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Massimiliano Muner 'Fractured Polaroid'

Massimiliano Muner 'Fractured Polaroid'

italian oil style by massimiliano muner

Massimiliano Muner

Italian Oil Style

guggenheim revisited by massimiliano muner

Massimiliano Muner

Guggenheim revisited

empire lights by massimiliano muner

Massimiliano Muner

Empire Lights

a bigger splash revisited by massimiliano muner

Massimiliano Muner

A bigger splash revisited

flatiron home by massimiliano muner

Massimiliano Muner

Flatiron home

jeudi 21 mars 2013samedi 4 mai 2013

Milan, Italy

Massimiliano Muner 'Fractured Polaroid'

March 21st – May 4th 2013
opening Thursday March 21st 6 p.m.

Massimiliano Muner presents a new series of photos; these 'fractured Polaroids', as the title suggests, express the concept of breaking. The fracture is intended in a double meaning: materic and spiritual. The photos in the readymade, done with instant films, are cut and reassembled searching for a new space dimension. It also reminds to a psychological fracture, through an introspective journey, created by photographic compositions and messages written on the film.

The technique

The 'famous cut' created by Fontana, the genius of the compositions of Hockney and Galimberti: from the alchemy of these elements has born the idea of using the Polaroid in a new way. These ready-made are 'decomposition and re-composition' of a work. The works presented are reinterpretation of famous art works and brand new compositions.

Impossible Corner Milano NEWS

The Impossible Corner of Milan is organizing in the next spring months some new workshops dedicated to the Impossible world.
Some of them will be dedicated to the techniques of films and cameras and held inside our corner, other absolutely new for us, will be some photographic trips through Milan, revealing a part of the city, unknown for the majority of people.