Tavares Strachan  (Bahamian, 1979) 


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Tavares Strachan Biographie
1979   Born in Nassau, The Bahamas
1996   National Seal of the Bahamas, Stamp Design
1998   Governor’s Award, The Governor General of the Bahamas
1999   Associates of Fine Arts, Painting. College of the Bahamas, Nassau, Bahamas
2000   Roots Junkanoo Group, Member
2000   Queen Elizabeth Arts/Poetry Award
2002   Liberal Arts Studies. Brown University, Providence RI
2003   BFA, Glass. Rhode Island School of Design, Providence RI
2003   Distinguished Student Award, RISD Glass
2006   MFA. Yale University, New Haven, CT
2006   Alice B. Kimball Fellowship
2007   Grand Arts Residency Fellowship
2008   Tiffany Foundation Grant
Expositions sélectionnées
2010   Other Than Beauty, Friedman Benda Gallery, New York, NY (June 1–July 30) (solo)
2010   The Orthostatic Tolerance: It Might Not Be Such A Bad Idea If I Never Went Home,
MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, MA (solo)
2010   The Orthostatic Tolerance: Launching into an Infinite Distance, Grand Arts, Kansas City, MO (solo)
2009   You Can Do Whatever You Like (Orthostatic Tolerance project), Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (solo)
2009   Inaugural Exhibition, The Boiler (Pierogi), Brooklyn, NY
2008   Pierogi et al, Daniel Weinberg Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA
2008   Inner and Outer Space, Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, PA (solo)
2008   Tavares Strachan, Pierogi, Leipzig, Germany (solo)
2008   A Hundred Years, Daniel Weinberg Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (solo)
2007   20th Anniversary: In the Fullness of Time, The Luggage Store, San Francisco, CA
2007   From the Fat of the Land: Alchemies, Ecologies, Attractions, Grand Arts, Kansas City, MO
2007   Block Party II: An Exhibition of Drawings, Daniel Weinberg Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA
2007   (Un)Natural Selection, Pierogi, Brooklyn, NY @
Connecticut Contemporary, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Hartford, CT
2007   New York: State of Mind, The House of World Cultures, Berlin, Germany. Curated by Shaheen Merali. Traveled to the Queens Museum
2006   Surveillances and Observations, PIEROGI Leipzig, Germany
2006   Factitious, PIEROGI Brooklyn, New York and Leipzig
2006   School Days, Jack Tilton Gallery, New York, NY
2006   Tavares Strachan, Pierogi 2000, Brooklyn, NY (solo)
2006   Tavares Strachan, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York, NY (solo)
2006   Where We Are Is Always Miles Away, The Luggage Store, San Francisco, CA (solo)
2006   The Distance Between What We Have and What We Want, Aubrey Sayle Primary School, Nassau, Bahamas (solo)
2005   SAFN Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland. Curated by Joe Amrhein and Petur Arason
2004   Nothing Compared to This, CAC Museum, Cincinnati, OH
2003   One on One, Pierogi, Brooklyn, NY
2003   Mine, Lombard Fried Fine arts, New York, NY
2002   Meiosis, Sol Gallery, Providence RI
2002   Perspectives, Woods Gerrry Gallery, Providence RI
2002   Caribbean Biennial, Museum of Modern Art, Santo Domingo
2001   Synergism, Pro Gallery, Nassau, Bahamas
2001   Glass Triennial, Woods Gerrry Gallery, Providence, RI
2001   Shattered Fractions, College Gallery, Nassau, Bahamas
2001   Synergism, Pro Gallery, Nassau Bahamas (solo)
2000   On The Edge of Time, Contemporary Art from the Carribbean, Washington DC
1999   Visual Dialogue, Group of works traveling through the Bahamas
“Post Independent Art,” Central Bank Gallery, Nassau, Bahamas
1999   Reactions, Central Bank Gallery, Nassau Bahamas (solo)
1998   Pro Gallery, Nassau Bahamas, Floyd's Fury (solo)
1998   Floyd’s Fury, Pro Gallery, Nassau, Bahamas
Selected Public Collections
  Central Bank, Nassau Bahamas
  Governor General’s Office, New Providence Bahamas
  Inter American Development Bank, Washington, DC
  Museo de Arte Moderno, Santa Domingo
  Nassau International Airport (Public Sculpture)
  Sir Linden Pindling’s Unity House, Nassau, Bahamas
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