Walk by STIK

Walk by STIK

walk by stik


Walk, 2012

resist by stik


Resist, 2012

pet by stik


Pet, 2012

parent by stik


Parent, 2012

traffic light by stik


Traffic Light

hold by stik


Hold, 2012

jeudi 19 avril 2012jeudi 10 mai 2012

London, United Kingdom

Celebrated, cutting edge street artist Stik will branch out into iron and oak pieces during a new month long solo show entitled ‘Walk’, at Imitate Modern from 19th April 2012. This latest exhibition will feature large-scale canvases, light-boxes, and sculpture, all of which capture Stik’s trademark grittiness, and refined attention to detail. The gallery will also host the long awaited launch of Stik’s new print also entitled ‘Walk’, produced by Squarity.

Stik’s brilliantly produced new studio work encapsulates the essence of his massive and ubiquitous Hackney street stick-figures. Stik spent many years living and working on the streets. Having perfected his uncompromising style for over a decade, his lines are as slick as calligrapher’s.

The pieces are fresh, simple and colourful, like those of a children’s storybook. Yet, they are loaded with poignant emotions and a mature sensibility, seemingly at odds with their initial appearance. And closer inspection reveals the degree that he credits his audience with emotional maturity, via the subtlety with which he tackles issues such as gender, class, and age.

East London is one of three world centres for Street Art, which is the Visual Arts’ most cutting edge trend. Stik is one of its key figures, and his much sought after works form a significant component of both the underground and mainstream Street Art scenes. He has a global fan-base following four sell-out solo shows in 2011, and confirmed solo shows lined up in Paris and Montreal in 2012. The April exhibition at Imitate Modern is his only planned UK show this year.

Stik’s work is owned by people as diverse as The Duke of Kent, Antony Gormley, Tinie Tempah, and Goldie. He has recently been commissioned by Brian May to paint a six foot home mural and is followed by film makers and photographers whenever he paints in the street – his murals are one of the main attractions of Street Art tours of London.

Recently, Stik has been commissioned to paint graffiti versions of the Dulwich Picture Gallery’s permanent classical-era collection which includes artists such as Rembrandt, Gainsborough and Rubens. These will feature in the streets of Dulwich as part of the upcoming Dulwich Festival.