Georgia Sagri  (Greek, 1979) 


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Georgia Sagri Biographie
1979   Born in Athens, Greece
2001   Seminars on Experimental Theatre Paul Koek, Holland
2001   Seminars on Kabuki Theatre, Holland
1997 - 2002   Athens School of Fine Arts, Studio of Rena Papaspyrou, Athens, Greece
1991 - 2003   National Music School of Athens, Cello Higher Diploma
2003   Seminars on Experimental Theatre Michael Marmarinos, Athens, Greece
2004   Seminars on Experimental Theatre Michael Marmarinos, Athens, Greece
2005   Seminars on Philosophy of Aesthetics, Fotis Terzakis, Athens, Greece
2006 - 2008   MFA Columbia University, New York, US
  Lives and works in New York, US
Expositions sélectionnées
2009   Vlassis Caniaris. In Contrapunto, National Bank Cultural Foundation, Athens, Greece
2009   The First Image, curated by Denys Zacharopoulos, Centre Regional d’Art Contemporain Languedoc Roussilon, Sete, France
2009   Georgia Sagri, Vitamin Kids for Trio A, Artists Space, New York (solo)
2009   Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is and If Approaching Pain Gives You a Way of Recovering the Memory of Flesh Then Go Elsewhere, On Stellar Rays, New York (solo)
2009   Yze Alone, performance at The National Theater of Greece, Rex Theater, Upper Circle Foyer, Curated by Ghislaine Dantan and Eleni Coucou , Athens, Greece (solo)
2008   When you see me again it won’t be me, performance with the dance group ‘It’s our pleasure to serve you’, Smith Stewart Gallery, New York
2008   Untitled: This is what is going to happen, Lumen House, New York
2008   After Dark, Bushwick Star, New York
2008   Concept. Action. Language, Mumok, Vienna
2008   Yes, AR/Contemporary Gallery, Milan (solo)
2008   Edtaonisl, Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London (solo)
2008   When you see me again it won’t be me, performance with the dance group ‘It’s our pleasure to serve you’, Smith Stewart Gallery, NY (solo)
2008   Women Only, Beltsios Collection, Margaris Gallery, Amfilochia, Greece
2008   Altoids Awards, performance with Ei Arakawa, New Museum, New York
2008   Below Is The Sea And Our Desert Is Beside Us, Art Unlimited, Art Basel 39
2008   Columbia University Thesis Show, Fisher Landau Art Center, Long Island, New York
2008   This is the waiting room, performance with the dance group ‘It’s our pleasure to serve you’, The Unfair Art Fair, Rome, Italy
2007   Mini Concerts in Back Valley, Smith Stewart Gallery, New York
2007   Destroy Athens, 1st Athens Biennial, Athens, Greece
2007   Fractured Figure, Deste Foundation, Athens, Greece
2007   Dream and Trauma, Works from Dakis Joannou collection, Athens, a joint project with Kusthalle
2007   Wien and Mumok Museum, Wien
2007   1st Year MFA Show, Columbia University, New York
2006   Panic Room, The Dakis Joannou Collection, Deste Foundation, Athens, Greece
2006   An Outing: The Beltsios Collection: Contemporary Art in Greece in the 21st Century, Trikala, Greece
2006   Art Fab ‘Women in Europe’, group exhibition, Saint Tropez, France (performance documentation)
2006   Tatoo My Art, group exhibition, A.Antonopoulou.Art, Athens, Greece
2005   The Gesture. A Visual Library in Progress, QUARTER, Centro Produzione Arte, Florence, Italy
2005   Protaseis, Kodra, Thessaloniki, Greece
2005   The Gesture. A Visual Library in Progress, Macedonian Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki, Greece
2005   Homage to Drawing, A.Antonopoulou Gallery, Athens, Greece
2005   The Simple Life, Hydra High School, Hydra, Greece
2005   7 Performances & A Conversation, Athens, Greece
2005   Confession, Gazon Rouge, Athens, Greece (solo)
2005   Lost in Translation, Hellenic American Union, Athens, Greece
2004   Manderlay, Hotel Astoria, Thessaloniki, Greece
2004   Videokunst Geist, Gemeinschaft und Tschai, Athens, Greece
2004   Venice Biennale of Architecture, Venice, Italy
2004   Domestic Alien, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens, Greece
2004   Et In Iraq Ego, Alpha Station, Athens, Greece
2004   Processing Radar, Technopolis, Municipality of Athens, Athens, Greece
2004   Breakthrough! Greece 2004: Contemporary Perspective in the Visual Arts, ARCO 2004, Madrid, Spain
2003   So Much… So Great, Contemporary Art Center, Larissa, Greece
2003   Solus Locus, Gazon Rouge, Athens, Greece
2003   Georgia Sagri, Gazon Rouge, Athens, Greece (solo)
2003   Radar, Contemporary Arts for European Cities, Venice Biennale, Centro Civicio, Giudecca, Venice, Italy
2003   Anthem to Freedom, Gazon Rouge, Athens, Greece
2002   Seeing is Beleiving, Gazon Rouge, Athens, Greece
2002   Still Life I, School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece
2002   Glimpses, digital loops, htpp://
2002   Ruins Inhabitants- Still Life II, Hotel Theoxenia, , Portaria, Greece
2001   In the Shop Window, Deste Foundation, Athens, Greece
2001   A Damaged Piece of Video for Closed Eyes, Café Muller, Rotterdam, Holland
2001   Before You Enter Take Your Shoes Off, School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece
2000   Night Town Café, Rotterdam, Holland
1999   Polytechnic 1999, the Polytechnic, Patission Street, Athens, Greece
1997   Fluxus, The Factory, School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece
2008   ‘Destroy, They Said’, Lilly Wei, Art In America, June/July
2008   P. Georgiadou, ‘Deuteri Anagnosi’, Vogue Hellas, April (ill.)
2007   ‘Crimes of Passion’,, February
2006   Petros Birbilis, ‘Georgia Sagri’, Vima Donna, April (ill.)
2005   Marina Fokidis, ‘Georgia Sagri’, Flash Art, July-September (ill.)
2005   Despina Zevkeli, ‘Twenty One’, Athinorama, 12-19 May (ill.)
2005   Despina Zevkeli, ‘Georgia Sagri; Confession, I Performer Apousiazi’, Athinorama, 12-19 May (ill.)
2005   Dora Papageorgiou, ‘Exi Theates sti Faka Tis’, Eleftherotipia, 27 May (ill.)
2005   ‘Parousiasi: Georgia Sagri’ Time Out Athens, 21 April (ill.)
2005   ‘I Martires Mias Performance’, Athinorama, 21-28 April (ill.)
2005   Augustinos Zenakos, ‘Na Bgei Kaneis i Na Mi Bgei?’, Vima Donna, March (ill.)
2005   Eliana Dimadi and Despina Zevkeli, ‘To Soma Diadilonei’, Athinorama, 10 March (ill.)
2005   ‘Ta Dora ton Allon’, To Vima, 20 February (ill.)
2005   Vaggelis Blahos, ‘Chameni sti Metafrasi’, Time Out Athens, 17 February
2005   Fotini Barka, ‘ Apantochi tis to Koino’, Eleftherotipia, February (ill.)
2004   ‘To Koritsi tis Diplanis Vitrinas’, Kathimerini, 25 December (ill.)
2004   ‘Techni k Lemargia’, To Vima, 14 November (ill.)
2004   Natasa Adamou, ‘ Georgia Sagri’, Time Out Athens, 4-11 March (ill.)
2004   ‘Art Athina’, Athinorama, 29 April (ill.)
2003   ‘Thimithite’, Marie Claire, December
2003   Antonis Galanopoulos, ‘ D-Eikastiki Parembasi’, Eleftherotipia, 26 November (ill.)
2003   ‘Georgia Sagri’, The S Magazine, 13 November (ill.)
2003   ‘Performance in Progress’, Athinorama, 20-27 November (ill.)
2003   Giorgios Tzirtzilakis, ‘Ti Mpori Ena Soma?’, Athens Voice, 23-29 October (ill.)
2003   ‘Perfomance se Tris Fasis’, Athinorama, 16-23 October (ill.)
2003   Mairi Adamopoulou, ‘Georgia Sagri, Egine Techni Chiropodara Demeni’, Ta Nea, 23 October (ill.)
2003   ‘Egkainia; Georgia Sagri’, Time Out Athens, 23-29 October (ill.)
2003   Dionisia Lagiou,’Ekkolaptomeni Kallitexnes’, Ethnos, 28 May (ill.)
2003   ‘Ta Apominaria Mias Performance’, Athinorama, 13-20 March (ill.)
2003   Maria Tsilibidou, ‘ “Ymnos eis tin Eleftherian” Me Tavli, Prefa Kai Bioloncello’, Investors World, 8-9 March (ill.)
2003   ‘Ymnos eis tin Eleftherian’, Epsilon, 9 March (ill.)

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