rare posters- from the 1950s to date by damien hirst

Rare Posters- From the 1950s to Date

17 ‐ 17 janv. 2015

Art Wise/Rare Posters
Brooklyn, NY USA

Lichtenstein, Barnet, Indiana, Rauschenberg, Bacon, Hockney, Matisse, Chagall… We are showcasing a rich selection of art prints and posters from the 1950's to ...

sculptors jewellery by damien hirst

Sculptors Jewellery

5 déc. 2014 ‐ 17 janv. 2015

Pangolin London
London, United Kingdom

An exhibition of jewellery made by a wide range of established sculptors. Illustrating the long history of this still somewhat unknown genre, Sculptors' Jewelle...

pop art auction 1960 to date by damien hirst

Pop Art Auction 1960 to Date

20 ‐ 20 nov. 2014
Vernissage: 20 nov. 2014

Art Wise/Rare Posters
Brooklyn, NY USA

Pop Art Auction: 1960 to Date
Warhol, Haring, Lichtenstien, Koons, Basquiat, Rauschenberg- all the leaders of the Pop Art movement are showcased in our ...

damien hirst - schizophrenogenesis by damien hirst

Damien Hirst - Schizophrenogenesis

9 oct. 2014 ‐ 15 nov. 2014

Paul Stolper
London, United Kingdom

Paul Stolper Gallery, London is pleased to present ‘Schizophrenogenesis’, an exhibition of new prints and sculptural editions by Damien Hirst, opening in Octobe...