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The World of Nick Veasey Through X-Ray

The World of Nick Veasey Through X-Ray

Miami, FL, USA jeudi 1 mars 2012dimanche 8 avril 2012

Miami, FL, USA
jeudi 1 mars 2012dimanche 8 avril 2012

Artist’s Reception Saturday March 10, 2012 7-10 pm

Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art is pleased to present for it’s inaugural show the world of Nick Veasey through X-ray.

British photographer Nick Veasey simply "X-rays" objects big and small, from ipods and sand dollars to mini coopers and jumbo jets, and turns them into works of art that we hang in our homes, or in some cases the Logan Airport in Boston, Mass.

"The most common and everyday things look beautiful when they're X-rayed," says Veasey. Choosing the best subject to X-ray is the first step of the creative process, and thus, the most important consideration. “Often things that look amazing to our naked eye cannot sustain their beauty when X-rayed. Conversely, some bland, banal subjects reveal their inner beauty when ‘opened up’ by the X-ray process.”

How did the idea of taking X-rays, and turning them into art begin?

“My girlfriend’s father used to be a lorry driver,” Veasey recalls with a half devilish grin. “At one time he drove a lorry for a couple of days which contained thousands of Pepsi cans, one of which had a ring-pull prize worth £100,000. “Anyway, I thought I’d try a scam. I decided to hire an X-ray machine from a local hospital in Kent to find the winning can, which would have shown up on the image because of the different metal densities used to make it. I never did find it, but it sparked off the ideas in my head for the career I have today.”

Since then, Nick Veasey has created unique, and beautiful works of art, from objects that we see, and use on a daily basis. The only difference is that Veasey forces us to see them from the inside out.

“I am extremely privileged to have been given this opportunity to christen this brand new gallery space with my x-ray art. This is my first show in the great city of Miami, and heralds the opening of a stunning new gallery in Wynwood – Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art.

My work is a statement on society’s obsession with superficiality. As my pictures delve beyond the surface to show subjects from the inside out, the viewer has the opportunity to look at the world in another dimension. By revealing the inner structure combined with surface form, the works are elegant, intriguing and ethereal. Everything in life is designed. Whether that be by man or by nature. My work reveals the integrity and reasoning inherent in that design. It shows things for what they truly are made of. It is an honest process, an honest and revealing representation of the subject. This counters the general omnipresent and pervasive obsession with superficiality. So much of what we see is ‘fake’ whether it be airbrushed celebrity portraits or special effects in movies. I want to remind my audience about inner beauty and simplicity. When we take the time to look beyond the surface in ourselves and contemplate the soul and the heart that is when we find true contentment. Beauty is, after all, more than skin deep”.

Veasey sometimes adds color to his work, choosing hues based not necessarily on reality, but for how they enhance an image. Among other things, he says, color can help add depth to an otherwise two-dimensional work.

He has also been credited as of creating one of the world’s largest X-ray. Commissioned by Pentagram New York, for United Airlines, Nick Veasey took over 500 separate X-rays of a Boeing 777 Jet in a hanger. The project took months to achieve, and was made possible by granting total freedom to all areas of the manufacturing process by Boeing. This image was produced life sized, and is now at the entrance/exit to the Logan Airport in Boston, Mass.

This image serves as an excellent example of Veasey's method when it comes to complex (and improbable) pieces.

Some X-rayed highlights in the show include a bulldozer, a bat, a Thornback Ray, a John Dory, a pair of boxer shorts, and of course a Bowler Hat (a Englishman is not complete until he puts on his bowler hat).

Be sure to check out Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art, and its very first show in it’s new Miami location; the world of Nick Veasey through X-ray.

Oh, and don’t worry, you won’t leave with a yellow glow, while crackling with static radiation.

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