Master Drawings in New York

Master Drawings in New York

the road to fortune by pierre antoine baudouin

Pierre Antoine Baudouin

The Road to Fortune

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interior of a palace by giuseppe galli bibiena

Giuseppe Galli Bibiena

Interior of a Palace

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study for a satyr by michel dorigny

Michel Dorigny

Study for a Satyr, vers 1650

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portrait of a man in profile<br />portrait of a man facing the viewer by nicolas lagneau

Nicolas Lagneau

Portrait of a man in profile
Portrait of a man facing the viewer

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study of a dog by jean-baptiste oudry

Jean-Baptiste Oudry

Study of a Dog, vers 1740

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adoration of the shepherds by domenico piola

Domenico Piola

Adoration of the Shepherds, vers 1650

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a small palm tree (guaricana) in the brazilian rainforest by william michaud von vevey

William Michaud von Vevey

A small palm tree (guaricana) in the Brazilian rainforest

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samedi 26 janvier 2013samedi 2 février 2013

New York, NY USA

The Didier Aaron Gallery is participating in Master Drawings In New York from Saturday January 26 to Saturday February 2, 2013. The gallery will be exhibiting a selection of French and Italian drawings from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century. One of the highlights is the Study for a Satyr, by Michel Dorigny (1616 - 1665), black chalk heightened with white (205 x 265 mm). Whilst in a similar style and using the same technique, this work differs from that of his master, Simon Vouet, in that it is characterised by a greater firmness, more linear precision, and more definition of contours. There also be works by Jean-Baptiste Oudry, François Boucher, Domenico Piola, Carlo Maratta and others.