Max MacKenzie: American Ruins
Jody Zellen: Transitions

Max MacKenzie: American Ruins
Jody Zellen: Transitions

near pomme de terre lake, minnesota by maxwell mackenzie

Maxwell MacKenzie

Near Pomme de Terre Lake, Minnesota, 1997

samedi 20 avril 2013samedi 1 juin 2013

Santa Monica, CA USA

Artist Reception: Saturday, April 20, 2013 from 6-8pm

dnj Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibitions, Max MacKenzie's "American Ruins" in the main gallery, and Jody Zellen's "Transitions" in Gallery II.

In "American Ruins," MacKenzie pays homage to his Midwestern roots with photographs from three different series, "Abandonings," "American Ruins" and "Markings." "Abandonings" marks MacKenzie's return to Minnesota, the land of his youth, to capture the empty structures that recall the struggles of previous generations. He writes, "To me, this landscape and these buildings - sad, empty, silent houses and falling-down barns - possess a profound beauty not merely for their spare, simple designs and weathered boards, but as monuments to the men and women who, like my own ancestors, made long journeys and endured great hardships to reach this remote part of America and build in it a new home." In "American Ruins," MacKenzie ventures into other nearby states, which gives a specific focus on mood (while using a black and white format). Finally, in "Markings," MacKenzie continues to consider the region but from an aerochute high in the sky. He concentrates on the sinuous lines and remarkable patterns embedded in the land, further emphasizing the beauty inherent in the area.

MacKenzie holds a B.A. in architecture and photography from Bennington College and studied at the Corcoran Gallery School of Art. His commercial photography has been featured in thousands of brochures, books and magazines and he has received grants for his fine art projects from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Visual Arts and the D.C. Commission on the Arts. His photographs are in numerous private, corporate and institutional collections. He is the author of three fine art books and teaches photography workshops and master classes.

"Transitions" in Gallery II features a combination of images selected from over twenty years of Zellen's work in Southern California. Zellen embraces a multimedia format and has created a wide variety of collages that incorporate photography and drawing. Grids feature prominently in her work, reflecting the ordering principles of both newspapers and cities. "Transitions" follows her long-standing interests in media culture and urban landscapes.

Zellen earned a B.A. from Wesleyan University, an M.F.A. from the California Institute of the Arts and an M.P.S. from New York University. She has received numerous public art commissions, residencies and grants, most recently from the California Community Foundation Fellowship. Her work has been exhibited and reviewed widely in California and has been included in exhibitions across the country and internationally. Zellen is also an independent writer and curator based in Los Angeles. As an extension of her earlier work in web-based art, animation and artist's books, she is currently working on iPhone and iPad apps that combine her drawings, animations and digital images.