cutlog contemporary art fair

cutlog contemporary art fair

the power by sarit lichtenstein

Sarit Lichtenstein

The Power, 2010

the magic by sarit lichtenstein

Sarit Lichtenstein

The Magic, 2010

jeudi 20 octobre 2011dimanche 23 octobre 2011

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Bourse de Commerce de Paris, 2 rue de Viarmes 75001 Paris
20. - 23. Oktober 2011

Larisa Krill Sarit Lichtenstein

Larisa Krill (*1968)

The work of the Russian artist Larisa Krill is concerned with the question of the identity of the human being or individual in the 21st century.
The contemplation of the picture for a longer period leads to sheer admiration for the conviction and competence of this experienced painter, whose personal style is inimitable. This applies to the choice of colours as well as the originality of the forms. She works with a colour application technique, which she developed herself and with which she achieves vivid, penetrative effects full of atmosphere in her pictures of heads and landscapes.
Larisa Krill completed her studies at the Lyceum for Architecture and Restoration, St. Petersburg as well as graphic design, architecture and oil-painting at the Repin Institute of the Russian Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg.
Her work has been shown in many individual and group exhibitions. In 2006 she received the Palm Art Award prize in Leipzig, Germany.

Sarit Lichtenstein (*1961)

Sarit Lichtenstein is an exceptional artist. She gets her inspiration from an apparently endless reserve of imaginative ideas. Her continuous search for new directions, both in painting and sculptures, results again and again in fascinating new works. The colours and shapes illuminate the canvas and paper, interplaying in a manner that suggests dancing movements. For the viewer it is almost impossible not to be effected by the sensuousness and energy emanating from these works.
The three academies - Mexico City, Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Rome, Istituto Europeo di Design and Jerusalem, Bezalel Art Academy - have left their mark on her work. The eventful history of countries and cultures, in which she has lived, dreamed and painted, is reflected in her Oeuvre.
Her work has been shown in many international exhibitions, e.g., the 2nd Biennale Sabbioneta, the Japan Design Foundation, the Jerusalem Artist House and the Museum Kronberger Malerkolonie.
Sarit Lichtenstein has been living and working in Frankfurt am Main since 1991.

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