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Brooklyn, NY USA mercredi 6 octobre 2010

Brooklyn, NY USA
mercredi 6 octobre 2010

The Intimacy in Miro's Anonymous Universe
The lithographic work of Joan Miro comes from a taunt understanding in realizing the abutment of primary colors and symbols. Through a practiced contempt for conventional painting methods (as a way of supporting bourgeois society), Miro famously declared an "assassination of painting", in favor of upsetting the visual elements of work primarily of established artists.

Born in Barcelona, in 1893, Miro was raised to understand and exist as a student of business. After a breakdown caused by this life misdirection, he devoted his focus to creating art. From the 1920's on, Miro would traverse through the community in Montparnasse, Andre Breton's Parisian-based surrealist group at Centrale Surréaliste, and Generation of '27 in Seville, Spain. These passages came to define Miro's tenacious audacity towards painting…his idea giving his art, a dash of brutality.

"A profoundly individual gesture is anonymous" Miro would go on to speak of and implement this in his creations, which was unobjectionably realized in his lithographs from the 1940's-70's. Certain spots, spatters, daubs are deliberately willed, as to concurrently act as solely unique. They are anonymous par excellence. Explicitly from the author (Miro), executed indiscriminately by aides and artisans, the lithographs are nonpareil (without replication). The women, birds, stars, and slight geometric forms are manifestations of individual anonymity.

This spotlight on Miro will feature lithographic works of his wondrous explorations in abstract art.

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