Rirkrit Tiravanija  (Thai, 1961) 


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Books ART AND MONEY; MONEY AND ART by Emily Nathan. According to author Martha Buskirk in, 06/04/2012
Frieze New York CRITICS & THE FAIRPOCALYPSE by Pedro Vélez. Art critics complain about the marriage of art and money, but can you find them on the picket line?, 05/11/2012
Frieze New York 2012 MOVING IN AND MOVING UP. Why the Frieze Art Fair could solve the New York art fair problem., 05/08/2012
Artnet Design DESIGN AT NADA NEW YORK by Brook S. Mason. Finds at Cumulus Studios, Anat Egbi’s Company, Thomas Duncan Gallery, Galerie Jacky Strenz, New Galerie from Paris, and the Artis Shuk., 05/07/2012
ARTNET NEWS. Berlin Gallery Weekend 2012, 04/27/2012
Artnet Design TEN QUESTIONS FOR CRAIG ROBINS by Brook S. Mason. The Miami Design District tycoon discusses his ever-growing art neighborhood and setting his sights further., 12/16/2011
"Living as Form" ART & POLITICS, 2011. An Interview with Creative Time curator Nato Thompson, 09/26/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Artists Cook Lunch for "Time/Food", 09/19/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Tamales and Pecans by Jennifer Rubell, 08/25/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Rirkrit Tiravanija's Protest-Parade in L.A., 07/19/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Old Master art fair debuts, a Warhol tribute album, Stephen Powers at Ogilvy & Mather, White Cube Hong Kong, Rirkrit Tiravanija parades L.A., Gray at the New Museum, more, 07/19/2011
Help Jerry Saltz BUILD AN ART FAMILY TREE by Jerry Saltz. Jerry Saltz compiles a quick, unverified list of artists who have worked for other artists -- and requests your help to fill it out., 07/05/2011
ARTNET NEWS. No End to Gugg Boycott, 06/06/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Festival of Ideas for the New City, 05/06/2011
Chris Marker STOP STARING by Joe Fyfe. In a two-gallery show, the 90-year-old French photographer contemplates women's "built in grain of indestructibility.", 05/04/2011
Larry Gagosian NOT FOR THE WEAK OF ART. by Emily Nathan. Wall Street Journal ace reporter Kelly Crow profiles the fearsome superdealer Larry Gagosian., 04/03/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Guggenheim protestors are "jeopardizing" the project. Plus, fashion in the Middle Ages, SeaFair is back, and how to sneak into a museum., 03/24/2011
Relational Esthetics: THANKS FOR THE RIDE, GAVIN! by Jerry Saltz. How a joyride in Gavin Brown’s Volvo Became Art., 03/22/2011
ASK AN ART CRITIC by Jerry Saltz. Critic Jerry Saltz on art fairs, Rirkrit Tiravanija, and the advisability of traveling to Boston (don't do it)., 03/15/2011
Le radeau de la Méduse. Par Carine Soyer. L’artiste contemporain thaïlandais Rirkrit Tiravanija expose à la galerie Chantal Crousel., 06/10/2010
ARTNET NEWS. "Tim Burton," Man Ray Award to Cindy Sherman, Pinta 2009, and Jarvis Cocker, 11/17/2009
Philippe Parreno : l'art du spectacle non spectaculaire. Cyril Thomas. Il ne reste que quelques jours au public pour venir se confronter à l'ouvre de Philippe Parreno, une éminence de l'art actuel, au Centre Pompidou., 08/27/2009
Les très riches heures de la création contemporaine. A Bâle ! Cyril Thomas. 40e édition pour la foire de Bâle qui reste sans aucun doute la plus grande foire internationale du marché de l'art avec en plus de 2500 artistes exposés jusqu'au 14 juin., 06/11/2009
ARTNET NEWS. Venice Biennale lineup, Art school highjinks in Philly, Manchester Festival, protest at the Havana Bienal, David Lynch’s Twitter buddies, more.re., 03/31/2009
The Recession Biennale by Lavinia Filippi. An interview with Venice Biennale exhibition director Daniel Birnbaum., 03/30/2009
NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM by Jerry Saltz. No sex at the Guggenhiem Museum., 11/17/2008
SPACE CADETS by Walter Robinson. "Theanyspacewhatever" at the Guggenheim Museum., 10/24/2008
ARTNET NEWS. The International Art + Design Fair, Obama art benefits, bank troubles threaten museums, more., 09/30/2008
ARTNET NEWS. Artists for Obama, "Buy My ShitPile," Lazarides in NYC, L&M in L.A., more., 09/25/2008
Tobias Rehberger bei neugerriemschneider, Berlin von Hans-Jürgen Hafner. Tobias Rehbergers Kunst ist zum historischen Fall geworden. Gerade deshalb aber erscheint sie heute schon wieder funktional., 09/17/2008
Rikrit Tiravanija bei neugerriemschneider - art berlin contemporary 2008 auf artnet Magazine, 09/04/2008
Rikrit Tiravanija bei neugerriemschneider - art berlin contemporary 2008 auf artnet Magazine, 09/04/2008
Rikrit Tiravanija bei neugerriemschneider - art berlin contemporary 2008 auf artnet Magazine, 09/04/2008
Rikrit Tiravanija bei neugerriemschneider - art berlin contemporary 2008 auf artnet Magazine, 09/04/2008
ARTNET NEWS. New Museum Triennial, Andres Serrano "Shit" photos, Murakami sues, MC de Pury, more., 07/15/2008
BASEL ART BLOW-OUT. "Art Unlimited," Art 39 Basel, Design Miami Basel, Volta, Scope, Liste, Bâlelatina, Print Basel, more., 05/30/2008
BASEL ART BLOW-OUT - "Art Unlimited," Art 39 Basel, Design Miami Basel, Volta, Scope, Liste, Bâlelatina, Print Basel, more., 05/30/2008
ELIZABETH II by Jerry Saltz. Elizabeth Peyton returns to life., 05/19/2008
ARTNET NEWS. Living art project aborted at MoMA, record Rothko to Qatar, Warhol’s "Pop politics," Gap meets art, more., 05/15/2008
ARTNET.DE DIGEST by Kimberly Bradley. The Gregor Schneider "dying" controversy, Jean Fabre in the Louvre, Berlin art-fair news., 04/30/2008
THE NEW YORK CANON by Jerry Saltz. Thirty years of highs and lows in the New York art world., 04/23/2008
ARTNET NEWS. Murakami’s new Vuitton store, Altoids Awards, art tours for Williamsburg and the L.E.S., Triple Candie to close (supposedly), more., 03/26/2008
ARTNET NEWS. Guggenheim lineup, Storefront for Art and Architecture franchises, lots of museum acquisitions, On Kawara in Texas, Philip Taaffe in Wolfsburg, more., 03/06/2008
ARTNET NEWS. Kiefer in the Louvre. Plus, Prospect.1 New Orleans, Los Angeles art fairs, Germans on the Bowery, "Many Cultures" at the Met, Folkestone Triennial, more., 01/24/2008
PECULIAR INSTITUTIONS by Charlie Finch. Remembering galleries of times past., 11/08/2007
POSERS AND ROCKERS by Pedro Velez. The Chicago MCA ventures a show on art and rock music., 11/05/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Chocolate Jesus, MoMA programs, RxArt Ball, more., 10/18/2007
SHCONSUMER SHCONFIDENCE by Summer Kumar. A promising start for ShContemporary, the new Shanghai art fair., 09/20/2007
ARTNET NEWS. More money for museum directors, kids collect, artists print money, more., 09/18/2007
In Schanghai eröffnet die Shcontemporary von Daghild Bartels. In Schanghai startet mit der Shcontemporary die erste internationale Messe für Gegenwartskunst in China., 09/13/2007

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