Philip Guston  (American, 1913-1980) 

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Charles McGill THE GOLF WAR by Walter Robinson. At the Phatory in the East Village, Charles McGill takes the art of golf and uncovers its outlaw underpinnings., 05/18/2012
Rosenblum & Seltzer TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE by Elisabeth Kley. A perfectly coordinated, perfectly kitsch and perfectly repulsive tango of absurdity from Theo A. Rosenblum and Chelsea Seltzer at The Hole., 12/20/2011
Art Market Watch A GOOD $71.2 MILLION AT PHILLIPS DE PURY by Rachel Corbett. Phillips de Pury contemporary art evening sale pushes into the big leagues -- and raises $2.7 mil for the Guggenheim Museum., 11/08/2011
Art Market Watch ARTIST EPHEMERA. For the most avid collector, signed artworks and other items that were an intimate part of artists’ lives., 08/24/2011
Femme Power GENDER ON CANVAS by Elizabeth Kley. Gender-bending creativity runs amok in a three-artist exhibition curated by Rhizome executive director Lauren Cornell., 07/11/2011
Très belle exposition d’œuvres sur papier à voir cet été au Centre Pompidou. Acquisitions récentes : cabinet d'art graphique du Centre Pompidou. Par Pierre Deschodt., 07/11/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Stanford Gets Anderson Collection, 06/15/2011
Art Market Watch RETURN OF THE RICH Christie's New York does a triumphant $301 million at its contemporary art sale, 05/12/2011
>ASK AN ART CRITIC by Jerry Saltz. All about George Condo, online art fairs, and what abstraction really is., 02/14/2011
THE VIP ART FAIR: INTERNET DATING? by Kenny Schachter. A London art dealer -- now specializing in Impressionists and moderns -- takes a look at the cyber-art-fair., 01/26/2011
ART GALLERY AMBLE by Robert G. Edelman. Damien Hirst, Neil Jenney, Enoch Perez, Jenny Holzer, Judith Bernstein, Jasper Johns, 12/10/2010
>THE OLD IS NEW AGAIN by Jerry Saltz. Paintings you can’t miss at MoMA’s historic Abstract Expressionism show., 11/17/2010
A GRAND TOUR by Jerry Saltz. My favorite paintings in New York, in no particular order., 08/09/2010
>Joan Mitchell A LITTLE RICH GIRL WHO PAINTED SPECTACULAR PICTURES by Michèle C. Cone. A new biography of Abstract Expressionist painter Joan Mitchell is both scholarly and sensationalistic., 06/21/2010
THE DAWN OF THE ROMANTIC by N.F. Karlins. British painter Richard Wilson paved the way for Constable and Turner., 06/10/2010
Close it, sell it, MAKE SOmeTHING new by Pedro Vélez. Art Chicago has become the Nick Nolte of art fairs., 05/12/2010
ARTNET NEWS. Art teacher pioneers "electronic civil disobedience." Plus, "Blasphemous" in Dublin, Avalanche facsimile, Ohio Op, more., 04/13/2010
ARTNET NEWS. Toss your art, new art fairs in New York, Nittve needs a job, more., 01/28/2010
Through History to Authenticity: John Millei’s Paintings by Donald Kuspit., 01/14/2010
Andy Warhol’s Polaroids, Jane Austen’s stuff, Bruce Nauman’s Venice works,, 01/05/2010
Andy Warhol’s Polaroids, Jane Austen’s stuff, Bruce Nauman’s Venice works,, 01/05/2010
>GOOD OLD BOYS by Alexandra Anderson-Spivy. Richard Serra, Dan Flavin, Red Grooms, Philip Pearlstein and Al Held, 12/15/2009
GUSTON’S FINGER PUPPETS by Charlie Finch. Philip Guston’s "Small Oils on Panel, 1969-1973"  at McKee Gallery, 12/07/2009
FLESH PERSPECTIVE by Sidney Lawrence., 07/29/2009
THE HEATHER WILCOXON STORY by Richard Polsky. Making art the old-fashioned bohemian way., 06/04/2009
REPORT FROM MILWAUKEE by Pedro Vélez. Jefferson Pinder and Dennis Balk at Inova, the Green Gallery East and West, Jan Lievens, more., 06/03/2009
ART MARKET WATCH. American art sales in New York, plus more on the spring contemporary art auctions., 05/21/2009
ROBERTA ON YOUTUBE by Charlie Finch. The celebrated New York Times art critic tells all., 12/03/2008
Eleanor Heartney: Kunst und Gegenwart von Daniel Kletke. Nicht chronologisch, sondern thematisch führt Eleanor Heartney durch die letzten drei Jahrzehnte Kunstproduktion. Unser Rezensent Daniel Kletke findet das ebenso riskant wie reizvoll., 11/26/2008
ART MARKET WATCH. Sotheby’s contemporary does $125 million., 11/12/2008
GOTHAM ART AND THEATER by Elisabeth Kley. Nathalie Djurberg, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Joyce Pensato, Nayland Blake, Lily Ludlow and Allen Cordell, Josef Strau., 10/28/2008
MAKE LOVE NOT WAR by Charlie Finch. Gargoylish paintings by Damon Johnson, moody photos by Sebastian Mlynarski., 10/08/2008
MAKE LOVE NOT WAR by Charlie Finch. Gargoylish paintings by Damon Johnson, moody photos by Sebastian Mlynarski., 10/08/2008
LOVE AND LOSS by Charlie Finch. A review of Peter Schjeldahl’s new collection of art criticism, Let’s See., 08/15/2008
LOVE AND LOSS by Charlie Finch. A review of Peter Schjeldahl’s new collection of art criticism, Let’s See., 08/15/2008
SUMMER SOCIAL by N.K. Karlins. Political art in "Competing Ideologies" at D. Wigmore Fine Art. Plus, "Philip Guston: Works on Paper.", 08/14/2008
ARTNET NEWS. New Museum Triennial, Andres Serrano "Shit" photos, Murakami sues, MC de Pury, more., 07/15/2008
ARTNET NEWS. $1 million in sales on Artnet auctions. Plus, artists in the "vomit comet," haircuts for peace, and Bruce Conner, RIP., 07/08/2008
WEEKEND UPDATE by Walter Robinson. Larry Fink, Leopoldo Maler, Leonid Lerman, Charles Matton, Edith Maybin, Danny Lyon, Luigi Benedicenti, more., 07/02/2008
AN ART MUTUAL FUND by Richard Polsky. The Los Angeles dealer and author of I Bought Andy Warhol sets up his own "art mutual fund.", 05/29/2008
Mark Leckey im Kölnischen Kunstverein von Ludwig Seyfarth. Mark Leckey ist ein Informationssammler der Popkultur. Derzeit ist der Kölnische Kunstverein seine Wohnung, die er mit seiner Welt im Kopf möbliert., 05/06/2008
THE NEW YORK CANON by Jerry Saltz. Thirty years of highs and lows in the New York art world., 04/23/2008
WAR AND SEX by Michèle C. Cone. Patriotism, propaganda and passion at Exit Art, 12/27/2007
A LOST OPPORTUNITY by Charlie Finch. Martin Puryear at the Museum of Modern Art, 10/23/2007
ART MARKET GUIDE 2007 by Richard Polsky. A look at the art market, October 2007., 10/10/2007
BACK FROM THE BRINK by Jerry Saltz. MoMA relives painting’s postwar near-death experience., 09/18/2007
ARTNET NEWS. SeaFair hits the waves, Park Avenue Armory overhaul, New Museum at Bloomies, artist’s pensions in Dubai, more., 09/06/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Artists protest anti-filming rules in New York. Plus, Jews and carousels, art and sneakers, getting a brain, drawing the moon, more., 07/25/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Stuffed camel in court, Aldrich offers free beer, Marx collection to Hammer, more., 07/10/2007
ART MARKET WATCH. Christie's $384.6 million contemporary sale., 05/17/2007

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