harbinger by feodor voronov

Feodor Voronov

Harbinger, 2012

reach the shore by oliver arms

Oliver Arms

Reach the Shore, 2012

the lonely surfer by tim bavington

Tim Bavington

The Lonely Surfer, 2013

quadrophenia by tim bavington

Tim Bavington

Quadrophenia, 2013

ox 14 by daniel brice

Daniel Brice

OX 14, 2011

ox 2 by daniel brice

Daniel Brice

OX 2, 2010

vendredi 1 mars 2013vendredi 29 mars 2013

Bentley Gallery
Phoenix, AZ USA

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 9, 4-7pm

"Color is the first message."
- Helen Frankenthaler

Bentley Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition of paintings, by six notable artists, whose use of color is the main event. Artists include Tim Bavington, Ali Smith, Daniel Brice, Oliver Arms, Jill Moser, and Feodor Voronov. This is the first time all of the artists have been exhibited together, with loans from Mark Moore Gallery in Culver City, CA, and Ameringer McEnery Yohe in New York. John A. Reyes, Director of Secondary Market at Bentley Gallery, curated the exhibition.

LIke the Abstract Expressionist / Color Field painters of the 1940s and 50s, the artists featured in Neo Chroma use color through abstraction as the focus of their paintings; however, their works are stylistically very different from each other.

John Reyes explains, "The techniques used by the artists in the exhibition are varied. The artist Oliver Arms layers his paint and creates uniform patterns. Once examined, his surfaces reveal dazzling colors, which come from exposed layers of paint. The overall surface is treated as a single element in his paintings. Daniel Brice, on the other hand, thinly applies oil paint, which reflects light and creates gradients of color. Ali Smith's vibrant paintings have pulsating colors that make her canvases look sculptural."

Music is the impetus for Tim Bavington's paintings. Using sprayed paint, he visually translates classic rock hits, drawing inspiration from guitar riffs and heavy beats. Feodor Voronov constantly attempts to reinvent the problem solving process of painting by focusing on a central image of a word in his thickly impastoed works. The "compression and release" style that embodies Jill Moser's loopy brushstrokes are accentuated by close-keyed colors that surprise viewers with their complexities.

Reyes continues, "Abstraction has been prevalent for many years, and many artists are still working in this vein to produce exciting work. I felt it was time to show the many stylistic approaches to the genre, and in Neo Chroma, color is the thread that ties it together."