Don Reitz: A Life in Clay

Don Reitz: A Life in Clay

jeudi 1 décembre 2011samedi 31 décembre 2011

Scottsdale, AZ USA

Opening Reception with Artist: Dec. 1st, 7-9pm

BENTLEY GALLERY is pleased to present Don Reitz: A Life in Clay, featuring the work of renown ceramicist and local Arizona artist, Don Reitz.

Don Reitz: A Life in Clay will exhibit never-before-seen works by Reitz that have been part of the artist's private collection for years. Recognized as one of the most important and influential ceramic artists of the century, Reitz has pursued a life-long investigation of salt- and wood-firing his ceramic pieces in order to preserve the energy and freshness of his artistic marks and gestures. Finding that the texture and unpredictability of salt-firing suited his work best, Reitz almost single-handedly revived this neglected technique, and through long experimentation developed a range of colors and surface effects previously unknown in salt-firing. Juggling and manipulating the variables in each firing, Reitz is a virtuoso who relishes knowing what he can control and what he cannot, his work maintains a fine balance between technical mastery and improvisation.