sean scully kind of red by sean scully

Sean Scully Kind of Red

11 juin 2014 ‐ 26 juil. 2014

Timothy Taylor Gallery
London, United Kingdom

Timothy Taylor Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of ambitious new paintings by Sean Scully. This is the artist’s eighth solo exhibition with the gallery...

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sean scully die radierungen studio by sean scully

Sean Scully Die Radierungen Studio

30 avr. 2013 ‐ 1 juin 2013

Galerie Boisserée, J. & W. Boisserée GmbH
Cologne, Germany

Sean Scully
Die Radierungen30.04.–01.06.2013
Zur Vorbesichtigung am Samstag, den 27. April 2013 zwischen 11 und 15 Uhr laden wir Sie und Ihre Freund...

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selected prints galerie bernd klüser by sean scully

Selected Prints Galerie Bernd Klüser

4 févr. 2011 ‐ 30 juil. 2011

Galerie Klüser
Munich, Germany

. Christo, Christian Boltanski, Isca Greenfield-Sanders, Jorinde Voigt, Juliao Sarmento, Sean Scully, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders SELECTED PRINTS February ...

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a summer fling three weeks only by sean scully

A Summer Fling Three Weeks Only

18 juin 2011 ‐ 9 juil. 2011

Leslie Sacks Fine Art
Los Angeles, CA USA

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