Kohei NAWA 'MANIFOLD' (Cheonan)

Kohei NAWA 'MANIFOLD' (Cheonan)

installation view by kohei nawa

Kohei Nawa

Installation view

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mercredi 5 juin 2013dimanche 7 juillet 2013

Document Exhibition

Period: 5 June- 7 July, 2013

Venue: Arario Gallery Cheonan

The young Japenese artist Nawa Kohei works with sculpture and space under the concept of 'cell'. His concept of 'cell' is a combination of the word 'pixel', which defines the degree of digital precision, and the biological word 'cell'. The representative works from his Pixel series are the sculptural works in which clesr beads cover things like taxidermy animals and everyday objects. The surface of the objects covered in beads seems magnified and distorted due to the light being refracted off each bead, and each bead suggests a separate unit, like an individual cell. Officially having started to show his work after year 2000, Kohei Nawa rapidly rose to stardom as Japan's next leading artists following Murakami Takasi. Recently, Kohei Nawa successfully wrapped up his solo exhibitionj at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.