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In Progress

Santa Monica, CA USA samedi 29 juin 2013samedi 10 août 2013

Santa Monica, CA USA
samedi 29 juin 2013samedi 10 août 2013

dnj Gallery presents a refreshing selection of new projects by dnj artists: Gil Kofman, Laura Parker, Andrew Uchin, Anne Veraldi, and Robert von Sternberg.

In his new series in portraying homes and yards, Gil Kofman incorporates some of the key visual elements of his earlier work, including the geometry of buildings and foliage.

Laura Parker employs one of her favorite motifs, the circle, to surround a series of images of delicate birds in motion. The circle alludes to a variety of optical devices that have historically been used to spy, study and capture, but in this instance, "the bird flies free and the trophy is poetry."

Andrew Uchin continues to expand upon his series of photographs of books in which he captures the quirks and individual personalities of antique volumes.

With her photographs of silly, trivial objects inside of jars, Anne Veraldi seeks to explore notions of memory, preservation and a feeling of separation from the past.

Robert von Sternberg's landscapes, punctuated by moody sources of light, suggests the possibility of finding interest and beauty in some of the mundane scenes of daily life.