Boyd & Evans Paintings

Boyd & Evans Paintings

London, United Kingdom jeudi 14 février 2013samedi 13 avril 2013

London, United Kingdom
jeudi 14 février 2013samedi 13 avril 2013

Flowers Gallery presents Boyd & Evans Paintings, the exhibition will comprise works from 1970s to the present day. Boyd & Evans' longstanding artistic collaboration began in 1968 and was celebrated with an extensive and well received survey of their work at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham in July 2012.

With a creative career that spans over four decades Boyd & Evans' work has been through many noteworthy changes to subject, influence and execution. Encompassing media that include spray painted acrylic and stencil through to brushes and oil. Their work ranges from early portrayals of British hinterlands and smaller extracts of urban areas to vast depictions of North America's South West.

The influence of photography has proved paramount in Boyd & Evans' painting practice. The 1990s saw a shift from their spray painting technique, which mainly explores interiors and familial relationships of people, to vast landscapes devoid of human presence. This diversion from the subject of British life has seen them travel extensively on research trips from Borneo to the American South West obtaining new source material for an ever growing photographic library that feeds their painting.

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This exhibition is displayed at the Kingsland Road location.