AIPAD Photography Show

AIPAD Photography Show

untitled by miles aldridge

Miles Aldridge


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flatland / spaceland (instalation view) by clare strand

Clare Strand

Flatland / Spaceland (instalation view)

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jeudi 4 avril 2013dimanche 7 avril 2013

London, United Kingdom

Brancolini Grimaldi at
The AIPAD Photography Show 2013
April 4-7

Park Avenue Armory, New York


Clare Strand
Heidi Specker
Domingo Milella
Massimo Vitali

In addition, we are delighted to be launching Miles Aldridge's Carousel at AIPAD

Made up of 32 vividly coloured plates created using a combination of off-set lithography and silk screen printing, the images are placed up against bold blocks of pure colour. The portfolio features images central to his vision and creative process. Produced in a limited edition of 180, Carousel is a swirling, narrative journey that revolves through Aldridge's world. Luscious colours dazzle from every image; a mouth drips with gold; food splashes and oozes. Beauty is everywhere, but it's fraught with tension and anxiety. Heidi Specker Domingo Milella Massimo Vitali Heidi Specker Domingo Milella Massimo Vitali