Ye Yongqing  (Chinese, 1958) 


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Œuvres d’art mises en vente

Ye Yongqing, The Gong Fu Kid


Ye Yongqing
The Gong Fu Kid

Gallery J. Chen
Ye Yongqing, Red Earth Garden


Ye Yongqing
Red Earth Garden

Triumph Art Space
Ye Yongqing, Professor Dinosaur


Ye Yongqing
Professor Dinosaur

Gallery J. Chen
Ye Yongqing, Untitled


Ye Yongqing
ArtChina Gallery
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Ye Yongqing, 江南烟雨 (Misty rain in jiangnan)


Ye Yongqing
江南烟雨 (Misty rain in jiangnan), 2010
ink and color on paper


Détails du lot
Ye Yongqing, 赞哈的行列;夏天.失落的果实;及捡松果 (共三件) (Zanha in a row;summer·lost fruits;& picking deal apples) (3 works)


Ye Yongqing
赞哈的行列;夏天.失落的果实;及捡松果 (共三件) (Zanha in a row;summer·lost fruits;& picking deal apples) (3 works), 1987
oil on canvas


Détails du lot
Ye Yongqing, 无题 (Untitled)


Ye Yongqing
无题 (Untitled), 1988
oil on canvas


Détails du lot
1958   Born in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China
1982   Graduated from the Oil painting department, Sichuan academy of Fine arts, Chongqing, China
  Currently lives in Kunming, China
  Professor at the Sichuan Academy of Fine arts, Chongqing, China
2009   Ye Yongqing, Gallery J. Chen, Taipei, Taiwan (solo)
2009   To Be or Not To Be -Ye Yongqing Solo Exhibition, Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing, China (solo)
2009   Prague Biennial, Prague, Czech Republic
2008   Case Studies of Artists in Art History , SZ Art Centre, Beijing Chinese Art Centre, Basel , Switzerland
2008   Accumulations-The Spirit of the East, Asia Art Centre, Beijing, China
2008   Chinese Contemporary, Artside Gallery, Beijing, China
2008   Paint a Bird:Paradox and Reality, China Square Gallery , New York, USA (solo)
2008   Injured•Heart--Solo Exhibition of Ye Yongqing, K•Gallery, Shanghai Art Fair, China (solo)
2008   As Free As a Bird, Hong Kong Arts Centre, presented by Anna Ning Fine Art (solo)
2007   To Paint a Bird! Fun Art Space, Beijing (solo)
2007   A Wounded Bird, Gallery ARTSIDE, Seoul, Korea (solo)
2007   Embarking from the Southwest-Contemporary Art Exhibition, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou (group)
2007   From New Image to New Painting, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing (group)
2007   Talk of War on Paper, Nanjing Sifang Museum of Art, Nanjing (group)
2007   Unconsciousness Dubang Contemporary Space, Miaoli County, Taiwan (group)
2006   Solo Flight, Blues Dreamland Gallery, Chengdu (solo)
2006   Size Decides Attitude – First 5x7, Picture Biennale Project, Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, Shanxi (group)
2006   Poetic Realism: A Reinterpretation of Jiangnan, RCM Art Museum, Nanjing (group)
2006   Unclear and Cleamess, Heyri Art Foundation, Korea (group)
2006   Renovate OCT, He Xiangning Art Museum OCT Art Center, Shenzhen (group)
2006   Art in Motion, Shanghai MoCA Art Museum, Shanghai (group)
2005   Stern Face, Beijing Now Gallery, Beijing (group)
2005   Future Archaeology – Chinese Art Triennial, Nanjing Museum of Art, Nanjing (group)
2005   China Art Triennial, Nanjing Museum (group)
2005   Dream of the Dragon People – Chinese Art Exhibition, Ireland Art Museum (group)
2005   Asia Urban Network, Seoul art museum, Korea (group)
2005   Scribble, Shanghai Zhangjiang Art Museum, Shanghai (solo)
2005   The Big River – Chinese New Era Oil Paing Retrospective Exhibition, National Art Museum, Beijing (group)
2005   The Yuanfen Sky, Shenzhen Art Museum, Shenzhen (group)
2005   The Guangzhou Triennial, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangdong (group)
2005   Conspire, TS1 Contemporary Art Center 1st Exhibition, Beijing (group)
2004   Transcending Boundaries, Shanghai Gallery of Art (group)
2004   Ye Yongqing Fang Lijun and Yue Minjun, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai (group)
2003   Opening Era, National Art Museum of China, Beijing (group)
2003   Abstract Art Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai (group)
2002   China Triennium, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou, China (solo)
2002   Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu Contemporary Arts Gallery, Chengdu, China (solo)
2002   China Contemporary Arts Exhibition, Duisburg, Germany (solo)
2002   China and South Korea Contemporary Arts Exhibition (solo)
2002   Behind The Reality, Dimen Center Arts, Taiwan (solo)
2002   Guangzhou Triennium, Guangdong Fine Arts Gallery Guangzhou, China (solo)
2001   Ye Yongqing, shanghART, shanghai, China (solo)
2001   New Image, China Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing, China (solo)
2001   Sichuan Fine Arts Gallery, Chengdu, China (solo)
2001   Guangdong Fine Arts Gallery, Guangzhou, China (solo)
2001   Part1, Atlantic’s Gallery, London, UK
2001   China Art, Red Building Art Center, London, UK
2001   The Dream of Chinese Art, Red Building Art Center, London (group)
2000   Gate of the Century:1979-1999 The Exhibition of Chinese Art, Chengdu Modern Art Museum, Chengdu, China
2000   Chinese Oil Painting in 20th Century, Touring Show in Beijing and Shanghai, China
2000   Between…Upriver Residence, Kunming, China
2000   Tale of Two Cities, Asia Contemporary Art, London, UK
2000   Ye Yongqing, China contemporary, London, UK (solo)
1999   China in Scholar’s Eyes, Soobin Art Gallery, Singapore (solo)
1999   Ye Yongqing, Kailin Sax Gallery, Munich, Germany (solo)
1999   China Art, Limn Gallery, San Francisco, USA
1999   The First Collection Exhibition of Dong Yu Art Museum of Fine Art, Shenyang, China
1999   Art from China, LIMN Gallery, San Francisco (group)
1998   China’s New art Exhibition Observatoire 4ed Montreal, Montreal, Canada
1998   China's New Art Exhibition Observatoire 4ed Montreal, Montreal, Canada
1997   Cologne International Art Fair, Ludwig Museum, Cologne, Germany
1997   Quotation Marks, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
1997   Red and Grey : Eight Avant-garde Chinese Artists,Soobin Art Gallery, Singapore
1997   Between Two Places, October gallery, London, UK
1997   Taipei International Gallery Fair, World Trade Center, Taipei, China
1997   LiuWei and Ye Yeyongqing, Gallery of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
1996   China! Touring Show in Germany, Austria, Poland, Denmark
1996   The first Academic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, National Art museum, Beijing, China
1996   Hong Kong Art Center, Hong Kong, China
1996   First Shanghai Art Biennale, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
1996   Sharing the Dreams, Jamaica Art Centre, New York, USA
1995   Feeling of Skin, Antony Art Centre, France
1995   Avant-guard Artisiques Xineses, Santa Monica Art Centre, Barcelona, Spain
1995   Live in the history, China Art studio, Augsberg, Germany (solo)
1995   Ye Yongqing, Shuang Hexuan Gallery, Seattle (solo)
1994   The Annual Exhibition of Works of Artists Nominated by Art Critics, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China
1993   Post 89 New Art from China, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong, China
1993   Museum of Contemporary Art, Sidney, Australia
1993   Chinese Art in 90s-Chinese Experience, Sichuan Art Museum, Chengdu, China
1992   China Oil Painting Exhibition, Beijing Minority Cultural Palace, China
1992   1st Guangzhou Oil Painting Biennale, Exhibition Hall of the Central Hotel, Guangzhou, China
1990   Ye Yongqing, Shuang Hexuan Gallery, Seattle, USA (solo)
1989   Ye Yongqing, French Embassy in China, BeiJing, China (solo)

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