Artiste commençant par L

Liu Aiguo (Chinese, 1973)
Liu Aijing (Chinese)
Liu Changxin and Liu Airu (Chinese)
Liu Anming (Taiwanese, 1929)
Liu Anping (1964)
Liu Baiyu (Chinese, 1916–2005)
Liu Baiyue (Chinese, 1968)
Liu Banjiu (Chinese)
Liu Bannong (Chinese, 1891–1934)
Liu Bao (Chinese)
Liu Bao (Chinese, 1942)
Liu Baochun (Chinese, 1932)
Xie Weichu, Song Xintao and Liu Baochun (Chinese)
Xu Linlu and Liu Baochun (Chinese)
Yu Yangchun and Liu Baochun (Chinese)
Yu Yangchun, Zhang Dengtang and Liu Baochun (Chinese)
Zhang Dengtang and Liu Baochun (Chinese)
Liu Baoguo (Chinese, born after 1963)
Liu Baojie (Chinese, 1963)
Liu Baojin (Chinese, 1938)
Liu Baoliang (Chinese, 1980)
Liu Baomin (Chinese, 1968)
Liu Baoshen (Chinese, 1937)
Liu Baosheng 
Liu Baozhe (Chinese)
Liu Bengsen (Chinese)
Liu Bi (Chinese)
Cheng Zhang and Liu Bin (Chinese)
He Tianjian and Liu Bin (Chinese)
Li Fangyuan and Liu Bin (Chinese)
Liu Bin (Chinese, 1887–1945)
Liu Bin (Chinese, 1981)
Liu Bin (Chinese)
Liu Binfu (Chinese)
Liu Bing (Chinese, 1988)
Liu Bing (Chinese, 1976)
Liu Bing (Chinese, 1985)
Liu Bing (Chinese, 1939)
Liu Bingheng (Chinese, 1915–2003)
Liang Boyu and Liu Bingheng (Chinese)
Liu Binghou (Chinese)
Liu Binghuan (Chinese, 1874–1938)
Liu Bingjiang (Chinese, 1937)
Liu Bingjun (Chinese)
Liu Bingqing (Chinese, 1848–1921)
Liu Bingsen (Chinese, 1937–2005)
Liu Bingshen (Chinese, 1937–2005)
Liu Bingsheng (Chinese, 1951)
Liu Bingxian (Chinese)
Liu Bingxin (Chinese)
Liu Bingzhao (Chinese)
Liu Binhong (Chinese, 1959)
Liu Binhua (Chinese)
Liu Bo (Chinese)
Liu Bo (Chinese, 1880–1959)
Liu Bojun (Chinese, 1921)
Liu Bolin (Chinese, 1973)
JR and Liu Bolin 
Liu Bonian (Chinese, 1903–1990)
Cao Yongping and Liu Bonian (Chinese)
Liu Bonong (Chinese, 1935)
Liu Boqin (Chinese, 1921–1984)
Liu Borong (Chinese, 1952)
Liu Boshu (Chinese, 1935)
Liu Bowen (Chinese, 1311–1375)
Liu Boyan (Chinese)
Liu Caichang (Chinese, 1936)
Liu Caifen (Chinese)
Liu Caishun (Chinese, 1977)
Liu Cangyuan (Chinese, 1950)
Liu Canming (Chinese, 1963)
Liu Chan (Chinese)
Liu Chang (Chinese)
Liu Chang (Chinese)
Liu Changchao (Chinese, 1907–1997)
Luo Ming and Liu Changchao (Chinese)
Yan Yulian and Liu Changchao (Chinese)
Liu Changchun 
Liu Changgeng (Chinese, 1954)
Liu Changhu (Chinese)
Liu Changji (Chinese)
Liu Changjiang (Chinese)
Liu Changwen (Chinese, 1952)
Liu Changyi (Chinese, 1962)
Liu Chan-hung (Chinese)
Liu Chaohong (Chinese, 1938)
Liu Chen (Chinese)
Liu Cheng (Chinese)
Liu Chengde (Chinese)
Liu Chengdong (Chinese, 1985)
Liu Chenggan (Chinese)
Liu Chenghai (Chinese)
Liu Chenglie (Chinese, 1883–1952)
Liu Chengrong (Chinese, 1936)
Liu Chenqi (Chinese, 1941)
Liu Chenyang (Chinese)
Liu Chi Hsiang (Taiwanese, 1910–1998)
Liu Chiwei (Taiwanese, 1912–2002)
Liu Ch'i-wei (1912–2002)
Liu Chongqing (Chinese, 1579–1632)
Liu Chongshou (Chinese)
Liu Chongwen (Chinese, 1936)
Liu Chuan (Chinese)
Liu Chuan (Chinese, 1916–2001)
Liu Chuancheng (Chinese, 1966)
Liu Chuanchuo (Chinese)
Liu Chuandao (Chinese, 1958)
Liu Chuanhong (Chinese, 1975)
Liu Chuanjing (Chinese)
Liu Chuansheng (Chinese, 1961)
Liu Chuanxiang (Chinese)
Liu Chun (Chinese)
Liu Chun Hai (Chinese, 1966)
Liu Chunbing (Chinese, 1963)
Liu Chunhua (Chinese, 1950)
Wang Hui and Liu Chunhua (Chinese)
Liu Chunjie (1965)
Liu Chunlin (Chinese, 1872–1944)
Pan Zhenyong and Liu Chunlin (Chinese)
Qi Bashi and Liu Chunlin 
Wu Qinmu and Liu Chunlin (Chinese)
Xiao Xun and Liu Chunlin (Chinese)
Yu Ming and Liu Chunlin (Chinese)
Liu Chunmiao (Chinese)
Liu Chunyao (Chinese, 1972)
Liu Chunyu (Chinese, 1975)
Liu Cun (Chinese, 1920)
Liu Cunhui (Chinese, 1955)
Liu Cunpu (Chinese)
Liu Da (Chinese)
Liu Dabei (Chinese)
Liu Dachuan 
Liu Dachun (Chinese, 1941)
Liu Daguan (Chinese)
Liu Dahai (Chinese)
Liu Dahong (Chinese, 1962)
Liu Dai (Chinese, 1916–1998)
Liu Dajiang (Chinese, 1928)
Liu Daming 
Liu Daming (Chinese, 1937)
Liu Dan (Chinese, 1953)
Liu Dan (Chinese, 1985)
Liu Danzhai (Chinese, 1931–2011)
Liu Danzhai & Ying Yeping 
Liu Danzhai and Lun Yanshoao 
Cheng Shifa and Liu Danzhai (Chinese)
Ge Xianglan and Liu Danzhai (Chinese)
Huang Dacong and Liu Danzhai (Chinese)
Lin Ximing and Liu Danzhai 
Lu Yanshao and Liu Danzhai (Chinese)
Tang Yun and Liu Danzhai (Chinese)
Xie Zhiliu and Liu Danzhai (Chinese)
Ya Ming and Liu Danzhai (Chinese)
Zheng Naiguang, Lu Yanshao and Liu Danzhai (Chinese)
Liu Dao (Chinese)
Liu Daorong (Chinese, 1940)
Liu Dashan (Chinese)
Liu Dashen (Chinese)
Liu Dashun (Chinese, 1973)
Liu Datong (Chinese, 1865–1952)
Wang Youshi and Liu Datong (Chinese)
Liu DaWei (Chinese, 1945)
Liu Huaishan, Zhang Junde and Liu Dawei (Chinese)
Feng Yuan and Liu Dawei (Chinese)
Gong Jianxin and Liu Dawei (Chinese)
Liu Huaishan and Liu Dawei (Chinese)
Liu Degong (Chinese)
Liu Deguang (Chinese)
Liu Dehong (Chinese)
Liu Deliu (Chinese, 1806–1875)
Liu Demin (Chinese, 1928)
Liu Deming (Chinese)
Liu Derun (Chinese, 1950)
Li Yan and Liu Derun (Chinese)
Liu Dewei (Chinese)
Liu Dewei (Chinese, 1936)
Liu Dewen (Chinese, 1911–2007)
Liu Deyang (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Deyuan (Chinese)
Liu Dezhi (Chinese)
Liu Dezhou (Chinese, 1953)
Liu Di (Chinese, 1985)
Yang Sha and Liu Di 
Liu Dimeng (Chinese)
Liu Ding (Chinese, 1976)
Liu Ding-zan 
Liu Diu (Chinese)
Liu Dong (Chinese)
Liu Dongfu (Chinese, 1902–1980)
Liu Dongshou (Chinese)
Liu Dongying (Chinese, 1938)
Liu Dongyu (Chinese)
Liu Dongyuan (Chinese)
Liu Du (Chinese, born circa 1630–1672)
Liu Duo (Chinese)
Liu E (Chinese, 1857–1909)
Liu Enlu (Chinese)
Liu Entong (Chinese, 1960)
Liu Enzhan (Chinese)
Liu Enzhao (Chinese)
Liu Ergang (Chinese, 1947)
Li Weicheng and Liu Ergang (Chinese)
Liu Erxin (Chinese, 1865–1931)
Liu Eshi (Chinese)
Liu Fan (Chinese)
Liu Fanchang (Chinese)
Liu Fang (Chinese, 1984)
Liu Fangjin (Chinese, 1955)
Luo Erchun and Liu Fanguo (Chinese)
Liu Fei (Chinese, 1983)
Liu Fei (Chinese, 1964)
Liu Fei (Chinese, 1969)
Liu Feiquan (Chinese, 1971)
Liu Feng (Chinese, 1971)
Liu Feng (Chinese)
Liu Feng (Chinese)
Liu Feng (Chinese)
Liu Fengchun (Chinese)
Liu Fenghua (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Fenghua & Liu Yong (Chinese)
Xu Haiyan and Liu Fenglin (Chinese)
Liu Fengxia 
Liu Fengzhi (Chinese, 1964)
Yan Bolong and Liu Fu (Chinese)
Liu Fu (Chinese)
Liu Fubing (Chinese, 1971)
Liu Fufang (Chinese, 1930)
Liu Fulin (Chinese, 1942)
Liu Furen (Chinese)
Liu Fuxin (Chinese, 1925–2004)
Liu Fuyao (Chinese, 1864)
Liu Fuze (Chinese, 1942)
Liu Gang (Chinese, 1961)
Liu Gang (Chinese, 1965)
Liu Gang (Chinese, 1972)
Liu Gang (Chinese, 1959)
Liu Ge (Chinese)
Liu Gefa (Chinese)
Liu Gen (Chinese, 1983)
Liu Genchang 
Liu Gengtao (Chinese, 1942)
Liu Gengyi (Taiwanese, 1938)
Liu Guando (Chinese, 1528–1356)
Liu Guang (Chinese)
Liu Guang Juing 
Liu Guangcan (Chinese)
Liu Guangcheng (Chinese, 1891–1975)
Meng Guanghui and Liu Guangcheng (Chinese)
Liu Guangda (Chinese, 1941)
Liu Guanghai (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Guanglian (Chinese, active circa 1908)
Liu Guangmei (Chinese)
Liu Guangxia (Chinese, 1938)
Liu Guangxian (Chinese)
Liu Guangyuan (Chinese)
Liu Guangyun (Chinese, 1962)
Liu Guanwen 
Liu Guanying (Chinese)
Liu Gui Di (Chinese)
Liu Guibin (Chinese, 1938)
Liu Guidi (Chinese)
Liu Guifang (Chinese, 1960)
Liu Guinian (Chinese, 1814)
Liu Guo (1956)
Liu Guocheng (Chinese, 1946)
Liu Guoding (Chinese)
Liu Guofu (Chinese, 1964)
Liu Guohui (Chinese, 1940)
Liu Guoqiang (Chinese, 1962)
Liu Guoqing (Chinese)
Liu Guorui (Chinese)
Wuy Qizhong and Liu Guosheng 
Liu Guoshu (Chinese, 1919)
Liu Guotai (Chinese, 1959)
Fang Renfu Liu Guotai (Chinese)
Liu Guowei (American/Chinese, 1948)
Liu Guoxing (Chinese, 1958)
Liu Guoyi (Chinese)
Liu Guping (Chinese, 1984)
Liu Haihong (Chinese)
Liu Haijun (Chinese, 1966)
Liu Haiming (Chinese, 1954)
Liu Haisu (Chinese, 1896–1994)
Bao Bin and Liu Haisu (Chinese)
Li Jian and Liu Haisu (Chinese)
Liu Chan, Yang Zhenxiong and Liu Haisu (Chinese)
Wang Shengyuan and Liu Haisu (Chinese)
Xia Yinqiao, Zhang Xing and Liu Haisu (Chinese)
Xia Yiqiao and Liu Haisu (Chinese)
Xiao Lisheng, Rao Zongyi and Liu Haisu (Chinese)
Zhu Qizhan and Liu Haisu (Chinese)
Liu Haitian (Chinese)
Liu Haiyang (Chinese)
Liu Haizhi (Chinese)
Liu Haizhou (Chinese)
Liu Han (Chinese, 1932)
Liu Hanjun 
Liu Hanzong (Chinese, 1912–2001)
Liu Hao (Chinese, 1950)
Liu Hao (Chinese, 1959)
Liu Haoran (Chinese, 1947)
Liu Helai (Chinese)
Liu Helong (Chinese)
Liu Heng (Chinese, 1971)
Liu Heng (Chinese, 1959)
Liu Hengfu (Chinese)
Liu Heung Shing (1951)
Liu Hong (Chinese, 1955)
Liu Hong (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Hongbiao (Chinese)
Liu Hongchang (Chinese)
Liu Honghua (Chinese)
Liu Honglin (Chinese, 1934)
Liu Hongling 
Liu Hongpei (Chinese, 1960)
Liu Hongwei (Chinese, 1965)
Liu Hongwei (Chinese, 1967)
Liu Hongxun (Chinese)
Liu Hongyao (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Hongzao (Chinese)
Liu Hongzuo (Chinese)
Liu Houwu (Chinese, 1894–1975)
Liu Huadong (Chinese, 1778–1841)
Liu Huaishan (Chinese, 1948)
Liu Huaitang (Chinese, 1925)
Liu Huaiyong (Chinese, 1960)
Liu Hualong (Chinese)
Liu Huan (Chinese)
Liu Huang (Chinese)
Liu Huangshang (Chinese, 1529–1595)
Liu Huanzhang (Chinese, 1930)
Liu Huanzhou (Chinese)
Liu Huaqing (Chinese, 1916–2011)
Liu Hui (Chinese, 1944)
Liu Hui (Chinese, 1986)
Liu Hui (Chinese, 1976)
Liu Hui (Chinese, 1960)
Liu Huide (Chinese, 1959)
Liu Huihan (Chinese)
Liu Huiming (Chinese, 1955)
Liu Huiru (American/Chinese)
Liu Huiying (Chinese)
Liu In (1956–1999)
Liu JaiKoo (Korean)
Liu Jeiyi (Chinese)
Liu Ji (Chinese, 1311–1375)
Liu Ji Hui (Chinese)
Liu Jia Di (Chinese)
Liu Jia (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Jia (Chinese, 1982)
Liu Jiabin (Chinese)
Liu Jiachen (Chinese, 1861–1936)
Liu Jiachuan (Chinese)
Liu Jiahua (Chinese, 1979)
Liu Jian (Chinese, 1954)
Liu Jian (Chinese, 1961)
Liu Jian (Canadian/Chinese)
Liu Jian (Chinese, 1960)
Liu Jianfen (Chinese, 1963)
Liu Jiang (Chinese, 1926)
Liu Jiang (Chinese, 1953)
Liu Jiang (Chinese, 1957)
Liu Jiangchuan (Chinese)
Liu Jianguo (Chinese)
Liu Jianhua (Chinese, 1962)
Liu Jianjun (Chinese, 1959)
Liu Jianlin (Chinese, 1974)
Liu Jianmin (Chinese, 1947)
Yi Su and Liu Jianping (Chinese)
Liu Jianping (Chinese, 1957)
Liu Jianping (Chinese, 1957)
Liu Jianping (Chinese)
Liu Jianxin (Chinese, 1958)
Liu Jianxin (Chinese)
Liu Jiashan (Chinese)
Liu Jiaxi (Chinese)
Liu Jiaying (Chinese, 1861–1902)
Liu Jibiao (Chinese, 1970)
Liu Jicai (Chinese, 1970)
Liu Jidi (Chinese, 1941)
Liu Jie (Chinese)
Liu Jieming (Chinese, 1966)
Liu Jiesan (Chinese)
Liu Jieyi (Chinese)
Liu Jifu (Chinese)
Liu Jigang (Chinese, 1958)
Liu Jiguang (Chinese, XX)
Liu Jihong (Chinese, 1955)
Liu Jimin 
Liu Jiming (Chinese, 1899–1980)
Liu Jiming (Chinese, 1967)
Liu Jin (Chinese, 1971)
Liu Jin Cai (Chinese, 1940)
Liu Jin'an (Chinese, 1957)
Liu Jinbao (Chinese, 1968)
Liu Jinbiao (Chinese)
Liu Jincheng (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Jing (Chinese)
Liu Jinghan (Chinese)
Liu Jinghe (Chinese)
Liu Jinghong (Chinese)
Liu Jinghua (Chinese)
Liu Jinghui (Chinese)
Liu Jinglu (Chinese)
Liu Jingpeng (Chinese, 1972)
Liu Jingsong (Chinese)
Liu Jingui (Chinese, 1960)
Liu Jingwen (Chinese)
Liu Jingyi (Chinese, 1882)
Liu Jingyun (Chinese, 1945)
Liu Jingzhou (Chinese, 1953)
Liu Jinlong (Chinese)
Liu Jinquan (Chinese, 1953)
Liu Jinxin (Chinese)
Pang Yuanji and Liu Jinzao (Chinese)
Liu Jiping (Chinese)
Liu Jirong (Chinese, 1931)
Wu Zehao and Liu Jirong (Chinese)
Liu Jiru 
Liu Jishan (Chinese)
Liu Jisheng (Chinese)
Liu Jiu'an (Chinese, 1915–1999)
Liu Jiugao (Chinese)
Liu Jiutong (Chinese, 1977)
Liu Jiwei (Chinese, 1962)
Liu Jiwen (Chinese, 1890–1957)
Hu Yisheng and Liu Jiwen (Chinese)
Liu Jiwu (Chinese, 1938)
Liu Jiyi (Chinese)
Liu Jiying (Chinese, 1921)
Liu Jiyou (Chinese, 1918–1983)
Cheng Liang and Liu Jiyou (Chinese)
Guo Chuanzhang and Liu Jiyou (Chinese)
Ma Jin, Liu Kuiling and Liu Jiyou (Chinese)
Wang Xuetao, Cheng Lang and Liu Jiyou (Chinese)
Liu Jizeng (Chinese, 1843–1905)
Liu Jizhi (Chinese)
Liu Ju (1930)
Li Kuchan and Liu Juchen (Chinese)
Liu Jude (Chinese, 1946)
Liu Jue (Chinese, 1410–1472)
Liu Jue (Chinese)
Liu Jun (Chinese, 1951)
Liu Jun (Chinese, 1979)
Liu Jun (Chinese)
Liu Jun (Chinese)
Liu Jun (Chinese, 1968)
Liu Junchuan (Chinese, 1914)
Liu Junjing (Chinese)
Liu Junli (Chinese, 1977)
Liu Junliang (Chinese)
Huang Jun and Liu Junqi (Chinese)
Pu Ru and Liu Junqi 
Liu Junran (Chinese, 1901–1987)
Liu Junsheng (Chinese)
Liu Junwei (Chinese, 1939)
Liu Junxiong (Chinese)
Liu Junyan (Chinese)
Liu Junyu (Chinese)
Liu Juqing (Chinese, 1929)
Liu Kaiqu (Chinese, 1904–1993)
Liu Kaiyun (Chinese, 1937)
Liu Kang (Chinese, 1911)
Liu Kansheng (Chinese)
Liu Ke (Chinese, 1976)
Liu Kecheng (Chinese)
Liu Kegong (Chinese)
Liu Keming (Chinese, 1962)
Liu Kengi (Chinese, 1946)
Liu Keng-Ku (Chinese, 1940–2006)
Liu Kening (Chinese, 1950)
Liu Keren (Chinese, 1957)
Liu Keshan (Chinese)
Liu Kongxi (Chinese, 1952)
Liu Kuang (Chinese, 1920)
Liu Kui (Chinese)
Liu Kuiling (Chinese, 1885–1968)
Pu Ru and Liu Kuiling (Chinese)
Zhang Yanhuan and Liu Kuiling 
Liu Kuiyi (Chinese, 1953)
Tang Yun, Lai Chusheng, Jiang Danshu and Liu Kuizhong (Chinese)
Liu Kun (Chinese, 1959)
Liu Kun (Chinese, 1968)
Liu Kun (Chinese)
Liu Kuo Sung (Taiwanese, 1932)
Liu Lanting (Chinese, 1925–1988)
Liu Laozhi (Chinese)
Liu Lei (Chinese, 1971)
Liu Lei (Chinese)
Liu Lei (Chinese)
Liu Leixia (Chinese, 1963)
Liu Lejun (Chinese, 1978)
Liu Li (Chinese)
Liu Li (Chinese)
Liu Lian (Chinese)
Liu Lianchan (Chinese)
Liu Liang (Chinese)
Liu Liangsong (Chinese)
Liu Liguo (Chinese, 1964)
Liu Lihong (Chinese, 1958)
Liu Lin (Chinese, 1959)
Liu Lin (Chinese)
Liu Ling (Chinese)
Liu Ling (Chinese)
Liu Lingcang (Chinese, 1906–1989)
Guo Muxi and Liu Lingcang (Chinese)
Liu Lingu (Chinese)
Liu Linzao (Chinese)
Liu Liping (Chinese, 1962)
Liu Lishang (Chinese, 1916)
Chen Peiqiu and Liu Lishang (Chinese)
Yu Zhizhen and Liu Lishang (Chinese)
Liu Lishun (Chinese, 1582–1644)
Liu Liwu (Chinese)
Liu Liyong (Chinese, 1980)
Liu Liyun (Chinese, 1974)
Liu Long (Chinese)
Liu Long Gang (Chinese, 1964)
Liu Longhua (Chinese)
Liu Longxiang (Korean, 1973)
Liu Longyao (Chinese)
Liu Luanxiang (Chinese, 1848–1923)
Liu Lulu (Chinese)
Wang Li, Chen Fang and Liu Lun (Chinese)
Liu Lun (Chinese)
Liu Lun (Chinese, 1913)
Liu Lun (Chinese)
Liu Luo (Chinese)
Liu Lusheng (Chinese, 1917–2005)
Mi Jutian, Chen Weixin and Liu Lusheng (Chinese)
Liu Luxi (Chinese, 1957)
Liu Luyin (Chinese, 1894–1969)
Liu Lvfu (Chinese)
Liu Mai (Chinese)
Liu Mancai (Chinese, 1961)
Liu Manwen (Chinese, 1962)
Liu Maogong (Chinese)
Liu Maoshan (Chinese, 1942)
Liu Meili (Chinese)
Liu Meiling (Chinese)
Liu Meizi 
Liu Meng (Chinese, 1963)
Liu Mengkang (Chinese, 1894–1969)
Liu Mengkuan (Chinese, 1950)
Liu Mengsong (Chinese)
Liu Mengtian (Chinese, 1918)
Liu Miao Chan (Chinese, 1945)
Liu Min (Chinese, 1982)
Liu Ming (Chinese, 1957)
Liu Ming (Chinese)
Liu Ming (Chinese, 1964)
Liu Mingbo (Chinese, 1969)
Liu Minggao (Chinese, 1880)
Liu Minghua (Chinese)
Liu Mingming (Chinese)
Liu Mingwei (Chinese, 1951)
Liu Mingxiao (Chinese, 1964)
Liu Mingzhen (Chinese)
Liu Mingzhi (Chinese, 1973)
Liu Minhuai (Chinese, 1954)
Liu Mining (Chinese)
Liu Minrong (Chinese)
Liu Mo (Chinese, 1790–1843)
Liu Mochan (Chinese, 1945)
Liu Molin (Chinese, 1962)
Liu Mu (Chinese, 1947)
Liu Muhong (Chinese)
Liu Muyun (Chinese)
Liu Naigang (Chinese)
Liu Naipeng (Chinese)
Liu Nan (Chinese, 1955)
Liu Nan (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Nanping (Chinese, 1957)
Liu Nanyi (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Nian (Chinese, 1970)
Liu Niantai (Chinese)
Liu Ning (Chinese, 1959)
Liu Nong (Chinese)
Liu Ousheng (Chinese, 1949)
Liu Pai (Chinese)
Liu Peidong (Chinese)
Liu Peijun (Chinese)
Xu Hao and Liu Peiqing (Chinese)
Liu Pengfei (Chinese, 1986)
Liu Pengnian (Chinese)
Liu Ping (Chinese, 1944)
Liu Ping (Chinese, 1931)
Liu Pu (Chinese, 1945)
Liu Pu'an (Chinese, 1959)
Liu Puhong (Chinese, 1961)
Liu Qi Ming (Chinese, 1972)
Liu Qi (Chinese, 1965)
Liu Qi (Chinese, 1939)
Liu Qi (Chinese, 1979)
Liu Qian (Chinese, 1911–2004)
Liu Qian (Chinese, 2009)
Liu Qian (Chinese)
Liu Qiang (1957)
Liu Qiang (Chinese, 1971)
Liu Qiao (Chinese)
Liu Qifeng (Chinese)
Liu Qikan (Chinese)
Liu Qiming (Chinese, 1972)
Liu Qiming (Chinese, 1980)
Liu Qiming (Chinese)
Liu Qindong (Chinese, 1949)
Liu Qing (Chinese)
Liu Qingfen (Chinese)
Liu Qinghe (Chinese, 1961)
Liu Qingqing (Chinese)
Liu Qingrong (Chinese, 1958)
Liu Qingsheng (Chinese)
Liu Qingsong 
Liu Qingyang (Chinese, 1983)
Liu Qingyun (Chinese)
Liu Qinzhou (Chinese, 1968)
Liu Qiyi (Chinese, 1954)
Liu Qiyu (Chinese, 1917–2012)
Liu Qiyuan (Chinese, 1884–1962)
Liu Quan (Chinese)
Liu Quanfo (Chinese)
Liu Quanyi (Chinese, 1964)
Liu Quanyi (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Quanzhi (Chinese, 1739–1818)
Liu Qun (Chinese)
Liu Quoqiang 
Liu Ren (Chinese, 1980)
Liu Renjie (Chinese, 1951)
Liu Renqing (Chinese, 1942)
Liu Rentao (Chinese, 1970)
Liu Renyan (Chinese)
Liu Renyi (Chinese, 1937)
Liu Rongde (Chinese)
Liu Rongdi (Chinese)
Liu Rongfu (Chinese, 1909)
Liu Rongsheng (Chinese)
Liu Rongying (Chinese)
Liu Ru (Chinese)
Kang Jin Mei, Huang Jia Min and Liu Rui Long 
Liu Ruiqi (Chinese, 1833–1891)
Liu Ruisen (Chinese)
Liu Runmin (Chinese, 1891–1966)
Liu Ruowang (Chinese)
Liu Ruozai (Chinese, 1595–1640)
Liu Ruqiu (Chinese)
Liu Rusheng (Chinese, 1937)
Liu Rushi (Chinese, 1618–1664)
Cai Han and Liu Rushi (Chinese)
Liu Ruyang (Chinese, 1940)
Liu Ruzhang (Chinese)
Liu Sainan (Chinese)
Liu Saiweng (Chinese)
Liu San (Chinese)
Liu Sande (Chinese)
Liu Sanduo (Chinese, 1939)
Liu Sanqi (Chinese, 1971)
Liu Sanshan (Chinese, 1778–1841)
Liu Shahe (Chinese, 1931)
Liu Shangyan (Chinese)
Liu Shangying (Chinese)
Liu Shanhong (Chinese)
Liu Shanmin (Chinese, 1946)
Liu Shanmin (Chinese)
Liu Shaobai (Chinese)
Liu Shaohua (Chinese)
Liu Shaohui (Chinese, 1940)
Liu Shaokui (Chinese)
Liu Shaokun (Chinese, 1946)
Liu Shaoming (Chinese, 1939)
Liu Shaowei (Chinese, 1968)
Liu Shaoxun (Chinese)
Liu Shaoying (Chinese)
Liu Shende (Chinese)
Liu Sheng (Chinese, 1982)
Liu Sheng (Chinese, ?–1863)
Liu Shenghan (Chinese)
Liu Shenghui (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Shengju (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Shengru 
Liu Shengyang (Chinese, 1968)
Liu Shengyu (Chinese, 1955)
Liu Shi (Chinese, 1618–1664)
Liu Shi (American/Chinese, 1910–1997)
Liu Shian (Chinese, 1852)
Liu Shidao (Chinese)
Liu Shidong (Chinese, 1964)
Liu Shih Tung 
Liu Shiheng (Chinese, 1874–1926)
Liu Shihfen (Taiwanese, 1964)
Liu Shijian (Chinese, 1961)
Liu Shijun (Chinese, 1943)
Liu Shiling (Chinese)
Liu Shiming (Chinese, 1926–2010)
Liu Shing He (Chinese)
Liu Shipei (Chinese)
Liu Shipu (Chinese, 1911–1989)
Liu Shiqi (Chinese)
Liu Shiqun (Chinese, 1944)
Liu Shiru (Chinese, born circa 1355–1623)
Liu Shixing (Chinese)
Liu Shiyao (Chinese, 1978)
Liu Shizhen (Chinese)
Liu Shizheng (Chinese, 1939)
Liu Shizhong (Chinese, 1963)
Liu Shouan (Chinese, 1949)
Liu Shouben (Chinese)
Liu Shouxiang (Chinese, 1958)
Liu Shouyao (Chinese)
Liu Shu (Chinese)
Liu Shu (Chinese)
Liu Shu (Chinese)
Liu Shuang (Chinese, 1989)
Liu Shuangfa (Chinese, 1951)
Liu Shufen (Chinese)
Liu Shufeng (Chinese, 1957)
Liu Shuguang (Chinese, 1963)
Liu Shuishi (Chinese)
Liu Shujun (Chinese, 1952)
Liu Shumin (Chinese, 1942)
Liu Shunxiang (Chinese, 1957)
Liu Shuo (Chinese)
Liu Shutian (Chinese)
Liu Shutong (Chinese)
Liu Shuyong (Chinese, 1962)
Liu Shyhfen 
Liu Sifen (Chinese, 1944)
Liu Sinan (Chinese)
Liu Siwan (Chinese, 1762–1820)
Liu Siyou (Chinese)
Liu Song (Chinese, 1980)
Liu Song (Chinese, 1972)
Liu Songhui (Chinese, 1953)
Liu Songlan (Chinese)
Liu Songnian (Chinese)
Liu Songqing (Chinese, 1971)
Liu Songshan (Chinese, 1833–1870)
Liu Su (Chinese)
Liu Suqin (Chinese)
Liu Taixi (Chinese, 1898–1989)
Liu Tang (Chinese)
Liu Tangsheng (Chinese)
Liu Tao (Chinese, 1892)
Liu Tao (Chinese)
Liu Tian Wei (Chinese, 1954)
Liu Tiancheng (Chinese, 1936)
Liu Tianfu (Chinese, 1908–2002)
Liu Tianlian (Chinese)
Liu Tianming (Chinese)
Liu Tianshu (Chinese, 1970)
Liu Tie Sheng (Chinese)
Liu Tiebao (Chinese, 1944)
Liu Tiebi (Chinese)
Liu Tieping (Chinese, 1946)
Liu Tigan (Chinese, ?–1574)
Liu Ting Long (Chinese, 1962)
Liu Tingchen (Chinese, 1908–1932)
Liu Tinghao (Chinese)
Liu Tingjie (Chinese)
Liu Tingting (Chinese, 1983)
Fang Xizhong, Liu Kuai and Liu Tingxi (Chinese)
Liu Tingzhi (Chinese)
Liu Tiren (Chinese, 1624–1684)
Liu Tongcheng (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Tongnian (Chinese)
Liu Tongsheng (Chinese, 1587–1646)
Liu Tongshu (Chinese, 1936)
Liu Tongshun (Chinese)
Liu Tongxun (Chinese, 1698–1773)
Liu Wangong (Chinese, 1940)
Liu Wanli (Chinese, 1931–1980)
Liu Wanlin (Chinese, 1943)
Liu Wanming (Chinese, 1968)
Liu Wannian (Chinese, 1949)
Liu Wanqi (Chinese, 1935)
Liu Wanqing (Chinese)
Sun Guojuan and Liu Wei (Chinese)
Liu Wei (Chinese, 1972)
Liu Wei (Chinese, 1965)
Liu Wei (Chinese, 1974)
Liu Wei (Chinese, 1977)
Liu Wei (Chinese, 1983)
Liu Wei (Chinese, 1962)
Liu Wei (Chinese, 1954)
Liu Wei (Chinese)
Liu Wei (Chinese)
Liu Weidong (Chinese)
Liu Weihua (Chinese)
Liu Weijia (Chinese)
Liu Weijian 
Liu Weili (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Weiliang (Chinese, 1910–1994)
Liu Weilin (Chinese, 1866–1933)
Shen Shui and Liu Weilin (Chinese)
Liu Weiqin (Chinese, 1939)
Liu Weiran (Chinese)
Liu Weishu (Chinese)
Liu Weitao 
Liu Weiwei (Chinese)
Liu Weiwei (Chinese, 1982)
Liu Wen (Chinese, 1964)
Liu Wenbin (Chinese, 1976)
Liu Wenbin (Chinese)
Liu Wendong (Chinese, 1971)
Liu Wenhai (Chinese, 1967)
Liu Wenhua (Chinese, 1955)
Liu Wenhui (Chinese)
Liu Wenhui (Chinese)
Liu Wenjie (Chinese, 1881–1933)
Liu Wenjin (Chinese)
Chen Guoshun and Liu Wenjin (Chinese)
Liu Wenjun (Chinese)
Liu Wenqi (Chinese, 1948)
Liu Wenqing (Chinese, 1918–1982)
Liu Wenquan (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Wenshen (Chinese)
Liu Wensheng (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Wentao (Chinese)
Liu Wentian (Chinese, active 1939)
Liu Wenxi (Chinese, 1933)
Liu Wenxing (Chinese, 1962)
Liu Wenxuan (Chinese, 1932)
Liu Wenying (Chinese, 1983)
Liu Wenyu (Chinese)
Liu Wenzhong (Chinese, 1955)
Liu Wujin (Chinese, 1950)
Liu Wulun (Chinese)
Liu Xi (Chinese)
Gu Wenbin and Liu Xi 
Liu Xiafei (Chinese)
Liu Xian (Chinese, 1915–1990)
Liu Xiancha (Chinese)
Liu Xianfeng (Chinese, 1963)
Liu Xiang (Chinese)
Liu Xiangdong (Chinese, 1964)
Liu Xiangguang (Chinese)
Liu Xiangping (Chinese, 1958)
Liu Xiangshun (1952)
Liu Xiangxue (Chinese, 1948)
Liu Xianrong (Chinese)
Liu Xianyou (Chinese, 1934)
Liu Xiao (Chinese, 1952)
Liu Xiao (Chinese)
Liu Xiaobin (Chinese, 1963)
Liu Xiaocen (Chinese, 1925–2006)
Liu Xiaocheng (Chinese)
Liu Xiaochuan (Chinese)
Liu Xiaodong (Chinese, 1963)
Liu Xiaofang (Chinese, 1980)
Liu Xiaofeng (Chinese)
Liu Xiaofeng (Chinese)
Liu Xiaogang (Chinese, 1961)
Liu Xiaoguang (Chinese)
Liu Xiaojing (Chinese, 1976)
Liu Xiaoli (Chinese)
Liu Xiaoqing (Chinese, 1942)
Liu Xiaoshu (Chinese, 1981)
Liu Xiaoxi (Chinese, 1972)
Liu Xiaoxian (Chinese)
Liu Xiaoxiao (Chinese)
Liu Xiaoyan (Chinese, 1961)
Liu Xigeng (Chinese, 1917)
Liu Xigu (Chinese, 1939)
Liu Xigu (Chinese)
Liu Xijian (Chinese)
Liu Xijie (Chinese, 1964)
Liu Xilin (Chinese, 1942)
Liu Xilin (Chinese)
Liu Xilin (Chinese)
Liu Xiling (Chinese)
Liu Xilun (Chinese)
Liu Ximing (Chinese)
Liu Xin (Chinese, 1985)
Liu Xin Tao (Chinese, 1968)
Liu Xincai (Chinese)
Liu Xinchun (Chinese, 1946)
Liu Xinde (Chinese)
Liu Xing (Chinese)
Liu Xingcheng (Chinese)
Liu Xingjie (Chinese)
Liu Xingmiao (Chinese)
Liu Xingquan (Chinese, 1954)
Liu Xingui (Chinese)
Liu Xingxiang (Chinese)
Liu Xingzhi (Chinese)
Liu Xinhu (Chinese)
Liu Xinhua (Chinese, 1964)
Liu Xinhua and Wang Lang 
Liu Xinhui (Chinese, 1962)
Liu Xinkai (Chinese, 1970)
Liu Xinquan (Chinese)
Liu Xinseng (Chinese)
Liu Xintian (Chinese, 1890–1913)
Liu Xinyi (Taiwanese, 1981)
Liu Xinyuan (Chinese, 1848–1915)
Liu Xiongjun (Taiwanese, 1953)
Liu Xiqi (Chinese, 1948)
Liu Xiren (Chinese, 1906–1967)
Liu Xiuling (Chinese)
Liu Xiuming (Chinese, 1957)
Huang Xiaoshu and Liu Xiyan 
Liu Xiyong (Chinese, 1914–1973)
Liu Xizai (Chinese, 1813–1881)
Liu Xu (Chinese, 1973)
Liu Xuan (Chinese)
Liu Xuanrang (Chinese, 1955)
Liu Xucang (Chinese, 1913–1966)
Liu Xuchu (Chinese)
Liu Xuedan (Chinese)
Liu Xueduo (Chinese, 1944)
Liu Xuehu (Chinese)
Liu Xuejian (Chinese, 1964)
Liu Xuejun (Chinese, 1960)
Liu Xuekai (Chinese, 1964)
Liu Xuelian (Chinese)
Liu Bing and Liu Xueling (Chinese)
Liu Xuemin (Chinese, 1966)
Liu Xueqian (Chinese, 1864)
Liu Xuezhi (Chinese)
Liu Xuguang (Chinese)
Liu Xun (Chinese, 1960)
Liu Xun (Chinese, 1958)
Liu Xun (Chinese, 1923)
Liu Xun (Chinese)
Liu Ya Ming (Chinese, 1962)
Liu Ya'an (Chinese)
Liu Yajian (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Yaming (Chinese, 1962)
Liu Yan (Chinese, 1960)
Liu Yan (Chinese, 1965)
Liu Yan (Chinese, 1967)
Liu Yan (Chinese, 1950)
Liu Yan (Chinese)
Liu Yanchen (Chinese)
Liu Yanchong (Chinese, 1808–1847)
Liu Yanfeng (Chinese)
Liu Yang Shao (Chinese)
Liu Yang (Chinese)
Liu Yang (Chinese)
Liu Yanhong (Chinese)
Liu Yanhu (Chinese)
Liu Yanjiang (Chinese, 1950)
Liu Yanjing (Chinese)
Liu Yanming (Chinese, 1970)
Liu Yanong (Chinese)
Liu Yanrong (Chinese)
Liu Yanshui (Chinese, 1966)
Liu Yanshun (Chinese)
Liu Yantao (Chinese, 1908–2001)
Liu Yao (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Yaoxian (Chinese, 1964)
Liu Yaozhen 
Liu Yaping (Chinese, 1954)
Liu Yawan 
Liu Yazi (Chinese, 1887–1958)
Ge Xianglan and Liu Yazi 
Qi Baishi and Liu Yazi 
Liu Ye (Chinese, 1964)
Liu Yezhao (Chinese, 1910–2003)
Liu Yi (Chinese)
Liu Yi (Chinese, 1971)
Liu Yi (Chinese)
Liu Yi (Chinese, 1797–1878)
Liu Yi (Taiwanese, 1931)
Liu Yi (Canadian/Chinese, 1957)
Liu Yi (Chinese, 1958)
Liu Yi (Chinese, 1971)
Liu Yi (Chinese, 1963)
Liu Yi (Chinese, 1971)
Liu Yiceng (Chinese, 1913)
Liu Yichun (Chinese)
Liu Yifei (Chinese)
Liu Yijing (Chinese, 1846–1922)
Liu Yikang (Chinese, 1891–1975)
Liu Yiming (Chinese, 1607–1688)
Liu Yiming (Chinese)
Liu Yimo (Chinese, 1990)
Liu Yin (Chinese, 1618–1664)
Liu Ying Gao 
Liu Ying (Chinese)
Liu Ying (Chinese)
Liu Yinglong (Chinese)
Liu Yingming (Chinese, 1957)
Liu Yingrui (Chinese, 1974)
Liu Yingzhao (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Yinling (Chinese)
Liu Yipeng (Chinese/Japanese, 1970)
Liu Yiping (Chinese)
Liu Yiqing (Chinese, 1982)
Liu Yisi (Chinese, 1907–1965)
Liu Yitao (Chinese, 1955)
Liu Yi-Wen (Chinese, 1941)
Liu Yiwen (Chinese, 1919)
Liu Yiwen (Chinese, 1949)
Liu Yiyuan (Chinese, 1942)
Liu Yizheng (Chinese, 1880–1956)
Liu Yizhi (Chinese, 1934)
Liu Yong Gang (Chinese, 1964)
Lu Yanshao and Liu Yong (Chinese)
Tie Bao, Wang Wenzhi, Ji Yun and Liu Yong 
Weng Tonghe and Liu Yong (Chinese)
Liu Yong (Chinese)
Liu Yong (Chinese, 1719–1804)
Liu Yong (Taiwanese, 1949)
Liu Yongfu (Chinese, 1837–1917)
Liu Yongge (Chinese, 1958)
Liu Yongjie (Chinese, 1950)
Liu Yongliang (Chinese)
Liu Yongliang (Chinese, 1979)
Liu Yongling (Chinese)
Liu Yongming (Chinese, 1943)
Liu Yongnian (Chinese, 1020)
Liu Yongqia (Chinese)
Liu Yongqing (Chinese)
Liu Yongtao (Chinese)
Liu Yongzeng (Chinese, 1948)
Liu Yu (Chinese)
Liu Yu (Chinese, 1962)
Liu Yu (Chinese, 1971)
Liu Yu (Chinese)
Liu Yuan (Chinese)
Liu Yuan (Chinese)
Liu Yuan (Chinese, 1975)
Liu Yuanchang (Chinese, 1939)
Liu Yuandu (Chinese)
Liu Yuanfa (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Yuanhui (Chinese)
Liu Yuanji (Chinese)
Liu Yuanjian (Chinese)
Liu Yuanming (Chinese)
Liu Yuanqi (Chinese, 1555–died circa 1629)
Liu Yuansheng (Chinese, 1944)
Liu Yuanshou (Chinese)
Liu Yuanyi (Chinese, 1898–1988)
Liu Yucen (Chinese, 1904–1969)
Shi Yuchu and Liu Yucen (Chinese)
Wang Dafan, Wang Dacang, Tian Hexian and Liu Yucen (Chinese)
Wang Yeting and Liu Yucen (Chinese)
Liu Yue (Chinese)
Liu Yue (Chinese, 1980)
Liu Yuelin (Chinese, 1950)
Liu Yuemao (Chinese)
Liu Yuesheng (Chinese, 1941)
Liu Yuhua (Chinese, 1950)
Liu Yujin (Chinese)
Liu Yujun (Chinese, 1963)
Liu Yukuan (Chinese)
Liu Yulan (Chinese, 1963)
Liu Yulan 
Liu Yulong (Chinese)
Liu Yulou (Chinese, 1941)
Liu Yun Tian 
Liu Yun (Chinese, 1943)
Liu Yun (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Yun (Taiwanese)
Liu Yun (Chinese)
Liu Yunglian 
Liu Yunhe (Chinese, 1963)
Shi Zhenguang and Liu Yunhua (Chinese)
Liu Yunjing (Chinese)
Liu Yunquan (Chinese, 1943)
Liu Yunshen (Chinese)
Liu Yunsheng (Chinese, 1973)
Liu Yunzhi (Chinese)
Liu Yupu (Chinese, 1946)
Liu Yuqi (Chinese)
Liu Yuqu (Chinese, 1976)
Liu Yushan (Chinese)
Liu Yushe (Chinese, 1954)
Liu Yuting (Chinese)
Liu Yuwen (Chinese)
Liu Yuxin (Chinese, 1939)
Liu Yuxue (Chinese)
Liu Yuxun (Chinese)
Liu Yuyi (Chinese, 1943)
Liu Yuyou (Chinese)
Liu Yuzhang (Chinese)
Liu Zemian (Chinese, 1937)
Liu Zeng Hong (Chinese, 1953)
Liu Zengji (Chinese, 1947)
Liu Zengliang (Chinese, 1958)
Liu Zewen (Chinese, 1943)
Liu Zeyong (Chinese, 1983)
Liu Zhangkun (Chinese, 1951)
Liu Zhanjiang (1943)
Liu Zhao (Chinese, ?–1853)
Liu Zhaofeng (Chinese)
Liu Zhaohui (Chinese)
liu zhaojin (Chinese)
Liu Zhaolin (Chinese, 1941)
Liu Zhaoping (Chinese)
Liu Zhaowu (Chinese, 1975)
Liu Zhaowu (Chinese, 1960)
Liu Zhen (Chinese, 1970)
Liu Zhen (North Korean, 1960)
Liu Zhenbo (Chinese)
Liu Zhenchen (Chinese, 1976)
Liu Zhenduo (Chinese, 1936)
Liu Zheng (Chinese, 1963)
Liu Zheng (Chinese, 1972)
Liu Zheng (Chinese, 1969)
Liu Zhengcheng (Chinese, 1946)
Liu Zhengde (Chinese, 1931)
Liu Zhenggang (Chinese)
Liu Zhengmei (Chinese, 1964)
Liu Zhengming (Chinese)
Liu Zhengting (Chinese, 1920–1995)
Liu Zhengyong (Chinese, 1980)
Liu Zhengzong (Chinese, 1574–1661)
Liu Zhenjiang (Chinese, 1958)
Liu Zhenjiang (Chinese)
Liu Zhenqing (Chinese, 1958)
Liu Zhenxiang (Taiwanese, 1963)
Liu Zheping (Chinese)
Liu Zhi (Chinese)
Liu Zhibai (Chinese, 1915–2003)
Liu Zhijiu (Chinese)
Liu Zhijun (Chinese, 1963)
Liu Zhilong (Chinese)
Liu Zhimou (Chinese, 1939)
Liu Zhiqian (Chinese)
Liu Zhiqiang (Chinese, 1974)
Liu Zhisi (Chinese, 1900–1937)
Liu Zhiwei (Chinese)
Liu Zhixian (Chinese)
Liu Zhiyi (Chinese, 1977)
Li Wei and Liu Zhiyin (Chinese)
Liu Zhiyong (Chinese, 1970)
Liu Zhiyong (Chinese, 1910–1996)
Liu Zhiyun (Chinese)
Liu Zhizhong (Chinese)
Liu Zhong (Chinese, 1969)
Liu Zhongfa (Chinese, 1969)
Liu Zhonghe (Chinese, 1935)
Liu Zhonghua (Chinese, 1979)
Liu Zhonghua (Chinese, 1969)
Liu Zhonglin (Chinese, ?–1845)
Liu Zhonglong (Chinese)
Liu Zhongqing (Chinese, 1898–1969)
Liu Zhongquan (Chinese, 1962)
Liu Zhongquan (Chinese)
Liu Zhongrong (Chinese, 1958)
Liu Zhongxin (Chinese)
Liu Zhongyi (Chinese)
Liu Zhongyuan (Chinese, 1971)
Liu Zhoujun (Chinese, 1976)
Liu Guibiao and Liu Zhuan (Chinese)
Liu Zhuang (Chinese)
Liu Zidu (Chinese, 1914–2001)
Liu Zigang (Chinese)
Liu Zigu (Chinese, 1901–1986)
Liu Zijian (Chinese, 1956)
Liu Zijiu (Chinese, 1891–1975)
Zeng Jingchu and Liu Zijiu (Chinese)
Liu Zining 
Liu Zishan (Chinese, 1926)
Liu Ziyuan (Chinese)
Liu Ziyun (Chinese)
Liu Zongbiao (Chinese)
Liu Zonghan (Chinese, 1949)
Jiang Hanting Liu Zongji 
Liu Zongshu (Chinese, 1867–1925)
Liu Zongshuo (Chinese)
Liu Zongwei (Chinese)
Liu Zongyi (Chinese)
Liu Zuan (Chinese, 1968)
Liu Zuiqui (Chinese, 1942)
Liu Zuodong (Chinese)
Liu Zuolin (Chinese)
Liu Zuoren (Chinese, 1943)
Liu Zuoxian (Chinese)
Liu Zupeng (Chinese, 1942)
An Te Liu 
Arthur Liu (Chinese)
Beili Liu (American/Chinese)
Charlene Liu (1975)
Crystal Liu 
Hung Liu (American/Chinese, 1948)
Jen Liu (American, 1976)
Jinghui Liu 
Max Liu (Chinese, 1912–2002)
Nicholas Liu 
Zhaohui Liu 
Corneliu Liuba (Romanian, 1880–1953)
Nikolai Ivanovich Liubushkin (Russian, 1936–1992)
Liudmila and Nelson (1969)
Heljä Liukko-Sundström (Finnish, 1938)
Maxim Liulca (Moldavian, 1987)
Bepi Liusso 
Liuwen Guan 
Jan Liuwen 
Ma Wanli and Liuyang Jushi 
Liuzhou Shanren (Chinese)
Lucia and Philip Liuzza