INK Miami 2012

INK Miami 2012

non-objective by morris blackburn

Morris Blackburn

Non-Objective, 1941

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untitled (m0925b) by steve ford

Steve Ford

Untitled (M0925B), 2012

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red-orange abstraction by paul keene

Paul Keene

Red-Orange Abstraction, 1959

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untitled 6 by thomas nozkowski

Thomas Nozkowski

Untitled 6, 2012

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mercredi 5 décembre 2012dimanche 9 décembre 2012

Philadelphia, PA USA

We are pleased to be exhibiting again at the IFPDA sponsored INK. INK is a Modern and Contemporary art on paper fair of 14 IFPDA dealers. The setting iin perhaps the most welcoming of all the Art Basel Miami Beach satellite art fairs. We exhibit in apartments that open onto a charming courtyard with palm trees, tropical flowers and reflecting pool. The pace is relaxed and the quality of the art superb.

We have Tom Nozkowski’s new etchings along with Contmporary works by David Shapiro, Cheryl Warrick, Donald Teskey, Steven Ford, Ron Adams, Lynne Clibanoff, Ryan Parker, David Kelso, Harvey Quaytman, Peter Brooke, Charles White, Nona Hershey, and Kip Deeds. Works by Modern artists include Morris Blackburn, Dox Thrash, Benton Spruance, William Fett, Judy Blum, Paul Keene, Tom Lias, Stanley William Hayter, John Paul Jones, Judith Rothschild, Hugh Mesibov, Harris Brodsky, and John Wilson.