Gonn Mosny: Above the line - Atmen und Malen (DIEHL CUBE)

Gonn Mosny: Above the line - Atmen und Malen (DIEHL CUBE)

vendredi 13 décembre 2013samedi 11 janvier 2014

Galerie Volker Diehl
Niebuhrstrasse 2

Berlin, Germany

Gonn Mosny
Above the line - Atmen und Malen

14.12.2013 – 11.01.2014
Opening: 13.12.2013, 7 - 9 pm

We are delighted to present for the first time in Berlin the works of the informal artist-painter Gonn Mosny. Among the last living students of Willi Baumeister in Stuttgart he began painting in the mid-1950s. Mosny has exhibited in the United States, Mexico and Europe. Any serious study of his works reveal him to be an exemplary figure in the field of informal painting. His use of gesture and mark reflect upon creative inner states of meditative consciousness, in which the expressive and appropriate moment of creative enactment is sought. This self-editing or controlled use of expressive consciousness is very important to the artist, since it is by using this approach that his processes of paint application and erasure take place. Hence the effect in terms of line, gesture, mark and colour, is such that the paintings that result are visible palimpsests of interior experience—metaphorical mirrors of living consciousness.