer's new art fund, Sender's art profits, Armory Show sales, Russian art, Old Masters, photos in New York, more., 04/06/2007
ART MARKET WATCH. A wild ride upwards at Sotheby's and Christie's London sales., 02/07/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Artnet and Art Basel team up, Lance Fung to Santa Fe, 2007 NEA grants, more., 12/07/2006
ARTNET NEWS. At art auctions in October and November 2006, works by more than 2,800 artists hit new highs., 12/05/2006
ART MARKET WATCH. $29.7 million at Phillips contemporary., 11/16/2006
TAKE SOME OFF THE TABLE by Richard Polsky. A review of the overheated contemporary art market, September 2006., 09/25/2006
ART MARKET WATCH. One Klimt back to Austria? Plus, the Arnold Newman estate, Sotheby’s 10¢ dividend, more., 08/11/2006
Out in Chelsea - artnet Magazine, 06/13/2006

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