Haegue Yang  (Korean, 1971) 


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Biographie & liens

Haegue Yang Biographie
1971   Born in Seoul, South Korea
1994   B.F.A. Seoul National University, Fine Arts College in Seoul, Korea
1997   Exchange program grant, Cooper Union in New York, USA
1999   Meisterschüler title with Professor Georg Herold, Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste –Städelschule, Frankfurt/M, Germany
2005   Cremer Prize, Stiftung Sammlung Cremer, Münster, Germany
2008   Baloise Prize, Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany
  Lives and works in Berlin, Germany and Seoul, Korea
Expositions sélectionnées
2013   Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Glasgow, Scotland (solo)
2013   Family of Equivocations, Aubette / Musée d'art moderne et contemporain, Strasbourg, France (solo)
2013   Ovals and circles, Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris, France (solo)
2013   Art Wall: Haegue Yang, ICA, Boston, USA (solo)
2012 - 2013   Accomodating the Epic Dispersion - On Non-cathartic Volume of Dispersion, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany (solo)
2012   Glasgow Sculpture Studio, Glasgow, Scotland
2012   An Exhibition of the Study on Knowledge, Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria
2012   Multi Faith Room, Greene Naftali, New York, USA
2012   Haegue Yang, Rivane Neuenschwander, Overbeck-Gesellschaft, Lübeck, Germany
2012   The Touch of Life, Galerie Anita Beckers, Frankfurt, Germany
2012   Abstract Possible: The Stockholm Synergies, Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden
2012   How Physical, The Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2012, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo, Japan
2012   DLA Was / For You, Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz, Poland
2012   360°: Die Rückkehr der Sammlung, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
2012   Inside Out and from the Ground Up, Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland (MOCA), Cleveland, USA
2012   No Borders, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Bristol, UK
2012   15 Jahre Galerie der Gegenwart, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany
2012   TBK, Dependance, Brussels, Belgium
2012   Superbody, Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris, France
2012   Soundworks, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK
2012   dOCUMENTA (13), Kassel, Germany
2012   Orchesterwechsel – 10 Jahre Sammlung Rheingold, Schloss Dyck, Jüchen, Germany
2012   Ajar La Douane, Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris, France
2012   Oil Tanks, Tate Modern, London, UK
2012   Troubling Space: The Summer Sessions, The Zabludowicz Collection, London, UK
2012   Wide Open School, Hayward Gallery, London, UK
2012   Kunsthalle Marcel Duchamp, Cully, Switzerland
2012   Lieber Aby Warburg, Was tun mit den Bildern? Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Siegen, Germany
2012   Sammlung Haubrok bei Falckenberg - No Desaster, Deichtorhallen Hamburg - Sammlung Falckenberg, Hamburg, Germany
2012   Dream Walking in the Magical Reality, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
2012   Gertrude Contemporary Museum, Melbourne, Australia
2012   Dislocation, Daegu Art Museum, Daegu, South Korea
2011   City within the City, Artsonje Center, Seoul, South Korea
2011   The Grand Domestic Revolution – User’s Manual, Casco Projects, Utrecht, Netherlands
2011   Monument Valley (Jaegerspris revisited – a Hommage to Johannes Wiedewelt), UFO, Berlin, Germany
2011   Berlin 2000-2011. Playing among the Ruins, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
2011   D’un autre Monde, Le Printemps de Septembre, Toulouse, France
2011   Kunst und Philosophie, n.b.k. – Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin, Germany
2011   Tell Me Tell Me: Australian and Korean Art 1976-2011, National Art School Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2011   The Spiral and the Square. Exercises on Translatability, Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden
2011   Two Winters, presentation with Kukje Gallery at the M Building, Miami, USA (solo)
2011   Escaping Things and Words, Haegue Yang, Rivane Neuenschwander, Kunsthalle Lingen, Lingen, Germany (solo)
2011   The Art and Technique of Folding the Land, Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, Colorado, USA (cat./ solo)
2011   The Sea Wall: Haegue Yang with an inclusion by Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Arnolfini, Bristol, UK (solo)
2011   Teacher of Dance, Modern Art Oxford, Oxford, UK (solo)
2011   Arrivals, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Bregenz, Austria (cat./ solo)
2011   Folding: The Art of Simplicity, KCDF Gallery, Seoul, South Korea (cat.)
2011   Open Days, Le Consortium, Dijon, France
2011   Nach Abschluss der Reise, Kunst-Werke, Berlin, Germany
2011   A Wedding, Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong, China
2011   Human Nature: Contemporary Art from the Collection, LACMA – Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, USA
2011   Air Hole: Another Conceptualism from Asia, The National Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan
2011   Modern Art Oxford, Oxford, UK (solo)
2010   Voice and Wind, New Museum, New York, USA (solo)
2010   Urban Origami, PM Gallery, London, UK
2010   SQUATTING: ERINNERN, VERGESSEN, BESETZEN, Temporäre Kunsthalle, Berlin, Germany
2010   LIKE ESKIMO SPACE, 1857, Oslo, Norway
2010   THE NEW DÉCOR, Hayward Gallery, London, UK
2010   THE PURSUER, GREENE Naftali Gallery, New York, USA
2010   WORKERS LEAVING THE WORKPLACE, Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz, Poland
2010   10,000 LIVES, 8th Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju, Korea
2010   Galerie Barbara Wien Wilma Lukatsch, Berlin, Germany (solo)
2010   SELF AS DISAPPEARANCE, Centre d'art contemporain - La Synagogue de Delme, Delme, France
2010   MONUMENT TO TRANSFORMATION, Montehermoso Cultural Center, Vitoria, Spain
2010   INTRO MOTION DITCH, Art Sheffield, S1 Artspace, Sheffield, UK
2010   OPEN LIGHT IN PRIVATE SPACES, Biennale for International Light Art, Ruhr, Germany
2010   AFTER ARCHITECTS, Kunsthalle, Basel, Switzerland
2010   SQUATTING: ERINNERN, VERGESSEN, BESETZEN, Temporäre Kunsthalle, Berlin, Germany
2010   Watchmen, Liars, Dreamers, Le Plateau, Frac Île-de-France, Paris, France
2010   Oh! Masterpieces, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, South Korea (cat.)
2010   Like Eskimo Space, 1857, Oslo, Norway
2010   Voice Over Three, Artsonje Center, Seoul (cat./ solo)
2010   Closures, Galerie Wien Lukatsch, Berlin, Germany (solo)
2010   Artsonje Center, Seoul, Korea (catalogue)
2009   Integrity of the Insider, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA (solo)
2009   YOUR BRIGHT FUTURE: 12 KOREAN ARTISTS, Los Angeles, LACMA, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Freer Sackler in Washington, D.C., USA (catalogue)
2009   Making Worlds, 53rd Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy (cat.)
2009   Assume Nothing: New Social Practice, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Canada
2009   Transparent Layers, Alte Fabrik, Rapperswil, Switzerland
2009   pop up!/meta-pop, Ludwig Forum, Aachen, Germany
2009   Condensation, Korean Pavilion, Korean Pavilion, 53rd Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy (cat. / solo)
2009   NEW SOCIAL PRACTICE, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Canada
2009   Monument to Transformation, City Gallery Prague, Czech Republic
2009   Everything, then, passes between us, Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne, Germany
2009   Sequelism. Episode 3: Possible, Probable or Preferable Futures, Arnolfini, Bristol, UK
2009   Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA (catalogue) (solo)
2008   WESSEN GESCHICHTE, Hamburger Kunstverein, Germany (group)
2008   BRAVE NEW WORLDS, La Coleccion Jumex, Mexico City, Mexico (group)
2008   EURASIA, Geographic cross-overs in art, Mart Rovereto, Rovereto (Trento), Italy (group)
2008   50 MOONS OF SATURN, 2nd Turin Triennial, Turin, Italy (group)
2008   IF WE CAN¹T GET IT TOGETHER, The Power Plant, Toronto, Canada (group)
2008   LETHAL LOVE, Cubitt gallery, London, England (solo)
2008   ASYMMETRIC EQUALITY, Redcat, Los Angeles, USA (solo) (catalogue)
2008   SYMMMETRIC INEQUALITY, Sala Recalde, Bilbao, Spain (catalogue)
2008   Siblings and twins, Portikus, Frankfurt/Main, Germany (solo)
2008   Der grosse Wurf: Faltungen in der Gegenwartskunst (Falling right into Place: The Fold in Contemporary Art), Museum Haus Lange, Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, Krefeld, Germany
2008   Global Eurasia, Art Cologne, Germany
2008   Too Early For Vacation, e v+ a, Limerick, Ireland
2008   Run Run, Collins Gallery, commissioned by Glasgow International, Glasgow, Scotland
2008   On That Which Remains, Nassauischer Kunstverein, Wiesbaden, Germany
2008   Interfacing Practices, Galerie Magnus Mueller, Berlin, Germany
2008   Freunde und Bekannte (Friends and Acquaintances), Sparwasser HQ, Berlin, Germany
2008   Less, Haubrokshows, Berlin, Germany
2008   Life On Mars, the 55th Carnegie International, Pittsburgh, USA
2008   The Krautcho Club / In and Out of place, Forgotten Bar Project, Berlin, Germany; Project Space 176, London, England
2008   Art 39 Basel, Haegue Yang and Jimmie Durham with Gallery Barbara Wien, Basel, Switzerland
2008   The 3rd Guangzhou Triennial, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
2008   The Twentyfirst, Silvershed, New York, USA
2008   Pontos de Vista, Galeria Mata, Inhotim, Brumadinho, MG, Brasil
2008   Gallery at REDCAT, Los Angeles, USA (solo, catalogue)
2008   Pontos de Vista, Galeria Mata, Inhotim, Brumadinho, MG, Brazil
2008   Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany
2008   Farewell to Post-Colonialism, The 3rd Guangzhou Triennial, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
2008   Eurasia. Geographic cross-overs in Art, MART – Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto, Rovereto, Italy
2008   Open / Invited e v+ a 2008 – too early for vacation, e v+ a – exhibition of visual art, Limerick, Ireland
2008   Von dem was dann noch bleibt, Nassauischer Kunstverein, Wiesbaden, Germany
2008   Hamburger Kunsthalle, Galerie der Gegenwart, Hamburg, Germany (solo)
2008   27 november – 21 january, 2009, Dépendance, Brussels, Belgium
2008   Zeitblick. Ankäufe der Sammlung Zeitgenössische Kunst der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1998-2008, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin, Germany (cat.)
2007   Basel Statement with Gallery Barbara Wien, Basel, Switzerland (solo)
2007   Foxed in the Forest, Gallery Dépendance, Brussels, Belgium
2007   MADE IN GERMANY, Sprengel Museum, Kestnergesellschaft, Kunstverein, Hannover, Germany
2007   IMAGINE ACTION, Lisson Gallery, London, England
2007   BRAVE NEW WORLDS, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA (catalogue)
2007   APAP; Anyang Public Art Project, Anyang, Korea (catalogue)
2007   FLASH CUBE, Leeum, Seoul, Korea (catalogue)
2007   PRAGUE BIENNALE, Prague, Czech (catalogue)
2007   SOMETHING Mr. C CAN”T HAVE, KIAF 2007, COEX hall, Seoul, Korea
2007   BRENNSCHLUSS, Galerie Andreas Huber, Vienna, Austria
2007   HAUBROKSHOWS-STORAGE PIECE, Sammlung Haubrok, Berlin, Germany (solo)
2007   REMOTE ROOM, Gallery Barbara Wien, Berlin, Germany (solo)
2007   MODELS FOR TOMORROW: COLOGNE, Europäische Kunsthalle, Cologne, Germany
2007   KUNSTPREIS BOETTCHERSTRASSE 2007, Kunsthalle, Bremen, Germany (catalogue)
2007   dépendance at Galerie Neu, Galerie Neu, Germany
2007   StadtanSichten: Seoul, IFA Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany (catalogue)
2007   UNPACKING STORAGE PIECE, Haubrokshows, Berlin, Germany (catalogue) (solo)
2007   re-dis-play | Nicht-Kunst-Sammlungen von Künstlern und Kuratoren, Kunstverein, Heidelberg, Germany
2007   Mandla Reuter, Haegue Yang, Flaca, London, Great Britain
2007   Tomorrow, Artsonje Center & Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea
2007   Micro-Narratives, 48th October Salon, Belgrade, Serbia
2007   Virtuoso Interpretor – Formalismus als Formalismuskritik, Cluster, Berlin, Germany
2007   If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your Revolution, Episode IV: Feminist Legacies and Potentials in Contemporary Practice, Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen (MuHKA), Belgium
2007   Dépendance at Galerie Neu, Galerie Neu, Berlin, Germany
2007   Seven Basel Lights, Basel Statement with Galerie Barbara Wien, Basel, Switzerland (solo)
2006   BAK, Unevenly, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, Holland (solo)
2006   Personal Affairs – New Forms of Intimacy, Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen, Germany
2006   If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your Revolution, Episode II: Feminist Legacies and Potentials in Contemporary Practice, de Appel, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2006   Como Viver Junto (How to Live Together), São Paulo Biennale, Brazil
2006   Pigment Piano Marble, Maipú, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2006   Political Design, Design of Politics, Zero One Design Centre, Seoul, Korea
2006   SADONG 30, Incheon, Korea (catalogue) (solo)
2006   Unevenly, BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, Netherlands (solo)
2005   Cremer-Preis, LWL – Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte, Münster, Germany (solo)
2005   Lichtkunst aus Kunstlicht, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany
2005   PUNKT UND LINIE, FLÄCHE UND RAUM, ZEICHNUNG HEUTE, Overbeck-Gesellschaft, Lübeck, Germany
2005   WESTFÄLISCHES LANDESMUSEUM, Münster, Germany (solo)
2005   Schnur im Nebel, Doppelzimmer, Giessen, Germany
2004   A Grain of Dust a Drop of water, 5th Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju, Korea
2004   This is not a Love Letter, Maronnier Museum, Seoul, Korea
2004   Black friday: Exercises in Hermetics, Galerie Kamm, Berlin, Germany
2004   Document, Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Arts, Seoul, Korea
2004   Steaming away from the Places, Sangmyung University Museum, Seoul, Korea
2004   KASSE, SHOP, KINO UND WEITERES, Hessisches Landesmuseum, Darmstadt, Germany (solo)
2004   UNFOLDING, Dépendance, Bruxelles, Belgium (solo)
2004   STORAGE PIECE, Gallery Lawrence O’Hana, London, England (solo)
2004   Chasm, 3rd BUSAN BIENNALE, Busan, Korea
2004   XS, Fa Projects, London, England
2004   MIX MAX, Artsonje Center, Seoul, Korea
2004   UNFOLDING PLACES, Gallery Barbara Wien, Berlin, Germany (solo)
2003   UNREALISTIC TO GENERALIZE, Public, Paris, France (solo)
2003   Hermès Korea Missulsang for Contemporary Korean Art, Artsonje Center, Seoul, Korea
2003   DEMIRRORED ZONE, De Appel Foundation, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2003   Facing: Korean Contemporary Art 2003, de Appel, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2003   From Dusk to Dusk: International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark
2003   Tower of Babylon, Landesmuseum Mainz, Germany
2002   The Fall, Galleri Christina Wilson, Copenhagen
2002   We ‘re not going to give you pleasure, G29, Cardiff, England
2002   Kunst und Technik, Kunstverein, Mannheim, Germany
2002   Cité des Ondes, Cienquième Manifestation internationale vidéo et art èlectronique, Champ Libre, Montreal, Canada
2002   P_A_U_S_E, 4th Gwangju Biennale, Korea*
2002   Blink, Artsonje Center, Seoul, Korea
2002   New tendencies in korean Art: Paradise Among Us, Arts Council Korea ( formerly: Korean Culture & Arts Foundation), Seoul, Korea
2002   Subtiles elegances, La Galerie, Centre d’art contemporain, Noisy-le-Sec, France
2002   Ssamzie Studio 3, Ssamzie Space, Seoul, Korea
2002   THE FALL, Galleri Christina Wilson, Copenhagen, Denmark
2002   40 YEARS: FLUXUS AND THE CONSEQUENCES, Wiesbaden, Germany
2002   MANIFESTA 4, European Biennial of Contemporary Art, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2002   AIR AND WATER, Dresdener Bank, Frankfurt/M, Germany (solo)
2001   SONDERFARBEN, Komunale Galerie, Darmstadt, Germany (solo)
2001   Richard-Meier-Avenue, KunstPraxis, Siemens Arts Program, Munich, Germany
2001   We ‘re not going to give you pleasure, rraum 02, Frankfurt/M., Germany; Galerie Art & Essai, Rennes, France; Protoacademy, Edinburgh, Scotland
2001   VIP Union, VIP Lounge, 6th Art Forum Berlin, Germany
2001   Tirana Biennale 1: Escape, Tirana, Albania
2001   1 Site - 2 Places, project room, Galerie der Stadt Sindelfingen, Germany
2001   Zu Gast (Being A Guest), Bellevue Saal, Wiesbaden, Germany
2001   Frankfurter Kreuz: Transformationen des Alltäglichen in der zeitgenössischen Kunst, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt/M., Germany
2001   Invisible Touch, Artsonje Center, Seoul, Korea
2001   Lunchtime of necktie Force, Posco Museum, Seoul, Korea
2000   Blue Meadow – Colourful Language, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt/M., Germany (solo)
2000   Bejahung und Verneinung (Affirmation and Negation), Galerie Kolster, Frankfurt/M., Germany
2000   Frankfurter Schule 2000, Glasgow, Scotland
2000   Anno Zero, Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, Italy
2000   Kunstraum München, Munich, Germany
2000   Art or Design, Seoul Arts Center, Korea
2000   Lacquer Paintings 2000, Gallery Barbara Wien, Berlin, Germany (solo)
1999   Support on Paper, Galerie Kolster, Frankfurt/M., Germany
1999   Hamburgefonstiv, 1822 Forum der Frankfurter Sparkasse, Frankfurt/M., Germany (solo)
1999   rraum, Frankfurt/M., Germany (solo)
1998   Seoul in Media: Food, Clothing, Shelter, Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Arts, Seoul, Korea *
1998   Stuttgart, 17.7.1956 – Salem (Wis.)/USA, 3.3.1977, Portikus, Frankfurt/M., Germany
1998   Where I Am, Lisbon World Exposition, Galeria Municipal da Mitra, Lisbon, Portugal
1995   RRAUM, Frankfurt/M., Germany (solo)
Selected Public Collections
  BSI Art Collection, Switzerland
  National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
  Sammlung Haubrok, Berlin, Germany
  Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA
  The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, USA
  Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  Westfälisches Landesmuseum, Münster, Germany
  Zabludowicz Collection
  Bristol's Museums, Galleries & Archives, Bristol, UK
  Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, USA
  Explum, Murcia, Spain
  Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig, Germany
  Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Halle an der Saale, Germany
  Kunsthalle Hamburg, Germany
  Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
  Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, USA
  Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA
  Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz, Poland
  Haegue Yang: Arrivals, Catalogue raisonné 1994 - 2011, ed. by Yilmaz Dziewior, exh. cat. Kunsthaus Bregenz, Berlin 2011
  Haegue Yang: Melancholy is a longing for the absoluteness, ed. by Samuso and Hyunsilmunwha, exh. cat. Artsonje Center, Seoul 2010 (Kor.)
  Haegue Yang: Siblings and Twins, ed. by Melanie Ohnemus, exh. cat. Portikus, Frankfurt am Main 2010
  Haegue Yang: Symmetric Inequality, ed. by Leire Vergara, exh. cat. Sala Rekalde, Bilbao 2009
  Haegue Yang: Condensation. Kat. (Engl./Koreanisch) zur 53. Biennale Venedig, Hrsg. von Eungie Joo, 320 S., 170 farb. & 35 s/w Abb., 17,5x24,5, brosch, Seoul, Berlin 2009
  Haegue Yang: Asymmetric Equality. Kat. (Dt./Engl.). Anläßlich der Ausstellung in REDCAT, Los Angeles & Sala Rekalde, Bilbao, 216 S., ca. 250 teils farb.Abb., 25x20, brosch.. Los Angeles, Bilbao 2008
  Unpacking Storage Piece. Kat. (Dt./Engl.). Interview mit Axel Haubrok und Haegue Yang, Text von Raimar Stange, Buchdesign: Manuel Raeder. 48 S.,A 5, schräg gefaltet, Drahtheftg., 38 Abb., Aufl. 800 Exx.. Berlin 2007
  Yang, Haegue. Community of Absence. Kat. (Engl.). Hrsg. v. BAK, Basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht. Texte v. Maria Hlavajova, Lars Bang Larsen, Binna Choi u.a.. 92 S., zahlr. farb. & s/w Abb., 29,5x21, Fadenheftg.. Frankfurt/Main 2007
  Community of Absence. Limited Edition Posters. Hrsg. v. BAK, Basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht. Aufl. 100 Exx.. 92 S., 6 Plakate (à 59x42), 29,5x21, gefaltet & starker Pappe stabilisiert. Frankfurt/Main 2007
  Sa-dong 30. Kat. (Koreanisch/Engl.). Texte by Hyunjin Kim. Berlin / Seoul
  Industrie und Technik, Dielmann Verlag, Frankfurt, 2002, Text by Anja Casser, Design: Ade Hauser Lacour, Frankfurt am Main, German and English, 48 pages
  Luft und Wasser, Dresdner Bank, Frankfurt am Main, 2002, Text by Isabel Podeschwa, Design: Wolfgang Breuer and Achim Reichert, 16 pages, German and English
  Sonderfarben, Katalog 1998-2001, Wiens Verlag, Berlin 2001, Text by Meike Behm, Martin Pesch, Jochen Volz and Peter Lütje, Design: Ade Hauser Lacour, Frankfurt am Main, German and English, 72 pages, ISBN 3-9806837-2-9
  Blink, Artsonje Center, Seoul, 2002, Text by Sungwon Kim, Design: Hyunjin Paik, Korean and English, 44 pages
  Grid Block, cover design: Achim Reichert, 13 pages, offset, 500 copies, DIN A 4, 2000

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