John Cage  (American, 1912-1992) 

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NEW THIS MONTH IN U.S. MUSEUMS. “Posters of Paris,” “Made in L.A.,” Jasper John prints, Ellsworth Kelly plants, George Bellows, “Visions of Arcadia,” David Shrigley, Josiah McElheny, Amanda Ross-Ho, “Signs and Symbols,” Richard Diebenkorn, more., 06/01/2012
Philadelphia Museum of Art ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA by Emily Nathan. Sol LeWitt, "Gauguin, Cezanne, Matisse," Winslow Homer, Duchamp's Large Glass and more at the Philadelphia Museum of Art., 05/11/2012
Ceramics in L.A. FEATS OF CLAY by Hunter Drohojowska-Philp. Tempests about teapots? The real story of avant-garde Los Angeles ceramics, via two exhibitions sponsored by the Getty’s PST initiative., 03/27/2012
Charles Atlas MAPPING NEW TERRITORY by Elisabeth Kley. Dancing, morphing numbers from Charles Atlas inaugurate Luhring Augustine's new Bushwick space., 02/27/2012
John Cage CAGED IN 2012 by Charlie Finch. Charlie Finch ponders the legacy of pioneering composer John Cage on the centennial of his birth., 01/31/2012
Beach Boys FADED SMILE by Charlie Finch. The Beach Boys Smile Sessions, the greatest rock album never released, now available in all its originality., 11/07/2011
Art contemporain et Côte d’Azur. La riviera de l'art contemporain : une histoire sans fin. Par Romaric Gergorin., 08/22/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Dublin Contemporary, ShContemporary 2011, Art Beat Istanbul, 12th Istanbul Biennial, 15th Art Moscow, Moscow Biennale, the Joburg Art Fair and the Houston Fine Art Fair., 08/04/2011
Fluxus at 50 GRAVITAS FOR PRANKSTERS by Michèle C. Cone. "Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life," now at the Hood Museum of Art, coming to the Grey Art Gallery at NYU., 07/29/2011
Nécrologie de Cy Twombly dont le décès survient au moment où sa dernière exposition débute. Cy Twombly sort de son corps. Par Alain Dreyfus., 07/07/2011
Jan Frank ABSTRACT EROTICS by Adrian Dannatt. Serendipity and shape in new works by Jan Frank at Paul Kasmin Gallery., 05/25/2011
Kenneth Noland ESCAPE FROM MEANING by Charlie Finch. The classic Noland paintings at Mitchell-Innes & Nash are sublime., 04/04/2011
WYNN'S GENIUS by Charlie Finch. "Drawn / Taped / Burned," a show of abstract works on paper from the collection of Wynn Kramarsky., 01/24/2011
NOSHING WITH KNOWLES by Emily Nathan. Alison Knowles performs her Identical Lunch at the Museum of Modern Art, 01/21/2011
Belleville sans Biennale. Par Joël Riff. Itinéraire d’expositions dans les galeries d’art contemporain bellevilloises., 12/17/2010
LES CENT ANS DE L’ÂNE ARTISTE. Par Werner Spies. Le tableau du « peintre » Boronali : une réaction à double tranchant face aux avant-gardes., 09/30/2010
LE CORPS DE TOUS LES ARTS. Par Alain Dreyfus. Trisha Brown, Bruce Nauman, Olivier Mosset, une triple exposition au MAC Lyon., 09/22/2010
SUMMER READING by James Croak. Rethinking Curating, Thomas McEvilley on Marina Abramovic & Ulay, and Joachim Brohm’s photos of Ohio., 08/19/2010
MARK BRUSSE : L’INSTALLATION SENTIMENTALE. par Alexandre Devaux. Exposition rétrospective de Mark Brusse au LAAC de Dunkerque., 08/19/2010
ARTNET NEWS. Tax break for museum directors, Chelsea Museum in crisis, Bronzino in Florence, Hirst wheel covers, more., 08/16/2010
>IT’S A SAD, SAD WORLD by Walter Robinson. "Haunted" at the Guggenheim Museum., 04/02/2010
Abdi, the sweet 28yo Penna art student who says 'dang' and 'shoot' had won Bravo's Work of Art game show., 03/25/2010
MAGAZINE RACK by Grant Mandarino. February issues of Artforum, Art in America, The New Criterion and Flash Art., 02/23/2010
CAGEY by Charlie Finch. Sterling Ruby’s "2Traps" and the cage esthetic., 02/08/2010
TEN STORIES FOR 2009. A year-end Top Ten list, John Cage-style., 12/28/2009
L'art seul me voit. Romaric Gergorin. Le Passage de Retz propose une très rafraichissante exposition Fluxus ou l'iconoclasme et l'insolence se dispute à la provocation la plus directe pour défendre un principe très simple : tout individu est en soi une ouvre d'art., 08/03/2009
BITTERSWEET CACOPHONY by Ben Davis. Bruce Nauman’s vile, refreshing art., 06/18/2009
Asia on My Mind by Donald Kuspit. "The Third Mind: American Artists Contemplate Asia, 1860-1989" at the Guggenheim Museum., 04/09/2009
Asia on My Mind by Donald Kuspit. "The Third Mind: American Artists Contemplate Asia, 1860-1989" at the Guggenheim Museum., 04/09/2009
John Giorno : poète killer. Jean Philippe Renoult. John Giorno, poète post beat, passeur et égérie de l'underground New-Yorkais depuis qu'il fut repéré par Andy Warhol et qu'il fut immortalisé dans son film Sleep au début des années soixante., 01/22/2009
ARTNET NEWS. KAWS and Kanye, the political art of David Caruso, "Fortis Art Bank" in Asia, Bush wall text under fire, more., 01/13/2009
Œuvres Sonores à Beaubourg. Jean-Philippe Renoult. Le centre Pompidou propose dans le cadre du cycle « vidéo et après » un nouveau rendez-vous trimestriel, intitulé Œuvres Sonores., 12/15/2008
ARTNET NEWS. Art Basel Miami Beach online, NEA surveys women in the arts, Abu Dhabi goes it alone at the Venice Biennale, Turner Prize to Mark Leckey, more, 12/04/2008
Belt-tightening at museums, Taubman museum to open in Virginia, soldier billboards go up, Rockefeller residencies, more., 10/16/2008
PUERTO RICAN SUN by Pedro Vélez. The FAS 08 Sound Art Fair in San Juan., 09/30/2008
FIRE AND ICE by Ben Davis. Sexual dysfunction and environmental consciousness at the Reykjavik Arts Festival in Iceland., 05/23/2008
HAPPENING NOW by Hunter Drohojowska-Philp. An exposition, not an exhibition, about Allan Kaprow in L.A. Plus, Lawrence Weiner., 05/14/2008
Artist in Residence by Jerry Saltz. When Guy Ben-Ner goes to Ikea, he’s not there for the meatballs., 01/03/2008
ARTNET NEWS. A €43.3 billion art market. Plus, the Met’s first blog, more holiday gifts, Dubai antiques fair, more., 12/18/2007
BIENNALE WITHOUT BARRIERS by Lavinia Filippi. An interview with Robert Storr, director of the international exhibition at the 52nd Venice Biennale, 06/29/2007
LOST IN SPACE by Walter Robinson. Documenta 12 roams the globe and finds. . . what?, 06/15/2007
WHATEVER HAPPENED TO DAVID ROCKEFELLER? by Charlie Finch. Mark Rothko’s White Center (1950) hits the auction block., 05/04/2007
ARTNET NEWS., 04/03/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Robert Storr’s African "Check List," Kelly Sherman takes Foster Prize, Ryan Humphrey on Top Design, more., 03/06/2007
THE WINDY APPLE by Abraham Orden. Jay Heikes, Josh Smith, Gavin Turk, Mel Bochner, Philip Vanderhyden, Matt Stole, Leslie Baum, Melanie Schiff, Deb Sokolow and Mitzi Pederson., 01/24/2007
RAKE’S PROGRESS by Lewis Kachur. "Beyond the White Cube: A Retrospective of Brian O’Doherty / Patrick Ireland.", 12/05/2006
ARTNET NEWS. Galerie Sfeir-Semler in Beirut. Plus, lots of blocks from Herzog & de Meuron, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Hillary at the Museum of Sex, more., 07/27/2006
WEEKEND UPDATE by Walter Robinson. Zidane: A 21st-Century Portrait, Chris Moukarbel, Joe Scanlan, William Anastasi, Munro Galloway, more., 07/18/2006
A CRITICAL HISTORY OF 20TH-CENTURY ART by Donald Kuspit. Chapter 5: From Abstract Expressionism to Expressionistic Symbolism, via Pollock, Gorky and de Kooning, 06/27/2006

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