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"Transforming America" - Exceptional artworks by 20th century american artists

"Transforming America" - Exceptional artworks by 20th century american artists

jeudi 21 juin 2012vendredi 3 août 2012

London, United Kingdom


Olyvia Fine Art Stages London Exhibition and Private Sale of Established Post War American Artists

‘Guns’, a 1981 Andy Warhol synthetic polymer paint and silk screen ink on canvas and ‘Long Legged Red,’ a 1966 Alexander Calder metal & wire sculpture are being offered for private sale by Olyvia Kwok, the London gallery owner and international art investment advisor. The offers for sale form part of an exciting exhibition featuring paintings and sculptures by a group of renowned 20th century American artists. The exhibition, which opens in London today is taking place at Olyvia Fine Art, 17 Ryder Street, St James’ and will run until Friday August 3rd.

A unique Warhol portrait of Joseph Beuys (1980) is also included in the sale, together with outstanding pieces by Cy Twombly, Robert Rauschenberg, Sam Francis and Frank Stella. The quality of these works and the timing of the offers for sale reflect Olyvia’s outstanding network in the art world and her ability to stage this exhibition.

Commenting on her exhibition and private sale, Olyvia Kwok said:

“We are delighted to be offering the work of these very influential American artists. The timing of the exhibition is important because it coincides with a period when many international investors and art lovers are in London for the big post-war and contemporary auctions season. We are naturally thrilled that we can offer a precious portfolio of major artworks for all types of collectors at the same time as the major international auction houses.”

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About Olyvia Kwok

Olyvia Kwok, who was born in China and educated in the UK, is a London based art investment advisor, specialising in art as an alternative asset class. Olyvia has over ten years experience in dealing with fine art in Europe, Asia and the United States and is an expert in Impressionism, Post War, Emerging Market and Contemporary Fine Art. Today, Olyvia continues to build a reputation for her expertise in judging price and market trends in a timely manner for the investment portfolios of private investors.