TEXTURES: The Written Word in Contemporary Art

TEXTURES: The Written Word in Contemporary Art

New York, NY USA samedi 4 mai 2013samedi 15 juin 2013
malcolm morley dream at 3,029,086 by jonathan borofsky

Jonathan Borofsky

Malcolm Morley Dream at 3,029,086, 1984

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the blind detective in the hall of mirrors by richard bosman

Richard Bosman

The Blind Detective in the Hall of Mirrors, 2012

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aimez-vous le sourire de cupidon by alan davie

Alan Davie

Aimez-vous le Sourire de Cupidon, 1963

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barbara guest archaics by grace hartigan

Grace Hartigan

Barbara Guest Archaics, 1968

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shaking a leg in heaven by jack micheline

Jack Micheline

Shaking a Leg in Heaven

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to 729 top by dondi white

Dondi White

To 729 Top, 1984

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pure evil by william t. wiley

William T. Wiley

Pure Evil, 2010

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sue shee ran the corner by flo oy wong

Flo Oy Wong

Sue Shee Ran The Corner, 1993

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New York, NY USA
samedi 4 mai 2013samedi 15 juin 2013

ACA Galleries presents TEXTURES: The Written Word in Contemporary Art

Opening Reception: May 4, 3 - 5pm

TEXTURES features contemporary artists including Elaine de Kooning, Deborah Kass, Allen Ginsberg, and Romare Bearden, among many others who have incorporated hand written or hand placed writing in their paintings and multimedia works.

Full list of artists: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Romare Bearden, Jonathan Borofsky, Richard Bosman, WilliamBurroughs/BrionGysin, Squeak Carnwath, Robert Colescott, Gregory Corso, Steve Dalachinsky, Alan Davie, Ken Angel Davis/Penny Arcade, Elaine de Kooning, Allen Ginsberg, Grace Hartigan, Deborah Kass, Fulano Librizzi, Rick Librizzi, Deloss McGraw, Jack Micheline, Malcolm Morley, Richard Pettibone, Richard Prince, Elaine Reichek, Rene Ricard, Faith Ringgold, Aminah Robinson, Jan Sawka, Beth Ames Swartz, Dondi White, Flo Oy Wong.

For additional information visit the ACA Galleries website.