Born May 19, at Neikiang, Szechwan Province, China.
Attends Ch'iu-ching School in Chungking, Szechwan
Joins his brother Shan-tze in Kyoto, Japan. Learns drawing and dyeing.
Goes to Shanghai. Studies with the famous scholar Tseng Hsi. Becomes a novice in a Buddhist monastery at Sungkiang and is given the name Ta-ch'ien. Returns to Szechwan and marries three months later. Returns to Shanghai to study calligraphy with Li Jui-ch'ing.
Elected as a member of the Committee of the First National Exhibition of Fine Arts in Nanking
Awarded gold medal by the International Council of Fine Arts in New York.
Begins painting "Panarama of Mount Lu" painting, a monumental painting (6.6 x 33ft) that remains unfinished.
Died April 2nd, in Taipei, Taiwan


Homecoming exhibition of his paintings held at the National Museum of Hsitory, Taipei. During the opening cermonies, presented with a horizontal tablet bearing the four-character inscription "Master Before Arts's Altar" by the Minister of Education, His Excellency, Dr. Tsiang Yen-shih.
Exhibition of his early period works a the National Museum of History, Taipei. Eighty of his works of thre decades shown in the "Exhibiton of Paintings by Famous Chinese and Western Painters," National Museum of History, Taipei.
Sixty of his works shown in an exhibition of contemporary paintings from the Republic of China at the National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul, under the auspices of the Sino-Korean Art Association of Korea and the National Museum of History, Taipei.
Paintings exhibited at the Chu-O Fine Arts Museum, Tokyo, under the auspices of the Joint Sino-Japanese Cultural Association of Japan and the National Museum of History, Taipei.
Exhibits in San Francisco, Asian Art Museum.
Exhibits in Exhibition Hall, City Hall of Hong Kong.
Exhibits in Laky Gallery, Carmel.
Exhibitions in National Palace Museum, Taipei (a special exhibition featuring paintings after the wall paintings at Tun-huang), Cowie Galleries in Los Angeles, New York Cultural Center in New York, St. John's University in New York, Frank Caro Gallery in New York and Alberts-Langdon Gallery in Boston.
Exhibition in Stanford University Museum in California, Laky Gallery in Carmel, California and National Museum of History in Taipei.
Exhibition in Sao Paulo in April and in Hong Kong in December.
First one-man show at Grosvenor Gallery in London.
Exhibits in Thailand. Lufthansa Airlines sponsors exhibitions in various cities in West Germany.
In October, exhibits in New York, sell his "Giant Lotuses ". Exhibition in Singapore, Kula Lumpur, Iph, and Penang.
Exhibits thirty paintings at the Musee Municipal d'Art et D'Histoire, Geneva. Visits St. Moritz and Walensee. Exhibition of "giant Lotuses" at Musee Cernuschi. Museum of Modern Art in New York acquires a Lotus painting. Participates in the Quadricentennial International Art Exhibition in Sao Paulo.
Exhibits recent paintings in the Grande Salle d'Honneur at the National Salon in Paris. Exhibition of thirty of his paintings at the Musee Royald' Art et d' Histoire, Brussels, in May; at the Parnassus Hall in Athens, and at El Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid in November
Visits the United States and Taipei. Exhibits his paintings in Taipei. Presents twelve works to the municipality of Paris.
Exhibits paintings in Buenos Aires.
Exhibits in New Delhi and Hyderabad, India. Stays over a year in India, spending three months in the caves of Ajanta. Exhibits in Hong Kong
Travels and exhibits in Hong Kong.
Exhibits in Shanghai. Twelve of his Tun-huang frescoes published in color.
Exhibition in Shanghai. Group of works included in Contemporary Chinese Painting Exhibition at Musee Cernuschi, Paris. Participates in UNESCO Exhibition of Contemporary Painting at Musee d'Art Moderne, Paris; Chinese section later invited to London, Geneva, and Prague.
Completed "Giant Lotuses", on four panels, and "A Gathering in the West Garden", on eight panels. Exhibitions of his paintings in Cheng Tu.
Exhibits copies of cave frescoes in Cheng-tu in January and in Chungking in May. His subjects are published in two volumes with critical studies


The book, "Chang Dai-Chien's Paintings, volume 2," edited and published by the National Museum of Hsitory, Taipei .
The book, "Chinese Painting, Chang Dai-chien", edited by Kao Ling-mei in Hong Kong is published.
Publishes five volumes of reproductions from his private collection, entitled 'Materpieces of Chinese Painting in the Colllection of the Ta Feng Hall', in Tokyo.