Wang Nengtao: Hear Hear

Wang Nengtao: Hear Hear

Hong Kong, China jeudi 6 décembre 2012lundi 24 décembre 2012
life was like a box of chocolate by nengtao wang

Nengtao Wang

Life Was Like a Box of Chocolate, 2008

13 500 USD

Hong Kong, China
jeudi 6 décembre 2012lundi 24 décembre 2012

Hear Hear
Works by Wang Nengtao

December 6 - 24, 2012

Artist will be in attendance
December 6 (Thursday), 2012, 6pm - 8pm

Art Beatus Gallery
50 Peel Street, G/F,
Central (Soho Area), Hong Kong

The sculptures regardless of the liking of the viewers, Wang Nengtao is not the type of artist who would be hesitant in letting them know what is bothering him, what he has in mind or what would be his comments on a wide variety of topics.

He pours them all out on his canvases, which in turn transformed into propaganda machines of his own. The exhibits in "Hear Hear" exhibition consist of sketch works, oil paintings, prints and sculptures that he has done over the years.

There are new pictorial re-creations of old slogans and there are aggressive ones that may not sit well some people.

Of course, there are occasions that he is being advised to delay showing some of his works. When commenting on these incidences, Wang says those are good signs as they indicate that he has good ideas that are bordering insightful revelations.

Wang Nengtao graduated from the Art Department of the Central Ethnic University in 1988 and has worked as a full-time artist in Beijing since then. "Hear Hear" is his third solo exhibition with Art Beatus Gallery.