Artiste commençant par E

E Er'tai (Chinese, 1677–1745)
E Guijun (Chinese, 1942)
E Rong'an (Chinese, 1714–1755)
E Yunbu (Chinese)
E.A. Chase Metalsmithing (Co.) (American)
E.G.Webster & Son 
(The Jones Manufacturing Company) E.H. Hotchkiss Company (American, 1895)
E.H. Parkin and Co. 
Eaca (French, 1968)
Paul A. Eachus (1944)
Edward Douglas Eade (British, 1911–1984)
Wallace Cotman Eade (Canadian, 1871–1916)
Luis Eades 
S. Eades 
Ian Eadie (British, 1913–1973)
John Eadie 
Kate Eadie 
Maisie Eadie (Scottish, XX)
Robert Eadie (British, 1877–1954)
William Eadie (Scottish, 1846–1926)
James Eadie-Hill (British, 1859–1926)
Willis Eadon 
Heather Eadon-Smith 
Katherine Swinfen Eady (Scottish, 1966)
Helen Eager (Australian, 1952)
Wayne Eager (1957)
Will Eager (1909)
William Eager (Irish, 1796–1839)
Robert Eagerton 
Eagle Lion 
Arnold Eagle (American, 1909–1992)
Audrey Eagle 
Ellen Eagle (American)
Edmund Eagles (British, ?–1877)
John Eagles (British, 1783–1855)
David Eagleson 
Theodosia Eagleston 
Aileen Eagleton 
G. P. Eagleton 
Jane Eakin (American)
William Eakin 
Susan Hannah MacDowell Eakins (American, 1851–1938)
Thomas Eakins (American, 1844–1916)
Joseph Eaman (British, 1853–1907)
Eamer Glass (Italian, XX)
Elizabeth Eamer (British, 1980)
Eames Office 
Alexander Girard and Charles Eames 
Charles Eames (American, 1907–1978)
Charles and Ray Eames (American)
Eero Saarinen and Charles Eames 
Evans Products and Charles and Ray Eames 
G. Eames (British)
George Nelson and Charles Eames 
Herbert Matter and Charles and Ray Eames 
Ray Eames (American, 1912–1988)
Fernando Eandi 
Fanny S. Eanes (American, 1885–1974)
Joan Kathleen Harding Eardley (British, 1921–1963)
W. Eardman 
Amelia Earhart (American, 1897–1939)
John Franklin Earhart (American, 1853–1938)
Earl (French)
George Earl (British, 1824–1908)
Godwin Earl 
Honor Earl 
J. Percy Earl 
Jack Earl (American, 1934)
James Earl (American, 1761–1796)
Justin Earl (English, 1959)
Maud Earl (American/British, 1864–1943)
Ralph Earl (American, 1751–1801)
Ralph Eleaser Whiteside Earl (American, 1785–1838)
Thomas Earl (British, active circa 1824–1831)
Thomas Percy Earl (British, 1874–1947)
Thomas William Earl (British, active circa 1836–1885)
William Robert Earl (British)
Augustus Earle (Australian, 1793–1838)
Charles Earle (British, 1832–1893)
Cornelia Earle (American, 1863)
E. Earle 
Eyvind Earle (American, 1916)
G. Earle 
George Frederic Earle (American, 1913)
John Earle (Australian, 1955)
Kate Earle (British)
Lawrence Carmichael Earle (American, 1845–1921)
M. Peploe Earle 
Paul Barnard Earle (Canadian, 1872–1955)
Ralph Earle (American, 1751–1801)
Sam Earle (American, 1960)
Emma G. Earlenbaugh Davis (American, 1891)
Bruce Earles (Australian, 1953)
Chester Earles (British)
Leo Earley (Irish, 1925–2001)
Mary Earley (American, 1900)
Maura Earley 
A. Earlom 
Richard Earlom (British, 1743–1822)
Elliott Earls (American, 1966)
Chloe Early (Irish, 1980)
Chivas Early (American)
Jack Early (American)
James Early (American)
Leo Early 
Mary Early (American)
Maura Early 
Miles Jefferson Early (American, 1886)
Tom Early (British, 1914–1967)
Walter Early (American, 1965)
Adele Earnest 
Florence Reinhold Earnist (American)
Anthony Earnshaw (British, 1924)
Harold C. Earnshaw (British)
Mary Hariett Earnshaw 
Henry Earp Jr. (British)
Clarence Earp 
Edwin Earp (British, 1851–1945)
George Earp (British)
Henry Earp (1831–1914)
Henry (Sr.) Earp (British, 1831–1914)
Insun Earp 
J. Earp 
S. John Earp 
William A. Earp 
William Henry Earp (British, 1854)
Louise Earrazin (American)
Ears (Australian)
Eliab George Earthrowl (British, 1878–1965)
Kathleen Earthrowl (American)
Earthstone Chu 
George Meade Easby (1918–2005)
Rostarr and EASE 
Jeff Easley (American)
Thomas Easley 
J.R. Eason (American)
Phyllis Eason (1896–1974)
T. Eason (British)
Thomas Eason (American/British)
Sir Alfred East (English, 1849–1913)
Barbara East (American)
Benoit East (Canadian, 1915)
Brett East (Australian)
David East 
Fred East (British)
H. East (British)
J.B. East (British)
James Butler (Sir) East (British, 1789–1878)
Pattie Richardson East (American, 1894–1994)
Willam H. East (British)
R.W. Eastcott 
Charles Easter 
Nettie Stone Easterbrook (American, 1849–1932)
Easterling Company 
Eastern European School (17) 
Eastern European School (19) 
Eastern European School (20) 
Heather Eastes (British)
William Easther 
C. Eastlake 
Charles Herbert Eastlake (English)
George Eastlake 
Lady Elizabeth Eastlake (British, 1809–1893)
Mary Alexandra Eastlake (Canadian, 1864–1951)
Mary Bell Eastlake 
Sidney Eastlake (American)
Sir Charles Lock Eastlake (English, 1793–1865)
Anne Eastman (American)
Charlotte Fuller Eastman (American, 1878–1965)
Emily Eastman (American, born after 1804)
Frank Samuel Eastman (English, 1878–1964)
Harrison Gilman Eastman (American, 1822–1891)
Linda Sue Eastman 
Mari Eastman (American, 1970)
Mary Eastman 
Mayna Dean Eastman 
Michael Eastman (American, 1947)
Norman Eastman 
Peter Eastman (South African, 1976)
Rico Eastman (American, 1952)
Ruth Eastman (American)
Seth Eastman (American, 1808–1875)
William Joseph Eastman (American, 1888–1950)
D. Eastmen 
Craig Easton (1961)
David Easton 
Linwood Easton (American, 1892–1939)
Reginald Easton (British, 1807–1893)
Timothy Easton (British, 1943)
William Eastward 
Ada Eastwood (British)
David Eastwood (Australian)
Francis H. Eastwood (British)
J.H. Eastwood (British)
Raymond James Eastwood (American, 1898–1987)
Roger Eastwood 
Walter Eastwood