Joseph Beuys  (German, 1921-1986) 

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Summer Reading BODY AND SOIL by James Croak. Four new books on the new ecological outlook of Earthworks, Land Art and, well dirt., 06/18/2012
>Art Market Watch SPEED! MONEY AND THE GLOBAL ART MARKET by Piroschka Dossi. As money transforms the global art market, it robs art of its greatest values and the leisure to appreciate them., 05/29/2012
ARTNET NEWS. Fireworks at Art Panel, 05/08/2012
ARTNET NEWS. Saltz,Thaddaeus Ropac Opens Monumental Space, 05/08/2012
Les maîtres du désordre au musée du quai Branly, 05/07/2012
Bulletin from Beijing ART IN CHINA: PUBLIC & PRIVATE by Barbara Pollack. From the huge Minsheng Bank to the ambitious new government-funded Shanghai Biennial, with James Elaine’s new Telescope Space in between., 04/24/2012
Art Cologne : compte-rendu, film et texte, de l’ouverture du salon international d’art contemporain, 04/19/2012
RIP THOMAS KINKADE by Jerry Saltz. Jerry Saltz on the passing of Thomas Kinkade, the self-described, 04/11/2012
Vidéo-vintage 1963-1983, au Centre Pompidou, Paris, 03/27/2012
Adel Abdessemed STRIKE LIKE A BUTCHER WITHOUT HATE by Emily Nathan. The Algerian-born, Paris-based artist Adel Abdessemed debuts a striking new body of work at David Zwirner gallery., 02/24/2012
Klara Lidén AFTER-CHRISTMAS INVENTORY by Jerry Saltz. Klara Lidén channels the poignancy of discarded streetside trees in her exhibition at Reena Spaulings Fine Art., 02/13/2012
Arte Fiera 2012 DOWN BUT NOT OUT by Mark Kostabi. This time around, Arte Fiera in Bologna was better for the flaneurs than the dealers., 02/08/2012
Rico Gatson BEAUTY AND RAGE by Elisabeth Kley. A 15-year survey of the “formal conflagrations” of New York artist Rico Gatson at Exit Art in New York., 10/12/2011
Les chefs de file de l’école picturale contemporaine allemande à Paris. par Alain Dreyfus., 10/09/2011
Matthew Barney IMPORTED FROM DETROIT by Jerry Saltz. Matthew Barney’s epically mystic Egypto-industrial detritus sculpture, now on view at Gladstone Gallery, inspires and transports., 10/05/2011
Dublin Contemporary DUBLIN DIARY by Ciarán Bennett. A brief history of the Dublin Contemporary, Ireland's new festival of contemporary art., 09/07/2011
Art Market Watch ARTIST EPHEMERA. For the most avid collector, signed artworks and other items that were an intimate part of artists’ lives., 08/24/2011
Artist Interview STRANGE DAYS: AN INTERVIEW WITH CIPRIAN MUREŞAN by Emily Nathan. In his first New York solo show, iconoclastic Romanian artist Ciprian Mureşan offers a fresh, ironic vision of life in the post-Soviet East., 07/20/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Artists’ Magazines Get Scholarly, 05/24/2011
WÜRTHLE : PILIER DE L’ART À BERLIN. Par Gina Kehayoff. Exposition à Paris, chez Suzanne Tarasieve, d’une sélection des œuvres du Paris Bar, un lieu culte de Berlin., 02/22/2011
SECRETS OF SUCCESS by Donald Kuspit. Paradoxes and problems of the reproduction and commodification of art in the age of the capitalist spectacle., 02/09/2011
DROLL ABSTRACTION by Hunter Drohojowska-Philp. The Postminimalist Minimalism of the late German Pop abstractionist Blinky Palermo, 12/28/2010
KLEEMATION by Charlie Finch. Singing the praises of an undervalued 20th-century master., 12/22/2010
BEYOND THE "ART WORLD" by Ben Davis. Where art begins., 11/19/2010
STEVE MARTIN, NOVELIST by James Croak. Steve Martin, An Object of Beauty (Grand Central Publishing, 2010), 304 pp, $26.99., 11/16/2010
ART MARKET WATCH by Chris Bors. Who’s hot, who’s not, at the contemporary art sales in London, 10/18/2010
>JUDGE JERRY by Jerry Saltz. How the reality show Work of Art changed me as a critic, for bad and for good., 09/22/2010
>HOPPER’S BIG SHOW by Tiff Chalmers. "Dennis Hopper Double Standard" opens at Los Angeles MOCA., 07/12/2010
Christian Marclay, "Performative Actions," Norman Rockwell, Brion Gysin, Dennis Hopper, Charles Ledray, "Matisse 1913-1917," Thomas Eakins, more, 07/01/2010
JOHN GIORNO LIVE by Elisabeth Kley. The celebrated New York poet does his first gallery installation in Manhattan., 06/09/2010
DUST TO DUST by Matthew Bown. What we pay for art, what it means, and where that value comes from., 05/25/2010
>LET’S RECONSIDER by Jerry Saltz. Finding something to like in the work of Marlene Dumas., 04/19/2010
ARTNET NEWS. Art teacher pioneers "electronic civil disobedience." Plus, "Blasphemous" in Dublin, Avalanche facsimile, Ohio Op, more., 04/13/2010
ARTNET NEWS. King Tut at Discovery Times Square Exposition, Damien Hirst in Monaco, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer cancelled, 03/23/2010
>REMEBERING DIA by Jerry Saltz. The end of an era., 03/17/2010
POUND FOR POUND by Charlie Finch. Remembering Omar Shakespear Pound, putative son of poet Ezra Pound., 03/17/2010
Art 42 Basel BASELMANIA 2011 by Hunter Drohojowska-Philp. Ashley Bickerton, Birkin bags, John Baldessari, Italian collectors, Pace London, Sterling Ruby, Craig Kauffman, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, more., 03/16/2010
ARTNET NEWS. Cy Twombly’s does the Louvre, Dale Chihuly’s "stuff" museum, lost penis sculpture makes news, more., 03/12/2010
DIARY OF AN ART STAR by Reverend Jen. A tale of two biennials, the Whitney’s "2010" and the Bruce High Quality Foundation "Miseducation.", 03/11/2010
MAGAZINE RACK by Grant Mandarino. March issues of Art in America, ARTnews, Artforum and Art Review, 02/23/2010
SECRET POWERS An interview by David Coggins. Taking obsession to logical, or illogical, limits., 01/15/2010
MAGAZINE RACK by Grant Mandarino. December issues of Artforum, ARTnews, Art in America and Art Monthly, 12/18/2009
HAS ART JUMPED THE SHARK? by Charlie Finch. Signs point to yes., 12/08/2009
Le château de Veilhan. Alain Dreyfus. Le plasticien Xavier Veilhan succède à l'américain Jeff Koons au château de Versailles., 09/15/2009
L'art seul me voit. Romaric Gergorin. Le Passage de Retz propose une très rafraichissante exposition Fluxus ou l'iconoclasme et l'insolence se dispute à la provocation la plus directe pour défendre un principe très simple : tout individu est en soi une ouvre d'art., 08/03/2009
Richard Fauguet : Ni vu, ni connu. Carine Soyer. Pas vu, pas pris est le titre de la première exposition personnelle dans une institution parisienne de l'artiste Richard Fauguet, né en 1963, vivant et travaillant à Châteauroux., 07/30/2009
Attention à Lamarche ! Alain Dreyfus. Bernard Lamarche-Vadel apporte à la sphère artistique et littéraire, disons à la culture française, une grâce dont le Musée d’art moderne de la Ville de Paris peut être fier de diffuser quelques émanations., 06/18/2009
BEAUTY, PHOOEY by Aaron Rosen. Kim Dorland’s nature paintings take a dim view of nature., 06/17/2009
ARTNET DE DIGEST by Kimberly Bradley. Berlin Gallery Weekend, Georg Herold, Robert Elfgen, Zbigniew Rogalski, Attila Csörgö, Stella Hamberg, more., 06/02/2009
ARTNET NEWS. More on the Venice Biennale, American Surrealist Leon Kelly rediscovered, Persia from the air, more., 04/02/2009

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