CRASH  (American, 1961) 

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Summer Reading OF ARTISTS, CURATORS AND CRITICS by Hunter Drohojowska-Philp. A new Sam Francis catalogue raisonne, a biography of Peter Selz, and essays by Peter Clothier., 06/21/2012
artnet Auctions présente la vente Off the Wall: Graffiti and Street Art., 06/15/2012
>Art Market Watch THE HORBELLS by Charlie Finch. A hypothetical art-collecting power couple, the Horbells, face the effects of a global recession., 06/15/2012
>HOW TO SURVIVE THE COMING ART MARKET CRASH by Charlie Finch. In a down art market, it’s all about “puts” and “calls.”, 06/08/2012
Art Market Watch ART MARKET DOOMSDAY? by Mickey Cartin. Will Jean-Michel Basquiat become the next Vincent van Gogh? Or will the supercollectors decide to sit on their hands?, 06/07/2012
>WILL THE ART MARKET CRASH? by Charlie Finch. A deflationary spiral could destroy the auction market before the major fall sales., 06/04/2012
Revolving Doors LIFE AFTER D'AMELIO TERRAS by Rachel Corbett. After parting ways with longtime business partner Lucien Terras six months ago, Chris D'Amelio shares his ambitions for the new D'Amelio Gallery., 05/31/2012
Close Encounters THE NEW BARNES FOUNDATION by Linda Yablonsky. Fabulosity in a box -- that is the new Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia., 05/30/2012
>Art Market Watch THE SPLIT IN THE MARKET by Charlie Finch. When a rising tide lifts but one ship, its cargo of gold might one day sink., 05/17/2012
IT’S ALL HAPPENING by Barbara Pollack. An interview with curator Milly Glimcher about “Happenings: New York, 1958-1963” at the Pace Gallery, 02/29/2012
MIKE AND IKE Charlie Finch. RIP Mike Kelley, 1954-2012., 02/01/2012
Party Pictures THE BONEYARD PROJECT. Out at the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, a show of art made from airplane nose cones, and entire airplanes., 01/12/2012
Damien Hirst HOT SPOTS by Rachel Corbett. With spot paintings at all 11 Gagosian galleries around the globe, Damien Hirst dominates once again, and he's still bored by it all., 01/11/2012
WARHOL FOUNDATION TO QUIT AUTHENTICATING WORKS by Rachel Corbett. After spending millions on legal battles with the owners of rejected Warhols, the foundation dissolves its powerful authentication board., 10/20/2011
Art Market Watch ARTIST EPHEMERA. For the most avid collector, signed artworks and other items that were an intimate part of artists’ lives., 08/24/2011
G-L-O-R-I-A. . .Gloria! by Charlie Finch. Gloria Steinem as the original Baby Boomer, back in the spotlight again., 08/17/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Car Goes Back to the Futurists, 08/12/2011
Contemporary Clay CERAMICS HOT AND COLD by N.F. Karlins. At Tribeca’s RH Gallery, ceramics by Kathy Butterly, Jeff Koons, Lee Ufan, Ai Weiwei, and other contemporary artists turn up the heat., 08/05/2011
An Interview with Ashley Bickerton EDEN'S ANTI-HERO by Emily Nathan. A probing conversation with the Bali-based artist Ashley Bickerton, in town for his new exhibition at Lehmann Maupin, 05/17/2011
Eve Sussman NEW ALPHAVILLE by Laura K. Jones. Eve Sussman and the Rufus Corporation unveil a sci-fi world that is edited in real time, 05/12/2011
ARTNET NEWS. ABC No Rio Benefit, 05/02/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Kevin Spacey speaks for the arts. Plus, suitcases from Crash, new Whitney café, random Richard Prince copyright news, more., 03/23/2011
ART MARKET WATCH. New art stars at contemporary art auctions at Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips de Pury & Company in London., 02/22/2011
A BEACON FOR ART by Charlie Finch. Remembering art collector and museum founder Roy Neuberger, 1903-2010., 12/27/2010
ART MARKET WATCH. Bewitched but not bewildered: Sotheby’s finds equilibrium in selective market., 11/03/2010
ARTNET DESIGN by Brook S. Mason. Design Miami update, Constantin & Laureen Boym to Doha, Anish Kapoor for Bulgari, Cristóbal Balenciaga, Cecily Brown, more., 09/03/2010
MAGAZINE RACK by Grant Mandarino. Taking stock of the "Griffin Years" at Artforum, 07/23/2010
>Judge Jerry Recaps by Jerry Saltz. Some thoughts from the scenes on Bravo’s Work of Art reality show., 06/11/2010
GOTHAM ART & THEATER by Elisabeth Kley. Edward Kienholz’ Roxys, plus new work by T.J. Wilcox, Colette, Brent Green and Jorge Pardo, 05/24/2010
>AUCTION ECONOMICS by Charlie Finch. Painting the tape, baskets of art, auction choreography and other market mechanics., 05/14/2010
ART MARKET WATCH. $231.9 million at Christie‚s New York evening sale of contemporary art., 05/12/2010
GIFT HORSE by Laura K. Jones. "Crash," Bani Abidi, Ximena Garrido-Lecca, Kelly-Anne Davitt, Bruce McLean, Testbed 1, "Peeping Tom," Giles Round, Richard Hamilton, Gary Webb, "Cape Farewell,", 04/14/2010
ARTNET NEWS. Art teacher pioneers "electronic civil disobedience." Plus, "Blasphemous" in Dublin, Avalanche facsimile, Ohio Op, more., 04/13/2010
STRANGER THAN FICTION An interview by David Coggins. From Bulgarian-born New York artist Daniel Bozhkov, an absurdist approach to daunting themes., 03/19/2010
MEMORIES OF RUTH by Charlie Finch. Ruth Kligman, 1930-2010, 03/08/2010
WHITNEY WATCH by Ben Davis. A defensive self-abasement marks the spirit of the 2010 Whitney Biennial., 02/03/2010
THE BAUHAUS IN HISTORY by Ben Davis. The Bauhaus and the contradictions of artistic utopia., 01/28/2010
GOTHAM ART & THEATER by Elisabeth Kley. Virgil Marti, Claire Fontaine, Omer Fast, Sharon Lockhart, Robin Graubard and Hélio Oiticica, 01/21/2010
>WEEKEND UPDATE by Walter Robinson. Thomas Dozol, Ellen von Unwerth, R. Kern, Warhol drawings of feet, Annette Lemieux, MPA, Matthew Cusick, Vadim Katznelson, Les Rogers, John Tottenham, more., 01/11/2010
ILOST IN MIAMI by Ben Davis. Wandering through Art Basel Miami Beach 2009., 12/11/2009
ILOST IN MIAMI by Ben Davis. Wandering through Art Basel Miami Beach 2009., 12/11/2009
TRANSPARENCY AT THE WHITNEY? by Charlie Finch. The conflicted public interests in museum patronage., 10/16/2009
LOST IN TIME By Ben Davis. Josh Gosfield imagines the life of completely made-up French pop star "Gigi Gaston.", 10/05/2009
ARTNET NEWS. O’Keeffe biopic, Richard Hambleton is back, new art school in India, new Vegas supergallery, new awards for video art, more., 09/03/2009
ARTNET NEWS. O’Keeffe biopic, Richard Hambleton is back, new art school in India, new Vegas supergallery, new awards for video art, more., 09/03/2009
ENDLESS SUMMER by Lara Taubman. The Los Angeles gallery scene percolates during the off-season., 08/17/2009
ARTNET NEWS. New NEA chief comes out swinging. Plus, Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins do contemporary art, Juliette Binoche paints, more., 08/11/2009
THE MUSEUM BUBBLE by Ben Davis. Who’s to blame for the pain of the non-profit art world?, 08/07/2009
Les grands blazes du Graff. Marie Motti-Traverso. L'exposition Né dans la Rue à la Fondation Cartier nous éclaire sur l'extraordinaire vitalité de ce qu'elle désigne comme un mouvement artistique, dont elle retrace la genèse dans les rues de New York au début des années 1970 pour devenir un phénomène mondial : le Graffiti., 07/10/2009
ARTFUL TOM, A MEMOIR by Thomas Hoving, 06/17/2009

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