NALL Surrealism: The Botannical Series

NALL Surrealism: The Botannical Series

passion flower 8/99 by nall


Passion Flower 8/99, 1985 - 1986

orchid by nall


Orchid, 1985 - 1986

strelitzia by nall


Strelitzia, 1985 - 1986

la rose by nall


La Rose, 1985 - 1986

iris 74/99 by nall


Iris 74/99, 1985 - 1986

tulip by nall


Tulip, 1985 - 1986

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NALL Copperplate engravings, The Botannical Series, have been acquired by Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Whitney Bank, New Orleans as well as private collections. The complete set includes six engravings. Smaller sizes available as well.

Nall Things Considered
Catherine Bloom

Nall has been drawing, painting and creating mosaics of flowers of all sizes for 40 years. Floral studies are one of his favorite themes. His recent exhibit, “Bouquets and Local Color,” at the Eastern Shore Art Center, showcased that infatuation. Though having lived in the Baldwin County area for a decade, this was the Troy, Ala., native’s first local show.

Hundreds of visitors were enthralled with his oversized camellias, which seem to burst through their frames with exuberance and color. The big blooms are a scaled up version of a Nall-designed motif now featured on exquisite porcelain dessert plates by Royal Limoges of France.

The eight different blossoms depicted were inspired by a gift to the artist from the Bellingrath family. Each plate bears the Bellingrath name on the back. The works are also a testament to an appreciation for porcelain that Nall learned from his grandmother. The local flower theme carries over into his equally beautiful handcrafted silverware collection.

Giving Back

The versatile artist, who recently created costumes and sets for the Puccini Festival in Italy, has been honored with more than 200 one-man shows in places as far-flung as Monaco, London, Paris, Nice, Antibes and Beirut.

Yet his commitment to the local landscape, and to Alabama artists, is apparent in his philanthropic work. In coordination with the Bouquets show, he partnered with the Eastern Shore Arts Center to engage young students in the world of fine arts, hosting talks with teachers, students and youth groups at the gallery. “Feed the youth what they need,” Nall says. The same philosophy led him to create fellowships for young artists through his self-titled foundation. In addition to mentoring budding talent, he donates approximately 200 works of art for charity auctions annually.