Egon Schiele  (Austrian, 1890-1918) 

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Art Basel 2012, 06/14/2012
Gallery Shows L.A. THE LOS ANGELES LIST, 4/12/2012 by Emily Nathan. From a trip to L.A., reviews of Dasha Shishkin, Elizabeth Peyton, Jonas Wood, Sarah Braman, Kelly Poe Holly Coulis., 04/12/2012
NEW THIS MONTH IN U.S. MUSEUMS. Pacific Standard Time rules in Los Angeles. Plus, Degas dancers, Degas nudes, “Art and Black Los Angeles,” “Dance/Draw,” Alfred Stieglitz’s artists, Impressionist works on paper, Caravaggio, Hans Haacke, Tristan Lowe, Carsten Höller, more, 10/03/2011
Art Berlin Contemporary DO YOU KNOW YOUR ABCS? by Kimberly Bradley. Focusing on painting at ABC, Berlin's special "Verkaufsschau" that opens the fall art season., 09/19/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Collector Sues Cook Fine Art, 08/26/2011
Gustav Klimt TEMPTRESSES, HOT & COLD by N.F. Karlins. Celebrating the Vienna Secession and more in the summer show of "Recent Acquisitions" at Galerie St. Etienne, 08/24/2011
Book Report SOTHEBY’S SWEET SPOTS by Walter Robinson. An impressionistic memoir from Sotheby’s long-time Impressionist expert Michel Strauss., 08/22/2011
LONELY HEART by Elisabeth Kley. At Gladstone Gallery in Chelsea, artist Kai Althoff constructs a otherworldly narrative of youth and desire., 02/23/2011
Spencer’s Art Law Journal. Trouble Valuing Donated Art for Tax Purposes by Ronald D. Spencer, 02/16/2011
>ALTER EGON by Elisabeth Kley. John Kelly’s performance biography of Egon Schiele, 12/27/2010
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! by Charlie Finch. Taking a contrarian view of the works of Alice Neel in part 6 of a serial book review., 12/13/2010
ART MARKET WATCH. Christies’ New York Imp&Mod sale confirms the art market recovery, 11/04/2010
Spencer’s Art Law Journal. "Stolen Art: Who Owns it Often Depends on Whose Law Applies" by Arabella Yip, 07/26/2010
>WEEKEND UPDATE by Walter Robinson. "The Visible Vagina," Superflex, KK Kozik, Jon Pylypchuk, Philip Haas, Ned Smyth, XXX Macarena, Gelitin, Damien Hirst, 02/04/2010
ARTNET NEWS. Optimism at MoMA, strike at Venice Biennale, book fair at P.S.1, more., 09/29/2009
ARTNET NEWS. Optimism at MoMA, strike at Venice Biennale, book fair at P.S.1, more., 09/29/2009
ARTFUL TOM, A MEMOIR by Thomas Hoving, 05/13/2009
ARTNET NEWS. The Rothschild Collection at MoMA, "elaborate charade" at the Rose, Damien Hirst funds neonatal center, more., 04/23/2009
LOLITOS IN FAG LIMBO by Michèle C. Cone. Hernan Bas and the ambiguous desires of adolescence., 04/14/2009
ART MARKET WATCH. $113.6 million at Christie’s contemporary, 11/13/2008
DIARY OF AN ART STAR by Reverend Jen. Braving Hurricane Hanna for the sake of avant-garde art., 09/10/2008
ART MARKET WATCH by Stewart Waltzer. $277 million at Christie’s New York Impressionist and moderns, 05/07/2008
ART MARKET WATCH. A preview of the spring auctions in New York, and auction results for April 2008., 05/06/2008
THE NEW NEW CHIC by Brook S. Mason. Deco arts stylish reign at TEFAF Maastricht 08, 03/12/2008
LONDON DISPATCH by Ben Davis. Rachel Howard, The Approach, Roman Signer, Poppy de Villeneuve, Germaine Kruip, Darren Almond, Paul Pfeiffer, Marc Quinn, Peter Doig, more., 02/20/2008
ART MARKET WATCH. Good results at London Impressionist and modern art sales., 02/06/2008
ART MARKET WATCH. Sotheby’s stock plummets as top lots go unsold on Nov. 7, 2007., 11/12/2007
ART MARKET WATCH by Stewart Waltzer. Sotheby’s New York evening sale of Impressionist and modern art, Nov. 7, 2007, 11/08/2007
FROM A TO Z by Phyllis Tuchman. "All the More Real" at the Parrish Art Museum, 09/27/2007
ARTNET NEWS. SeaFair hits the waves, Park Avenue Armory overhaul, New Museum at Bloomies, artist’s pensions in Dubai, more., 09/06/2007
ART MARKET WATCH by Stewart Waltzer. Christie's sells $236 milllion of Impressionist and modern art on May 9, 2007., 05/08/2007
CAPITAL ROUNDUP by Sidney Lawrence. John Baldessari curates at the Hirshhorn. Plus, lots of action in D.C. galleries., 03/08/2007
ART VALUES OR MONEY VALUES? by Donald Kuspit. An analysis of the art market boom., 03/06/2007
THE "IT" FACTOR, 02/19/2007
GREER LANKTON, A MEMOIR by Julia Morton. Remembering East Village artist Greer Lankton on the 10th anniversary of her death., 01/27/2007
ARTNET NEWS. At art auctions in October and November 2006, works by more than 2,800 artists hit new highs., 12/05/2006
ART MARKET WATCH. An intense two weeks of auctions of American, Russian, Asian and Latin American art., 12/04/2006
ART MARKET WATCH by Stewart Waltzer. Sotheby's huge Impressionist and modern sale, Nov. 7, 2006., 11/08/2006
ART MARKET WATCH by Stewart Waltzer. Christie’s record-shattering Impressionist and modern art sale, Nov. 8, 2006., 11/08/2006
ART MARKET WATCH, Impressionist, modern and contemporary in New York on the horizon, plus London contemporary, October photo sales in NYC, more., 08/11/2006
ART MARKET WATCH. London scores with June sales, Cucchi at Phillips, more., 06/26/2006
A CRITICAL HISTORY OF 20TH-CENTURY ART by Donald Kuspit. From the peintres maudits and the Vienna Succession to the Bauhaus., 05/05/2006
ARTNET NEWS. Cleveland art tours the world, Art Chicago news, Warhol grants for critics, more., 04/27/2006
Artnet News, 02/21/2006
ART MARKET WATCH. Soaring prices at New York photo auctions, London sales., 02/15/2006
ART MARKET WATCH. London auction highlights for February, photos from the Metropolitan Museum at Sotheby's New York, more., 02/03/2006
Artnet News, 01/17/2006
CLUSTERFUCK ESTHETICS by Jerry Saltz. A manic-depressive panic attack in the face of profound information overload., 12/07/2005

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