May Artists of the Month: Paintings Of Oregon Waters

May Artists of the Month: Paintings Of Oregon Waters

spring columbia gorge by david allen dunlop

David Allen Dunlop

Spring Columbia Gorge

camp sherman view by jean schwalbe

Jean Schwalbe

Camp Sherman View

hidden creek by jean schwalbe

Jean Schwalbe

Hidden Creek

deschutes river view by jean schwalbe

Jean Schwalbe

Deschutes River View

snake river canyon by jean schwalbe

Jean Schwalbe

Snake River Canyon

oregon coast heights by david allen dunlop

David Allen Dunlop

Oregon Coast Heights

jeudi 2 mai 2013samedi 1 juin 2013

Portland, OR USA

David Allen Dunlop: Oil Paintings
Diane Lewis: Pastel Paintings
Jean Schwalbe: Acrylic Paintings
First Thursday Opening Wine Reception: May 2nd, 6-9 pm
Music by John Stowell: Internationally Renowned Jazz Guitarist
Wine Tasting by Burnt Bridge Cellars, Vancouver, WA

Jean Schwalbe is one of the Northwest's most renowned impressionistic painters of Oregon's most famous landmarks including many rivers and seascapes. Her wonderful, warm colors painted in red, gold, burnt sienna, orange and purple mingle with her blues, greens and browns to enhance and emphasize her strong and unique visions of Oregon. One of Jean's goals is to paint every river in Oregon.

Diane Lewis paints pastel paintings and oil paintings that are realistic and traditional. Living in Eugene, Oregon, she has painted a series of pastel paintings of the rivers surrounding the area. Painting plein aire oil paintings in the Willamette Valley has also been an inspiration for Diane including a large oil painting of Lost Lake with Mt. Hood in the background.

David Allen Dunlop has painted extensively the Oregon coast, rivers, and wetlands throughout the state. David is well known for his 13 Instructional Programs on three DVDs, titled "Landscapes Through Time" that was featured on Public Broadcasting Nationwide winning a National Daytime Emmy award for "Outstanding Special Class Writing." David lives in Connecticut and teaches at the Silvermine School of Art there, no also teaching in Italy, France and Spain during the summers. One of his special techniques that he discovered in Europe is painting oil on 23K gold leaf creating an illuminating effect, giving an illusion of luminescence and sunlight.

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