Karina Wisniewska

Karina Wisniewska

New York, NY USA jeudi 17 janvier 2013samedi 23 février 2013

New York, NY USA
jeudi 17 janvier 2013samedi 23 février 2013

Opening on January 17th is an exhibition of the work of an exciting contemporary painter, Karina Wisniewska. Internationally recognized, Wisniewska has a talent for skillfully combining vibrant color and deceptively complex compositions. Underlying her different approaches to abstraction is a deep understanding of surface effects and the power of color.

Lush paintings like Garden of Gethsemene are part of her “gold series,” in which Wisniewska layers acrylic paint with metallic paints or a silver mineral glaze. The layers of paint suggest clouds or smoke, forms moving forward and receding. While some include patterns of flowers or netting, the compositions do not make explicit references to the natural world. Instead, they retain a deliberate mystery.

Before working as a visual artist, which she began in earnest in 2000, Wisniewska had a distinguished career as an award-winning musician. Classically trained, she recorded more than 10 albums and numerous performances for television and radio. Propelled by this musical background, she demonstrates an uncanny ability to translate rhythms and harmonies into a lovely lyricism and balance on her canvases.