Johanna Aalto 'Paintings'

Johanna Aalto 'Paintings'

vendredi 19 octobre 2012dimanche 11 novembre 2012

Helsinki, Finland

Welcome to the opening reception in the presence of the artists,
Thursday, October 18, 5-7 pm.

Artist Johanna Aalto (born 1962) describes through her work the incorporeal world, sensations, and experiences. Aalto paints multi-layered landscapes describing myriad simultaneous moments. Her paintings operate in the space between the abstract and the figurative.

Aalto’s paintings on exhibition at Galerie Forsblom are layered, conveying a powerful sense of foresight, of intuition, or an echo from a moment in the future. Light directs Aalto’s work, and tones play a central role in her expression. Aalto’s relationship to colour is profound – different colours naturally suit different seasons or time periods. At times the colours fade, and at others they vivify and deepen.

Galerie Forsblom: October 19 – November 11, 2012