Tadeusz Bilecki: Painted in 2011

Tadeusz Bilecki: Painted in 2011

Chicago, IL USA vendredi 27 janvier 2012samedi 25 février 2012

Chicago, IL USA
vendredi 27 janvier 2012samedi 25 février 2012

Opening Reception: January 27th, from 6-8pm

EC Gallery is pleased to present "Painted in 2011" - an exhibition featuring new works of contemporary Swiss artist - Tadeusz Bilecki. This is Bilecki's second solo show with the gallery. The exhibition will be on display at the Gallery from January 27th - February 25th, 2012. Please join us for the opening reception on Friday, January 27th, from 6-8pm.

The "Painted in 2011" exhibition will display works of Tadeusz Bilecki - a new series of abstract portraits painted on paper with a coating of acrylic mixed with a large amount of water - a technique that adds deformity to the paper giving it a sculptural character.

The portraits explore the essential theme of Bilecki's abstract figurative large format works. The theme oscillates between abstraction and figuration, grand emphasis and calm composure, strong and moderate color palettes, richness in detail and magnificent gesture.

Bilecki's works never submit to their surroundings but rather seem to take possession of the space and transform it. The mysterious faces that emerge from the paper are striking for their irrepressible, overwhelming energy that derives from the artist's overriding need to create. This gives rise to an extraordinary communicative strength that confronts us with the pure creative power of Tadeusz Bilecki.

Tadeusz Bilecki (b. 1951 in Lodz, Poland) lives and works in Switzerland since 1983. His work has previously been exhibited at Honen-In Gallery, Kyoto; E|C Gallery, Chicago; Calibri Gallery Osaka and AF Gallery Colombo. Bilecki received his MFA from The Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland in 1976.