Wu Gang 'Silk Road' (Hong Kong)

Wu Gang 'Silk Road' (Hong Kong)

the sun of gobi desert by wu gang

Wu Gang

The Sun of Gobi Desert, 2013

water from heaven by wu gang

Wu Gang

Water from Heaven, 2013

moon shaped spring by wu gang

Wu Gang

Moon Shaped Spring, 2013

jeudi 6 juin 2013jeudi 27 juin 2013

Hong Kong, China

'Silk Road'
Ink Paintings by Wu Gang
June 6 - 27, 2013

Art Beatus Gallery
50 Peel Street, G/F,
Central (Soho Area), Hong Kong

For 30 years, Wu Gang has devoted himself totally to painting and chronicling the Silk Road. His dedication has taken him to cities inside China that were affiliated with the ancient silk trades, either cities en route to the Middle East or ports where the marine silk route had visited.

Wuhas embarked on a new journey since last year to cover the other “Silk Road” cities and ports that are beyond the Chinese borders. He said that the new project would take another ten years and he would continue painting, photographing and doing exhibitions. Hong Kong happens to be amongst these stops.

Graduated from the Suzhou Art Institute in 1980’s, Wu became an art teacher for a brief period of time. With 200 RMB in his pocket, he started his quest of the Silk Road in China’s west frontiers and this journey seemed to last forever.

Wu’s paintings have been shown in all major cities in China as well as in the headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in Paris.

In this exhibition at Art Beatus Gallery, he will show fifteen of his chronicles of the Silk Road; and he will be present in the opening night to talk about his adventures and memorable encounters.

'Silk Road' exhibition starts from June 6th until June 27th , 2013