Jean-Michel FRANK was born in Paris. He belonged to a wealthy Jewish family from Germany that had been living in France since 1880.
Completed his elementary and secondary studies at the Lycée Janson de Sailly.
Began to study law
Loses his two brothers during the First World War. Worried about his situation, his father commits a suicide.
Having been confined since, his mother dies. He inherits a small fortune which helps him enter the Parisian life.
1919 – 1925
Jean-Michel FRANK travels through out the world, evolving in the artistic and social circles of that time. He befriends the Surrealists and specifically the “Group of six”.
He meets the Chilean Eugenia Errazuriz.
Jean-Michel FRANK contacts a Parisian interior decorator, Adolphe CHANAUX, a former student of Groult and Ruhlmann, for the interior decoration of his apartment on Rue de Verneuil. After that, Jean-Michel FRANK and Adolphe CHANAUX decide to become associate in 1931. They establish themselves in the old Groult studios, at “La Ruche”, Rue de Montaubaun.
Inauguration of this new collaboration and of the “Ligne Jean-Michel FRANK” with the opening of the Gallery Jean-Michel FRANK at 140 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore.
1939 – 1940
Jean-Michel FRANK leaves France for South America and the United States where he lives in New-York. Through the recognition of his clients and friends, Jean-Michel FRANK continues his activities and teaches at the New-York School of Fine and Applied Arts.In despair nevertheless over his condition as an émigré Jewish artist of German background, Jean-Michel FRANK fell to his death by throwing himself through the window of a New-York building in 1941.