santa maria della salute by moonlight by john leslie breck

John Leslie Breck

Santa Maria della Salute by Moonlight, 1897

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fisher girl, nantucket by dennis miller bunker

Dennis Miller Bunker

Fisher Girl, Nantucket, 1881

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simone seated on the grass next to her mother by mary cassatt

Mary Cassatt

Simone Seated on the Grass Next to Her Mother, 1905 - 1915

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the lamp (la lampe) by mary cassatt

Mary Cassatt

The Lamp (La Lampe), 1890 - 1891

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mrs. union samuel betts lawrence by william merritt chase

William Merritt Chase

Mrs. Union Samuel Betts Lawrence, 1888

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model in a turban by thomas wilmer dewing

Thomas Wilmer Dewing

Model in a Turban, 1878

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blue mountain (garmisch-partenkirchen) by marsden hartley

Marsden Hartley

Blue Mountain (Garmisch-Partenkirchen), 1933

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group with mrs. sarah fairchild conover, superior, wisconsin by eastman johnson

Eastman Johnson

Group with Mrs. Sarah Fairchild Conover, Superior, Wisconsin, 1857

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spring no. ii by john marin

John Marin

Spring No. II, 1953

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conway castle by thomas moran

Thomas Moran

Conway Castle, 1882

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the pavement of san cataldo, palermo by john singer sargent

John Singer Sargent

The Pavement of San Cataldo, Palermo, vers 1897

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chapter 61: a light shines on my way (catalogue no.38) by everett shinn

Everett Shinn

Chapter 61: A Light Shines on My Way (Catalogue No.38), 1948

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dandelion and roses by joseph stella

Joseph Stella

Dandelion and Roses, vers 1925

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my daughter josephine by edmund charles tarbell

Edmund Charles Tarbell

My Daughter Josephine, 1915

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lady in front of a fan window by julian alden weir

Julian Alden Weir

Lady in Front of a Fan Window, 1890

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36. asleep, 1973, copyright: pacific sun by andrew wyeth

Andrew Wyeth

36. Asleep, 1973, Copyright: Pacific Sun, 1973

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