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Courtesy and Copyright of
The Estate of David Smith

David Smith with Agricola I. Detail of photo by David Smith, 1962.


Raw Color: The Circles of David Smith

Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA July 4 - October 19, 2014


The conflict for realization is what makes art, not its certainty, its technique, or material. I do not look for total success. If a part is successful, the rest clumsy or incomplete, I can still call it finished, if I've said anything new, by finding any relationship which I might call an origin.

I will not change an error if it feels right, for the error is more human than perfection. I do not seek answers. I haven't named this work nor thought where it would go. I haven't thought what it is for, except that it is made to be seen. I've made it because it comes closer to saying who I am than any other method I can use. This work is my identity. There were no words in my mind during its creation, and I'm certain words are not needed in its seeing; and why should you expect understanding when I do not? That is the marvel - to question but not to understand. Seeing is the true language of perception. Understanding is for words. As far as I am concerned, after I've made the work, I've said everything I can say.

David Smith, Excerpt from speech given on April 17, 1959, at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.