Salvador Dalí  (Spanish, 1904-1989) 

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Villes de Cocagnes. Par Joséphine le Gouvello. Exposition « Dreamlands » jusqu’au 9 août au Centre Pompidou., 05/21/2010
Top Museum Shows, June 2009: Dan Graham, Jules Dalou,, 06/02/2009
ART MARKET WATCH by Stewart Waltzer. Sotheby’s Impressionist and modern sale in New York, Nov. 3, 2008, 11/04/2008
ARTNET NEWS. Koons marketing in Chicago, Cattelan’s synagogue project, Fluxus architecture, more. Plus, Anne d’Harnoncourt, RIP., 06/04/2008
GOTHAM ART & THEATER by Elisabeth Kley. Jonathan Meese, Otto Muehl, Joan Mitchell, Gert & Uwe Tobias, David Altmejd, Rachel Feinstein, Delia Brown, Robert Hawkins., 05/27/2008
DR. STRANGE by Charlie Finch. Baird Jones, 1954-2008., 02/22/2008
Raúl deNieve und Delaine Le Bas bei Giti Nourbakhsch in Berlin von Astrid Mania. Was ähnlich ist, passt nicht immer zusammen. Eine Berliner Ausstellung zeigt, wie Kitsch und ernste Selbstbefragung einander unfreiwillig gleichen können., 02/11/2008
ARTNET DESIGN by Brook S. Mason. Marcus Tremonto, gallery bling, Robert M. Kulicke and Bessie Jamieson, Armand Rateau, Tony Duquette, more., 12/20/2007
ORWELL ON DALÍ by Charlie Finch. Is artistic freedom morally neutral?, 10/12/2007
ARTNET NEWS. SeaFair hits the waves, Park Avenue Armory overhaul, New Museum at Bloomies, artist’s pensions in Dubai, more., 09/06/2007
SURFING ARTNET. Sherrie Levine, Santa Fe, Warhol vs. Banksy, ACRIA benefit, more., 08/06/2007
CACCIA AL TESORO by Walter Robinson. The art-lover's "treasure hunt" during the Venice Biennale 2007., 06/11/2007
NOUS VOILA! by Walter Robinson. Montreal, Canada’s French "Sin City," is the country’s "art central.", 05/21/2007
ARTNET NEWS. 1,001 Chinese in Kassel, Dia and Hispanic Society team up, Beuys and Barney in Venice, more., 05/08/2007
ARTNET NEWS., 04/03/2007
ARTE AMA ARCO by Walter Robinson. The esthetics of shopping at the Spanish world’s top art fair., 03/09/2007
CAPITAL ROUNDUP by Sidney Lawrence. John Baldessari curates at the Hirshhorn. Plus, lots of action in D.C. galleries., 03/08/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Armory Show update. Plus, Warhol snowboards, China gets American art, more. And Dan Christensen, RIP., 01/25/2007
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WEEKEND UPDATE by Walter Robinson. Terence Koh, Kembra Pfahler, Bambi the Mermaid, Joe Ovelman, Tony Matelli, Paulina Olowska, Carrie Moyer, Robert Chambers, more., 01/22/2007
THE NEW YORK LIST. As the year rushes to a close, a few art-world issues and other things that linger on the mind this week., 12/15/2006
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ARTNET NEWS. Museum staff comings and goings. Plus, Pollock-Krasner grants, talking trash on Saatchi website, more., 09/07/2006
REFLECTED GLORY by Ben Davis. The tortured journey of James Lee Byars fills six galleries in New York., 06/15/2006
ARTNET NEWS. Sotheby’s buys Noortman, Grosse makes skateboards, shoplifting in Chelsea, more., 06/08/2006
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COLLECTING CELEBRITY ART by Baird Jones, 04/12/2006
A CRITICAL HISTORY OF 20TH-CENTURY ART by Donald Kuspit. Chapter 2, Part 3 -- Marcel Duchamp's invention of the readymade., 03/17/2006
Drollige Träume - von Friederike von Eckardstein - Lag es am späten Schnee? Die Zuschlagsquote der Dorotheums-Auktionen am 8. und 9. März war etwas frostig, doch auch erfreuliche Ergebnisse gibt es zu vermelden., 03/16/2006
News - Kalenderwoche 11 - 2006 - Im Kielwasser der ersten fine art fair frankfurt, verantwortet von Michael Neff, eröffnen in dieser Woche zahlreiche Ausstellungen in Frankfurt., 03/15/2006
WHO CAN FORGET ULTRA VIOLET? by Michèle C. Cone. The life and work of an Andy Warhol superstar., 02/28/2006
ART MARKET WATCH. London auction highlights for February, photos from the Metropolitan Museum at Sotheby's New York, more., 02/03/2006
ARCO AT 25 by Walter Robinson. More than 275 galleries from 35 countries at the celebrated Spanish art fair., 01/23/2006
REPORT FROM TOKYO by Kay Itoi. Tokyo galleries on the move (again!), 01/06/2006
ASK MARK KOSTABI by Mark Kostabi. Stimulate thought and your art will be bought., 01/19/2005

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