CECILIA PAREDES: A veces me asaltan las dudas celestes/CAROLINE LATHAN-STIEFEL: Lagan

CECILIA PAREDES: A veces me asaltan las dudas celestes/CAROLINE LATHAN-STIEFEL: Lagan

Miami, FL USA samedi 13 octobre 2012mercredi 21 novembre 2012

Miami, FL USA
samedi 13 octobre 2012mercredi 21 novembre 2012

In the globalized era in which we live, characterized by that liquid modernity announced by Zygmunt Bauman, the transitional is the only stable condition. Amid this fluid panorama where spatial coordinates are no longer the main enclave, everything seems to be marked by the lack of permanence, continuous displacement, and perennial adaptation. In the midst of this new historical condition, the body appears as the final stronghold. Container of all our wishes and fantasies, the body emerges as a suitable altar to our existence, while becoming essential in our mediation with the others. The oeuvre of Cecilia Paredes has been based on this precept since the beginning, making of this physical space –read the body– the theme of inspiration and recurrence in all her works. It is not a coincidence. The central interest in Cecilia Paredes’ work constitutes an existential debate and a question of ontological nature perennially open. The body then is the suitable container of that internal channel that shapes our existence in our constant wandering through life. It is what the artist calls, ‘the river that flows through’ and whose sense of constant fluidity connects perfectly with the idea of resiliency that typifies our era. – Janet Batet

Cecila Paredes Paredes was born in Lima, Peru and lives and works in San Jose, Costa Rica and Philadelphia. She represented Costa Rica at the 51st Venice Biennial in 2005 and continues to exhibit internationally.

Lagan: wreckage in the ocean or anything that has been thrown into the sea with a buoy attached to it so that it can be recovered

Caroline Lathan-Stiefel has been making room-sized sculptural installations consisting of materials such as pipe cleaners, plastic shopping bags, fabric, straight pins, yarn, wire, and lead weights since 2001. Her work involves both the slow, plodding movement of patching and sewing pieces of cloth and plastic to linear structures made of pipe cleaners, as well as quicker, more gestural actions that connect all of the parts into systems, making large suspended sculptures. The installations are drawings-in-space that cover, divide, encircle, and fill the spaces in which they are situated. Monumental in scale and intensely colored and textured, the work aims to physically affect the body of the viewer. For Lagan, she will present a new series of wall pieces and suspended sculptures suggesting sea wreckage and forms of marine biology.

Lathan-Stiefel graduated from Brown University and the Maine College of Art. She currently lives and works in Pennsylvania. The recipient of numerous awards, among them the Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant, she has exhibited her work throughout the United States and Canada.