moroccan landscape by george l.k. morris

George L.K. Morris

Moroccan Landscape

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armistice day parade of 1922, mexia, texas by john philip falter

John Philip Falter

Armistice Day Parade of 1922, Mexia, Texas

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shelling peas by robert gwathmey

Robert Gwathmey

Shelling Peas, vers 1945

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long island by preston dickinson

Preston Dickinson

Long Island, vers 1929 - 1930

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the gate by grandma moses

Grandma Moses

The Gate, 1954

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synchromy, kyoto by stanton macdonald-wright

Stanton MacDonald-Wright

Synchromy, Kyoto

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pmu #33 by roxy paine

Roxy Paine

PMU #33, 2007

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untitled by grace hartigan

Grace Hartigan

Untitled, 1953

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limited expanse by wolf kahn

Wolf Kahn

Limited Expanse, 1999

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study for "in scarlet and black" by oscar florianus bluemner

Oscar Florianus Bluemner

Study for "In Scarlet and Black"

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untitled by theodoros stamos

Theodoros Stamos

Untitled, 1945

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landscape by wolf kahn

Wolf Kahn

Landscape, 1984

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notre dame at night by ludwig bemelmans

Ludwig Bemelmans

Notre Dame at Night

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summer landscape by jimmy ernst

Jimmy Ernst

Summer Landscape

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the last leaves by marguerite thompson zorach

Marguerite Thompson Zorach

The Last Leaves, 1961

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blemishedballadofhoarydarkeness by stanley boxer

Stanley Boxer


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