Jananne Al-Ani  (Iraqi, 1966) 


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Jananne Al-Ani Biographie
1966   Born Kirkuk, Iraq
1986 - 1989   Byam Shaw School of Art, London, Fine Art Diploma
1996   won the John Kobal Photographic Portrait Award
1995 - 1997   Royal College of Art, London, Photography MA
1998   won Arts Council Artists Award
1999   Artsadmin Bursary
2000   East International grant
2000 - 2001   London Arts Board
2003   London Artists Film and Video Development Award
2004   Arts Council England Grants for the Arts
  Lives and works in London
Expositions sélectionnées
2006   Why Pictures Now: Photography, Film and Video Today
2006   Museum Moderner Kunst Vienna
2006   Around the World in Eighty Days, Institute of Contemporary Art London
2006   Whitstable Biennale 2006, Whitstable
2006   Without Boundary: Seventeen Ways of Looking, Museum of Modern Art New York
2005   (Hi)story, Kunstmuseum Thun, Thun
2005   iD, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull
2005   Des Féminités en Question, Le Lieu Mains d’Oeuvres Saint-Ouen
2005   Regards des Photographes Arabes Contemporains, Institut du Monde Arabe Paris
2005   The Visit, Art Now, Tate Britain, London, (solo)
2005   Identita e Nomadismo, Palazzo delle Papesse Sien
2005   Peripheral Visions, Cork Film Centre, Cork
2005   The World is a Stage: Stories behind Pictures, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo
2005   Stranger than Fiction, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull; Nottingham Castle; Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, Brighton
2004   The Visit, Norwich Art Gallery, Norwich, (solo)
2004   Amman Meeting Points, Al Beit Amman
2004   Shot by the Sea, The Ice House, Hastings
2004   Women by Women, Fotographie Forum International, Frankfurt
2004   Stranger Than Fiction: From the Arts Council Collection
2004   City Art Gallery, Leeds touring to Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery, Carlisle
2004   Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Usher Gallery, Lincoln, Nottingham Castle, Nottingham
2004   Brighton Museum of Art Gallery, Brighton
2004   Beyond East and West: Seven Transnational Artists
2004   Krannert Art Museum, Champaign Illinois touring to Louisana State University
2004   Museum of Art, Baton Rouge Louisana Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College
2004   Hanover New Hampshire, Williams College, Museum of Art, Williamstown, Massachusetts
2003 - 2004   Veil: Veiling, Representation and Contemporary Art, Modern Art, Oxford (curated by Jananne Al-Ani, David A. Bailey, Zineb Sedira and Gilane Tawadros)
2003 - 2004   Veil, The New Art Gallery Walsall touring to Bluecoat Arts Centre and Open Eye
2003 - 2004   Gallery Liverpool Modern Art Oxford and Kulturhuset Stockholm*
2003   Veil: Veiling, Representation and Contemporary Art, The New Art Gallery, Walsall
2003   Bluecoat Gallery and Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool (curated by Jananne Al-Ani, David A. Bailey, Zineb Sedira and Gilane Tawadros)
2003   The New Scheherazades, Centre de Cultura Contemporania de barcelona touring to Museum d’Histoire Naturelle de Lyon
2003   DisOrientation, Haus Der Kulteren Der Welt, Berlin. Curated by Jack Persekian
2003   Love Affairs, IFA-Galerie, Stuttgart touring to Bonn and Berlin
2003   Alethia: the Real of Concealment, Göteborgs Konstmuseum, Gothenburg
2002   Musee Reattu, Les Rencontres de la Photographie Arles, (solo)
2002   Dryphoto Art Contemporanea, Prato Part of Toscana Fotographia 2002, (solo)
2002   Sans commune mesure:Image et Texte Dans l’Art Actuel, Musee D’Art Moderne Lille Metropole, Lille
2002   Biennale di fotografia, Prato and Florence (exhibiting at Dryphoto arte contemporanea, Prato)
2002   Fair Play, De Nouvelles Regles du Jeu, Fondation d'art contemporain Daniel & Florence Guerlain, Les Mesnuls, France
2002   Elsewhere, WBD Galerie, Berlin
2002   Curio, Hanbury Street, London
2002   The John Kobal Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London (curated by Alana Jelinek)
2002   Fair Play, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham (curated by Jananne Al-Ani & Frances Kearney)
2002   The Body as Territory, exhibition curated by Michket Krifa for ‘Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie, Arles, France
2002   Identinet, commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella in collaboration with the Arts Council of England and Channel 4 Television (www.identinet.net)
2001 - 2002   Fair Play, Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art London touring to Angel Row Gallery Nottingham
2001   essor gallery, London
2001   Fair Play, Curated by Jananne Al-Ani & Frances Kearney in association with Danielle Arnaud, London
2001   Entomology Vandal, Cover Up, London
2001   Tweener, Norwich Art Gallery, Norwich
2001   EV+A 2001-Expanded, Limerick City Gallery of Art, Limerick. Curated by Salah Hassan
2000 - 2001   Attitude: A History of Posing, Victoria and Albert Museum, London
2000 - 2001   In Memoriam, The New Art Gallery, Walsall
2000 - 2001   Look Out - Art Society Politics, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Wolverhampton
2000 - 2001   Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool; Pitshanger Manor Gallery, London
2000 - 2001   Wolsey Art Gallery; Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich
2000   Ekbatana?, Nikolaj Contemporary Art Centre, Copenhagen
2000   East International, Norwich Art Gallery, Norwich
2000   Strokes of Genius – Contemporary Iraqi Art, Brunei Gallery, London
2000   Attitude: A History of Posing, Victoria and Albert Museum, London
2000   In Memoriam, The New Art Gallery, Walsall
2000   Look Out: Art Society Politics, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Wolverhampton touring to Pitshanger Manor Gallery, London. Curated by Peter Kennard and Cynthia Morrison Bell
1999   Dialogue of the Present, Brunei Gallery, London touring to Hot Bath Gallery, Bath and Plymouth Arts Centre
1999   Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, (solo)
1999   Imperial War Museum, London, (solo)
1998   Margaret Harvey Gallery, St Albans, (solo)
1998   Shoreditch Biennale, Hoxton Square, London
1998   On Site, Lauderdale House, London
1998   Photofit, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool
1997   Modern Narrative, Artsway, Sway
1997   20/20, Kingsgate Gallery, London
1997   Ruch, GI Gallery, Zilona Gora, Poland
1997   Harriet Green Gallery, London, (solo)
1996 - 1997   The John Kobal Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London; The Royal Photographic Society, Bath; Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh; Midlands Art Centre, Birmingham
1996   Contemporary Art from the Collection, Imperial War Museum, London
1996   After Eden, An Ikon Gallery Project, Yoxall, Staffordshire
1996   The John Kobal Photographic Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London, touring to The Royal Photographic Society, Bath, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh and the Midlands Art Centre, Birmingham
1995   Natural Settings, The Chelsea Physic Garden, London (featured on the BBC programme The Art Marathon)
1995   The Punters Art Show, St. Columbs Park, Derry (featured on the BBC programme The Art Marathon)
1995   Art History Representation, The Concourse Gallery, London
1994   Who’s Looking at the Family?’, Barbican Art Gallery, London
1993   No More Heroes Anymore, The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
1993   Declarations of War: Contemporary Art from the Collection of the Imperial War Museum, Kettle’s Yard Gallery, Cambridge
1992   Fine Material for a Dream...? A Reappraisal of Orientalism, Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston; Ferens Museum and Art Gallery, Hull; Oldham Art Gallery, Oldham
1992   The Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
1991   Contact South Bank Photo Show, Royal Festival Hall, London
1991   Sign of the Times, Camerawork, London
1991   Guernica revisited: Artists response to the Gulf War, Kufa Gallery, London
1989 - 1990   The Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
1987   Women in View, Brixton Art Gallery, London
2006   "Without Boundary: Seventeen Ways of Looking", Museum of Modern Art
2005   "Jananne Al-Ani“, Film and Video Umbrella
2005   "The World is a Stage: Stories behind Pictures“, Mori Art Museum
2004   "The Showroom Annual 2003/4“, The Showroom, London
2004   Malik Okon, Rohini, "Performing Difference“, Artsadmin
2004   Kivland, Sharon and Sanderson, Lesley, "Transmission: Speaking & Listening Volume 3“, Sheffield Hallam University/Site Gallery
2004   Mattar, Philip, "Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa“, Thomson Gale
2004   Sandhu, Sukhdev, "Stranger Than Fiction“, Hayward Gallery Publishing, London
2004   O'Brien, David and Prochaska, David, "Beyond East and West: Seven Transnational Artists“, Krannert Art Museum
2003   "Veil: Veiling Representation and Contemporary Art“, Institute of international Visual Arts in association with Modern Art Oxford
2003   Tohme, Christine and Abu Rayyan, Mona, "Home Works“, Ashkal Alwan: The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts
2003   "DisOrientation“, Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt
2003   “Harem Fantasies and the New Scheherazades”, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
2003   Issa, Rose,"Love Affairs“, IFA-Galerie
2003   Moaven Doust, Dariush, "Alethia: the Real of Concealment“, Göteborgs Konstmuseum
2002   "John Kobal Photographic Portrait Award“, National Portrait Gallery, London
2002   "Les Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie“, Actes Sud
2001   Barrett, David, "Fair Play“, Danielle Arnaud Gallery
2001   O’Reilly, Paul M, "EV+A 2001: Expanded“, Gandon Editions
2001   Maysaloun, Faraj, "Strokes of Genius: Contemporary Iraqi Art“, Saqi Books
2000   "In Memoriam“, The New Art Gallery Walsall
2000   "Look Out: Art Society Politics“, Dpict Magazine
2000   Delin, Elisabeth, Hansen, Nikolaj, "Ekbatana?“, Contemporary Art Centre
1999   Lloyd, Fran, "Dialogue of the Present“, Women's Art Library
1998   Lawton,T. and Lentz T. W. "Beyond the Legacy“, Smithsonian Institution
1997   Williams, Val, "Modern Narrative“, Artsway
1997   Raftery, Alison, "Opening Lines“, London Arts Board
1996   "John Kobal Photographic Portrait Award“, Zelda Cheatle Press
1994   Williams Val, "Who’s Looking at the Family?“, Barbican Art Gallery
1992   Emma Anderson Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Manchester
1992   Fine Material for a Dream...? A Reappraisal of Orientalism

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