Cristinerose Contemporary Art

back alley by ho fan

Ho Fan

Back Alley, 1956

down by ho fan

Ho Fan

Down, 1962

demolishing by ho fan

Ho Fan

Demolishing, 1956

evening in aberdeen by ho fan

Ho Fan

Evening in Aberdeen, 1958

afternoon chat by ho fan

Ho Fan

Afternoon Chat, 1959

bungalow 8: façade by jeremy blake

Jeremy Blake

Bungalow 8: Façade, 1988

polar coordinates by frank stella

Frank Stella

Polar coordinates, 1979

untitled by jean paul riopelle

Jean Paul Riopelle

Untitled, 1966

vignette no. 2 by melissa doherty

Melissa Doherty

Vignette no. 2, 2007

into the woods no.5 by melissa doherty

Melissa Doherty

Into the Woods No.5, 2008

thomas by robert mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe

Thomas, 1987

summa scientiae mundi: the truth about mars by david byrne

David Byrne

Summa Scientiae Mundi: The Truth About Mars, 1995

crucifiction by andres serrano

Andres Serrano

Crucifiction, 1987

large soup by john maeda

John Maeda

Large Soup, 2002

flowers for tachoma dome by andy warhol

Andy Warhol

Flowers for Tachoma Dome

the liberation of lady j and u.b. by renée cox

Renée Cox

The Liberation of Lady J and U.B., 1998