Ken Graves

Ken Graves

hands by ken graves

Ken Graves

Hands, 2012

geriatric couple by ken graves

Ken Graves

Geriatric Couple, 2011

duet by ken graves

Ken Graves

Duet, 2012

coming to you live by ken graves

Ken Graves

Coming to You Live, 2005

bowlful by ken graves

Ken Graves

Bowlful, 2013

box for bad boys by ken graves

Ken Graves

Box for Bad Boys, 1986

mercredi 10 juillet 2013samedi 24 août 2013

San Francisco, CA USA

Gallery Paule Anglim is pleased to present an exhibition of new collage works by Ken Graves.

Please join us for the artist's reception on
Thursday, July 11 from 5:30-7:30pm.

Grave's collage works belong to a tradition of small paper compositions made from engraving reproductions found in journals and books. Like his Surrealist forebears, Graves plays with wit, the incongruous and the unexpected. His masterfully put-together arrangements read like narratives of light social parody and deranged psychology. To the delicately juxtaposed engraving and photographic constructions he adds obsessive handwork, attaching thread, tiny objects, like beads and feathers, to infuse an aspect of tactile, old-world craft.

Graves has worked many years and taught photography at Pennsylvania State University, before returning to the Bay Area, where he studied in the 1960's. His collage works employ a keen sense of the unique reality a photo image communicates. They combine images from different decades, paying simultaneous homage to Victorian paper collages, to Surrealism and to the cultures of scientific illustration and instruction manuals.

Graves works are represented in important public collections including the New York MoMA, SFMOMA, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, the George Eastman House and the National Library, Paris among others.

For further information, please visit the gallery website at or telephone at 415.433.2710